10 Statistics that Prove the Demand for Voice Over is Rising

Many credit Disney animation with beginning voice overs, however this kind of audio method in fact started in 1900 when Reginald Fessenden reported about the weather condition.

Since then, voice over work has actually controlled the movie market, with the requirement for voice skill in the show business being apparent. But voice work has likewise end up being a significantly popular method for marketing and advertising throughout a plethora of other markets, providing content developers and online marketers an outlet to provide their message to customers without relying exclusively on visuals. 

A big part of those who operate in the voice over market does so as freelancers, providing their abilities and knowledge for hire on a per-project or by-the-hour basis. The advantages of employing expert freelancers are clear, as companies start to try out brand-new kinds of marketing and media and check out the distinct chances managed by audio mediums. 

Whether the requirement is to develop audiobooks, television commercials, radio advertisements, computer game, and whatever in between, the requirement for voice skill is growing. The 10 statistics below will show it.

1. Animated videos comprise 33% of service marketing

According to a 2022 report by Wyzowl, as lots of as 86% of companies utilize video as a marketing tool. An additional 33% of these business utilize animated videos. 

If you have the spending plan to develop a top quality animated character, such as the Geico lizard, you might stand a much better possibility of resonating with your audience for several years to come. The Geico mascot keeps individuals notified about vehicle insurance coverage, however in the digital age, that’s no longer restricted to television commercials or radio advertisements. Such vibrant animated characters can surpass television and radio to represent the business with videos on Instagram, TikTok, brand name sites, and so forth.

Now reflect to your youth for a minute. Is there a specific character or voice that you can keep in mind, even now? Tony the Tiger of frosted flakes popularity? How about the Trix bunny? Since cereals are frequently tailored towards kids, the top quality characters that represent them need to be bigger than life to be genuinely unforgettable, and those memories last well into their adult years.

2. National radio earnings anticipate to have a 6% to 8% boost

With all of our modern streaming, the advantages of radio might slip under our radar. According to Mark Gray, CEO of Katz Media Group, every quarter on the radio has actually grown because the pandemic started in early 2020. When inquired about the development of radio earnings, Gray predicted political radio might see $300 million in earnings. 

On top of Gray’s forecasts, MAGNA forecasts radio advertisement costs will increase 6%, and Chief Economist Mark Fratrik believes AM/FM advertisement earnings will see 8% development. In actual time, radio advertisement earnings is currently up 4.7 % compared to a year ago in Australia.

3. There have to do with 31 billion IoT gadgets in houses all over the world

It’s typical for a single person to have more than one digital clever gadget. In 2020, there were as lots of as 10 gadgets per home! 

So what does this mean for you?

Businesses have the benefit of utilizing a number of methods to link the brand name with cross-channel advertisements. You can take the very same appealing voice over material and customize it for a little various advertisements that fit social networks, TELEVISION, radio, mobile, and so on. This method enables you to spread your constant brand name message to your clients through numerous platforms and throughout all their gadgets. 

4. Audiobooks will strike $19.4 billion in 2027

What about the world of audiobooks? The need for audiobooks has actually drastically increased because the iPod emerged.

According to a current report on Statista, United States audiobook sales were $1.3 billion in 2020 and 138 million audiobooks were obtained from schools and libraries all over the world in between 2017 and 2021. The market is so hot, some voice stars specialize solely in audiobooks.

With a forecast of $19.39 billion in earnings from audiobooks, there is space for a lot of voice skill. After all, there are just numerous celebs that can check out audiobooks!

5. Voice assistant development will reach $3.42 billion in 2022

Artificial Intelligence is progressively making its mark in the voice world. Voice-based AI assistants, such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and others, are the standard for making contactless commands. As such, online marketers are significantly relying on these digital voice overs as a method to present their services or products in a more humanistic tone.

By 2026, the market ought to reach $10 billion. While individuals might anticipate an AI voice to sound robotic, there is space for human voice skill in this sector. People don’t constantly wish to connect with an artificial voice. As clever assistants advance, utilizing human voices through voice skill will assist make individuals feel at ease.

In other words, online marketers must be taking notice of the requirement for digital voice overs now, not later on. It’s more than a pattern—they’re a vital part of any service strategy moving on.

