40 Alternative Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

Looking for alternative non-candy Halloween reward concepts? We get you and we can assist.

As all of us understand, Halloween is simply around the corner.  As a moms and dad taking the kids trick-or-treating, it generally suggests, a limitless supply of sweet.

That sweet is normally still around come Thanksgiving when you toss it into the wastebasket.  That looks like such a waste of cash to me.  I’d rather provide the kids a little something aside from sweet.

It is not even only my own kids I fret about. I understand that lots of have allergic reactions, therefore I would dislike to distribute food that may make somebody ill….or something they can not consume.

That is why I developed this list of 40 alternative non-candy Halloween reward concepts.  If you resemble me in the method you prepare Halloween, then this will be best for you!

40 Alternative Non-Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

1. Halloween bubbles. Lots of enjoyable and something the kids will really have fun with and utilize.

2. Mini Play-Doh.  Kids like this!  While I normally make my own homemade play dough, you can discover these mini containers to distribute to kids.

3.  Freeze Pops.  The kids can take them house and toss them into the freezer to have a reward in the future.

Non Candy Halloween Treats

4. Halloween Erasers.  These are really budget-friendly (simply under $7 for 144).  So they not just cost less than sweet, they last longer too!

5. Spider Rings.  These provide me the creeps, however kids like them!  You can get 144 of them for less than $10!

6. Stampers.Lots of enjoyable for the kids — and they can utilize them at any time of the year if you get those that are not particular to Halloween.

7. Game and prefer books.  Something for the kids to do — that makes them utilize those valuable minds!

Halloween Treat Idea

8.  Monster Tattoos.  Kids LOVE these short-term tattoos!


9. Stretchy Flying Bats.  These things are a lot enjoyable (simply ensure the kids have fun with them outside).


10. Caprisun.  Skip the food and toys and opt for a drink rather!

11. Microwave popcorn.  This is little and won’t use up excessive area in those Halloween bags!  If you purchase closer to Halloween, shops frequently offer bags with enjoyable Halloween decors on them too.

12. Halloween Pencils.  An easy concept which is best for any technique or treater.

13. Halloween Stickers.  My kids enjoy sticker labels!  Give kids 2 – 3 various sticker labels, and they’ll be tickled!

14. Bookmarks. What a fantastic method to impart reading for your visitors!

15. Glow bracelets.  These are enjoyable for kids of any ages!

16.  Whistles. My kids enjoy whistles!  I discovered these enjoyable Skeleton whistles, which are best for Halloween.

17. Fun Bandaids.  If your kids resemble mine, they get a scratch and require a band-aid.  These are enjoyable!  You can get a box and provide 2 or 3 to each trick-or-treater.

18.  Rubber Duckies.  My kids still take pleasure in rubber duckies!!

rubber duckies

19. Bouncy Balls.  I don’t understand what it has to do with balls, however my kids like them!

20. Glow-in-the-Dark Sticky Eyes.  My earliest informed me that this is best for 10 and 11 years of age kids (so there you’ve got a professional viewpoint).

21.  Mandarin oranges with faces.  Instead of providing a sweet reward, provide a healthy one rather.  Draw enjoyable pumpkin deals with on your oranges to provide to the kids.

orange pumpkin

22.  Mini boxes of raisins.  Still something for them to consume – however not almost as sweet!

23.  Mini crayons.  Kids like to draw and color, so these are best!

24. Slide whistles.  I discussed whistles above, however these are a little various because they are slide whistles.

slide whistle

25. Spinning Tops.  An enjoyable toy for kids (ages 3 and up).

26. Mini slinkies.  I still pay with these when my kids bring them house (shhh….don’t inform them).

halloween slinky

27. Slap bracelets.  These take me back to my own pre-teen years!  Kids still like them!

halloween slap bracelet

28. Kids’ Mustache. These are a great deal of enjoyable for kids!


29. Silly Straws.  Always a hit!

halloween straw

30. Wind Up Toys.  These little toys are enjoyable for kids of any ages.

halloween toys

31. Mini note pads.  You might provide among these in addition to a pencil (see above).

halloween notepad

32.  Mini Yo-Yos.  I still have yet to master a yo-yo — however my kids do fantastic!

mini yo yo

33.  Vampire teeth.  What is Halloween without Vampire teeth?

halloween teeth

34. Wax Lips.  I keep in mind these OH so well when I was young! (These are a bit more costly, so may be much better for a smaller sized event of kids).

wax lips

35. Stretchy Skeletons.  These are likewise a bit more costly, however might be enjoyable for the kids attending your celebration (instead of to distribute to trick-or-treaters).

stretchy skeletons

36.  Stress balls. These tiny tension balls are a great deal of enjoyable (we have a big one and my kids like it).

Halloween stress balls

37. Friendship rope bracelets.  My 7 years of age is a substantial fan of these kids bracelets!

halloween bracelet

38. Porcupine Balls.  Can’t fail with these!

halloween porcupine

39. Silly Bandz.  These are not as popular as they when were, however kids still like them.

Halloween Silly Bandz

40. Finger Puppets.  These are charming!

Halloween finger puppets


What other products do you need to contribute to our list?


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