21 Days of No Sugar and the unexpected lessons I found out

Is there something that you are depending on to provide you delight, satisfaction, or that you simply seem like you “have to have” or “can’t live without”? I was just recently founded guilty about just how much I was trusting sugar… and it motivated me to attempt doing a three-week-long no sugar obstacle.

In this episode, we share why and how I went twenty-one days without sugar too and what modifications I experienced along the method. Don’t concern! The function of this episode is not to pity you for your sugar consumption or perhaps to attempt to encourage you to provide it up, however I hope it influences you in some method to think about if there’s something you are trusting in an unhealthy method.

We begin the episode by sharing some life updates, what books we have actually read, and an intriguing beverage I’ve been consuming just recently and after that we move into speaking about how Natalie Runion unintentionally motivated me to this no-sugar obstacle for twenty-one days. I share the reason that I have actually chosen to do this, why I have actually not been incredibly militant about the guidelines, what has actually shocked me about this obstacle, and how it has actually made a distinction in my life.

As I stated, however, the function of this episode is not to pity you for something like sugar intake or to attempt to encourage you to do what I have actually been doing. This is my own individual journey that I am selecting to share, and I don’t even have a strategy yet for what I am doing after my twenty-one days are up! I simply truly wish to motivate you to think of things that you may be mindlessly utilizing to make it through your day in an inefficient method.

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In This Episode

[00:35] – Don’t stop listening even if these days’s subject!

[01:34] – Jesse will go on a deep-sea fishing expedition.

[03:14] – Micah simply turned a years of age.

[04:19] – Hear another amazing upgrade we haven’t yet shared on the podcast.

[07:54] – I check out a book just recently that I definitely love!

[11:53] – Jesse is practically completed reading Breaking History by Jared Kushner.

[15:35] – Check out my What I’m Loving Wednesday series on Instagram.

[19:00] – Pickleball Cocktail has actually been conserving my life.

[20:52] – Three weeks without sugar: why I’m doing this and what motivated it.

[24:39] – What my specifications are for this obstacle and how it has actually affected me.

[31:20] – Hear some closing knowledge from Jesse.


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