6. Audio marketing is anticipated to increase 6.4% in 2022

In the United States, 90% of individuals listen to radio daily while over one-third are taking in podcasts. That’s a huge audience tuning into audio material, which implies a lot of chances for audio advertisements.

In reality, audio advertisements saw a huge uptick in 2021, with the pattern set to continue through 2022. The United States saw a 25% boost to the tune of $16 billion through 2021, thanks in no little part to digital audio and podcasts. 

As more individuals rely on podcasts and digital music platforms, the door for companies to get their audio advertising campaign in front of listeners is large open. Given that 81% of listeners do something about it based upon audio advertisements throughout a podcast, it’s simply another chance to display your brand name’s message.

7. Podcasts will have 424.2 million listeners in 2022

According to Insider Intelligence, the podcast market will reach $94.88 billion by 2028.

Podcasting took a while to get steam however has actually increased in appeal within the last couple of years. Now there are over 1.75 million active podcasts in over 100 languages.

This medium has actually continued to advance in material and quality, and there’s a requirement for audio marketing to match. In addition to being young, listeners are likewise informed and wealthy. A podcast audience is 45% most likely to have more than $250,000 in earnings. 

Approximately 82.4% of podcast listeners tune in for over 7 hours of material each week. That’s outstanding by itself, however think about that there are 28.2 million podcast listeners on Spotify and 28 million more utilizing Apple. That’s a great deal of untapped possible and expendable earnings waiting to hear your brand name’s audio advertisements. 

Aside from marketing throughout a podcast, it makes good sense for some business to develop initial material to spread their messages. Why not get a piece of the podcast pie? There’s a variety of voices out there prepared to provide their voices to you in this growing market.

8. 75% of remote employees listen to radio while working

Remote employees tune into the radio a minimum of when each week, and according to Neilsen, about 40% of them listen every day. That’s an amazingly high portion of listeners committed to one media platform.

Following the worldwide pandemic, lots of business discovered that performance remained the very same or increased with remote work, so they prepare to keep it that method. Some business have actually promised to welcome remote work or a minimum of hybrid work choices through 2022 and beyond, implying a myriad of chances to reach millions with radio advertisements wait for the smart online marketer who is prepared to welcome audio as a vital part of marketing.

9. Explainer videos can increase earnings by 80%

Pairing important material with images makes explainer videos a no-brainer for a lot of service designs. It’s the most typical kind of video total and serves as a technique of informing clients about an item, service, or business. Explainer videos set imagination with brand name credibility to develop dependability and authority within your market.

Instead of having a dry set of educational handbooks on a site, these videos integrate graphics and an useful voice to describe intricate subjects. As an outcome, audiences leave keeping in mind a minimum of 65% of the message from these videos. 

On the other hand, these very same clients just maintain 10% of the details from text advertisements. The finest method for these videos to be engaging is to make certain your brand name and business voice shine through. What much better to do so than with a strong brand name voice?

10. Voice star task development anticipated to rise to 15%

Have you ever listened to an audio clip and believed that the voice didn’t rather match the material? Or have you ever heard the very same voice on back-to-back advertisements for totally various items? 

Maybe the marketer picked the incorrect voice star or possibly they didn’t have sufficient choices. Either method, the advertisement most likely didn’t strike the mark with the target market. This is the very same concern dealt with when utilizing AI or artificial voices—because these voices are developed based upon human voices and draw from the very same swimming pools of information, they frequently sound rather comparable and are restricted in their variety. More range and more skill is the service. 

42% of small companies in the United States and 33% of Fortune 500 business are currently relying on freelance markets to outsource their work, consisting of voice over. In 2021, Voices saw a boost of 245% in skill sign-ups, implying the supply is increasing to fulfill the ever-increasing need. That implies more skill to select from, and a chance to discover a voice that’s genuine to your brand name. 

In reality, the very same research study exposed that 31% of brand names are employing freelancers, like voice stars, in 2022 a minimum of when each week! That’s a boost of 13% over 2021, implying voice star task development continues to increase.

Why The Growth of Voice Over Matters

The information doesn’t lie. Audio-based material is growing greatly, and now is the best time to purchase this vibrant design of marketing and production. It’s time to get in touch with customers in such a way that feels — and sounds — genuine through using a curated, just-for-you brand name voice to complete your marketing method in 2022.


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