15 of the Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

Businesses can establish their brand name voice, view competitors efforts, and engage with clients through social networks. That’s why it’s important to understand the very best social networks platforms for your company. Using the ideal platform for your target market can enhance your presence and sales and take your company to the next level.

Top 15 Social Media Sites in 2021 to Catapult Your Business

Considering the very best social networks platforms for company is essential. You can engage with clients in a customized, cost-efficient method through social networks. In truth, the expense is lower than almost all other marketing channels for its scale, reach, and targeting abilities.

It is typically tough to discover numbers on Google My Business (GMB) month-to-month active usage and Google usage in basic. The number we utilize listed below combines the very best month-to-month active user approximates we might discover for both Google Search (4 billion) and Google Maps (1 billion). That number a minimum of suggests prospective viewership if not business that are publishing within GMB.

1) Google My Business

5 billion

On average, a company noted on Google My Business got 317 Maps views and 943 Search views monthly in 2019. That figure originates from an analysis of 45,000 company listings. You can utilize GMB to launch localized material. Before considering material, however, it is seriously essential to claim and validate your GMB listing. Not just does GMB let your clients understand that you offer what they require, however it supplies evaluations for social evidence of your quality. Absolutely GMB is among the very best social networks platforms for company.

2) Facebook 

2.70 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Facebook Oyova

Another of the very best social networks platforms is Facebook. Regardless of your market, it is a crucial area for organizations. Search Engine Journal noted automobile, durable goods, e-commerce, home entertainment, monetary services, video gaming, media, retail, telecommunication, and innovation as a few of the most dominant markets on the platform. Businesses have actually typically grumbled that Facebook reduces company posts within the news feed. However, do not believe you require to purchase advertisements. Instead, think about increasing your engagement by launching routine live videos or by developing or signing up with groups. Another alternative within the basic community is a Facebook Messenger chatbot (see more on Messenger listed below).

3) YouTube

2.291 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 YouTube Oyova

A billion hours of videos are viewed by YouTube users each and every single day. You can publish videos to get customers and interactions by developing a YouTube channel. YouTube is not simply among the biggest social networks websites however likewise among the biggest online search engine. It is essential to utilize SEO finest practices on YouTube if you wish to be successful.

4) WhatsApp

2 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 WhatsApp Oyova

This social messaging app presently has even more month-to-month active users than Facebook Messenger does — and is the leading app of its kind. Why is WhatsApp effective? People open messages of this sort, with a 98% open rate for SMS (vs. 20% for e-mail).

5) Facebook Messenger

1.3 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 FB Messenger Oyova

In 2011, Facebook turned Facebook Messenger into its own app, Messenger. (The app is still incorporated with Facebook, however.) Businesses can send out newsletters, chatbot interactions, and ads through it.

6) WeChat

1.242 billion

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 WeChat Oyova

WeChat is a full-featured platform that began as a messaging app. Your clients can reserve you or book through it.

7) Instagram

1.16 billion

Instagram App- Oyova

Coaches, influencers, and business offering items will discover success on this image-based platform. If you have a more youthful client base, think about that 75% of 18-to-24-year-olds utilize IG.

8) TikTok

689 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 TikTok Oyova

TikTok is the king/queen of social in regards to short-form video. Note that users who are teens or more youthful comprise 1 in 4 United States users.

9) Telegram

550 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Telegram Oyova

Telegram is a security-enhanced social messaging app. You can supply direct assistance, produce chatbots, or utilize the channel function for more comprehensive promo.

10) Pinterest

442 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Pintrest Oyova

Pin and arrange digital bulletin board system by classification. Add place and item detail info with Rich Pins.

11) Reddit

430 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Reddit Oyova

Reddit is significant for its combination of specific niche neighborhoods (150,000 of them and counting) with material. Target your specific niche for interaction, however do not self-promote. It protests the terms.

12) Twitter

353 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Twitter Oyova

You can share images, surveys, links, and videos, together with brief messages. By retweeting and discussing, you incorporate with the neighborhood. Remember brevity: the typical length of a tweet in 2018 was simply 33 characters!

13) ConnectedIn

350 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Linkedin Oyova

ConnectedIn might not have the user count, however B2B organizations specifically ought to flourish. Consider that 50% of United States college finishes usage ConnectedIn.

14) Snapchat

238 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 SnapChat Oyova

Content vanishes on this platform. Publicly showed Stories standardly vanish after 24 hr. Videos or images sent out as messages can be tailored for disappearance time.

15) Medium

170 million

Best Social Media Platforms 2021 Medium Oyova

Medium mixes a social media and publishing platform. You can in fact republish your blog sites on the platform for more comprehensive reach.

Which Social Media Sites Are Best for Your Brand?

Make sure you are focusing on the right social networks platforms for your company, particularly, to completely enhance social networks advantages. Segment users and improve targeting.

Here are a couple of fundamental actions you can require to establish a sounder, more profitable social networks technique:

  • Have an objective in mind when you open each account that exceeds just utilizing it as a marketing channel.
  • Have a firm grasp of each platform.
  • Allow the capabilities of the platform to direct what function you believe you can attain through it.
  • Look at the user information for the platforms you believe will work finest: earnings, gender, age, place, interests, etc.
  • Ensure that the current readily available information associated with social networks websites fuels your continuous technique.
  • Get social networks marketing assistance from experts (see listed below).

3 Need-to-Know 2021 Social Media Trends 

Here are 3 fast 2021 patterns to assist as you pare down the very best social networks platforms for your concentrated technique:

#1. Incredibly, 3 in 5 smart device users stated they benefited from the “click to call” alternative within Google My Business to straight call organizations. The significance of health procedures and modifications to open hours throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has actually driven the prominence of GMB also.

#2. Among the very best social networks platforms of 2021, pay unique attention to TikTok, kept in mind Duncan Lambden in It is just growing at a stunning rate, now with over 2 billion downloads.

#3. The finest social networks platforms are ending up being incorporated with e-commerce. Again, 2021 numbers from Tech.Co discovered that 55 percent of individuals had actually purchased items by means of social networks.

Elevating Your Brand

Do you wish to improve and hone your company’s social networks existence? At Oyova, we deal with you to establish a personalized technique that fuels your development. Then we focus our efforts on the very best social networks platforms for your company. See our seven-part social networks marketing procedure and call us today to set up a complimentary assessment.


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