$23 million coin commemorating Queen Elizabeth revealed

The distinctive coin is valued at “around $23 million” and is a bit larger than an NBA basketball. It’s made from 8 pounds of gold and 6,426 diamonds, weighing 486 carats. It took 83 individuals to produce the coin, referred to as “The Crown.”

That puts the expense at about one-tenth of what the U.K. spent for the Queen’s funeral service.

While Elizabeth passed away on Sept. 8, 2022, work began on this coin prior to her death. An entity referred to as the East India Company lags the work. (To be clear, the business has rights to the name of the corporation that was the world’s most effective monopoly in between 1600 and 1874, however the earlier necromancy of East India, worth $7.9 trillion in contemporary dollars, is not connected to the existing organization.)

Courtesy of The East India Company

The Crown coin has a big gold coin at its center, which is surrounded by 10 smaller sized gold coins that include pictures of the Queen or representations of different virtues the business designated to her, such as justice and nerve. The other side is covered with countless diamonds, organized in the shape of the Union Jack.

“Queen Elizabeth II was an inspiration for many generations, embodying the virtues which guided her through the past seven decades and which are celebrated in this rare and exceptional tribute,” composed Sanjiv Mehta, chairman and CEO of the East India Company, on the business’s site. “I had the idea to embark on a mission to include all British citizens as well as all those fascinated and engrossed by Queen Elizabeth II and the history of Britain in an inclusive way to share in her achievement.”

The appraisal is based completely on the products utilized to make the coin. It’s unidentified what it would deserve to collectors.


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