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In 2023, I set an objective to complete one book weekly. I’m intending to listen to thirty minutes of an audiobook daily (while cooking, cleansing, and/or driving) and check out 10 minutes of a book. By doing this, I wish to relatively quickly have the ability to complete one book weekly.

You can follow along on GoodReads to see what I’m reading, what books I complete, and the star score I offer each of them.

Here are the 2 books I ended up just recently:

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Book #10: God is Still Good

If motherhood hasn’t been at all like you imagined, I believe Katie’s story and the hope she has in the middle of it will be a fantastic support to you. She shares how they got the medical diagnosis of among their kids getting the medical diagnosis of having a hereditary condition and what it resembled to process that. Later, after hereditary screening, 2 of their other kids were likewise detected with the exact same condition.

This is her journey to discovering to hope and rely on God while strolling through an actually challenging season with her kids’s health. She likewise experienced a miscarriage which was heartbreaking in the middle of all of this.

I would have enjoyed for her to share a bit more story from the medical diagnosis and weave more of what it’s resembled to stroll through that in the book. She shares about it, however it seemed like it was more in actually brief bits rather of being expanded deeply. I completely comprehend if she didn’t share more since it was her kids’ stories, however I’m simply the sort of individual who actually discovers extensive stories engaging and discovered myself desiring more of their story in the book.

I so valued what she shared on my podcast episode with her and if you’re interested in hearing more of their journey and story, eavesdrop here.

Verdict: 3 stars

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Book #11: Every Woman a Theologian

I seem like I’m one of the last individuals to find Phylicia Masonheimer! I had actually checked out a book she co-authored and enjoyed it, however didn’t understand that she has a blog site, online shop, podcast, and other books and is actually active on Instagram.

It wasn’t up until last fall when I asked my audience to recommend individuals for me to have on my Time-Saving Strategies IG live program, and individual after individual after individual recommended her that I went and took a look at her Instagram account. And I’ve considering that ended up being a huge fan and been so motivated by her.

I actually enjoyed this book. It’s a fantastic summary of faith and would be great to go through with a teenager. In most cases, she doesn’t present things as “this is the right viewpoint”, however more, “these are the various viewpoints and why”. It made me believe, analyze what I think, and taught me a variety of brand-new things I didn’t understand — and I’ve been a Christian for several years and years.

If you are trying to find a beginning location for discovering more faith and what you think and why you think it, Every Woman a Theologian will make you believe and challenge you to actually focus on faith… since what our company believe straight effects how we live each and every single day of our lives!

Stay tuned for a podcast episode including Phylicia quickly! We tape-recorded it a couple of weeks ago!

Verdict 4 stars


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