4 Big Transitions in Our Life Right Now

I didn’t get an opportunity to share this podcast episode here yet, so it’s a little outdated, however I hope you’ll enjoy this discussion Jesse and I had a couple of weeks ago about 4 huge shifts in our lives today…

We are talking everything about shifts on this podcast episode due to the fact that the week we tape-recorded this episode, we experienced 4 huge shifts! From Kathrynne starting her college journey and entering their adult years to David beginning preschool to Kaitlynn getting her license to us beginning a brand-new homeschool/work schedule, it has actually really been a rollercoaster of feelings and modifications!

We share the delights and obstacles of these considerable life modifications and how we are adjusting to accommodate these shifts. Join us as we go over the significance of welcoming shifts, the power of neighborhood, and the unanticipated true blessings that include viewing our kids fly into brand-new experiences!

I likewise expose how an easy concern from Jesse conserved my peace of mind throughout this busy week. You won’t wish to miss this episode loaded with real-life stories and insights into browsing shifts with grace and hope!

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In This Episode

[0:35] – It has actually been one actually complete week!

[1:27] – Learn why tape-recording this podcast was postponed many times.

[4:06] – Another mess today was Kierstyn cutting her own hair!

[11:14] – Hear about yet another hold-up that occurred today.

[12:41] – I have actually read The Worry-Free Parent by Sissy Goff.

[14:07] – Learn what has actually been conserving my life today!

[15:37] – Thinking about time management, I conserved a great deal of time by purchasing groceries online.

[17:40] – The initially of 4 huge shifts is Kathrynne beginning college!

[21:59] – Live in today and don’t fear the future.

[22:47] – Jesse likewise stresses the pleasure of commemorating Kathrynne’s shift into their adult years.

[23:59] – Kathrynne was fretted about not understanding anybody at college however has actually been extremely social.

[25:36] – It’s so crucial to focus on neighborhood over family tasks when transitioning.

[27:55] – Another shift today was David beginning preschool!

[30:52] – Hear how our lives have actually altered due to the fact that of David remaining in preschool.

[33:18] – I am thrilled to homeschool our kids, investing early mornings offline, and focusing on household.

[35:19] – We have actually likewise been getting up much previously, even on weekends!


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