5 Books I’ve Finished Recently

In 2022, I’m setting month-to-month reading objectives and have the objective to complete a minimum of one book weekly. So far, I’ve mainly had the ability to stick to that!

Note: You can follow in addition to the books I complete this year and my star rankings over on GreatReads. Also, books are ranked on a 1-5 star scale. I generally won’t complete a book if it’s one star (unworthy my time!) and I’ll seldom provide a book a 5-star ranking unless it was simply definitely incredible or life-altering.

I’ve gotten a little behind in my month-to-month reading objectives and wound up not setting any book objectives for May and June because I was still resolving April’s stack. I’m eagerly anticipating setting objectives for my reading for July. Look for that post quickly!

Here are 5 books I ended up just recently:

What If It’s Wonderful?

I began this book and within a couple of pages, understood I wished to have the author on the podcast (listen to the episode I made with her here). I didn’t anticipate a book about event would have me revealing such unforeseen things I require to process through in my life.

In this book, Nicole shares her story of having 5 miscarriages and how those battles triggered her to stop hoping and simply continuously reside in worry and fear of the unidentified. She shares openly what it appeared like to lose hope and feel so overloaded with frustration. She then shares useful recommendations for how to pursue delight and discover the guts to hope once again.

Whether you remain in a dark pit of anguish today or simply would like to experience more delight and event and hope in your life, I believe this book will truly motivate you!

Verdict: 4 stars

Forever Boy

Any time I can check out a book that will much better assist me comprehend what it’s like to stroll in somebody else’s shoes, I wish to read it. This book is the really sincere story of one mom’s journey to learning her earliest child had autism and what it resembled to process that and reside in that truth daily.

The author doesn’t sugarcoat anything; she shares the truly tough and hard. She likewise shares the lovely and enthusiastic pieces, too. She shares the triumphes and the development, the lessons found out, and just how much she’s altered as an outcome of caring her young boy who is autistic.

I truly valued getting a little peek into the difficulties and has a hard time that numerous households face who have a kid who is autistic. This book offered me a much deeper understanding and empathy that I wouldn’t have actually had otherwise.

By the method, if you wish to get a little taste of Kate’s story, you can enjoy the IG live I made with her here.

Verdict: 4 stars


I have actually enjoyed Ann Voskamp’s other books, so I was delighted to read this one. It’s the magnificently raw story of their marital relationship has a hard time, health battles, adoption journey, and strolling along with a clinically vulnerable kid. Woven throughout is Ann’s story of finding out to trust God and others more deeply and of seeing God’s loyalty — even when things feel frustrating and frightening.

Because we are on our own journey of embracing a clinically vulnerable kid, I related carefully to a number of the sensations she revealed in strolling that roadway. However, even if you can’t associate with her health has a hard time or adoption journey or don’t have a clinically vulnerable kid, all of us have locations in our lives where we are lured to draw in and trust ourselves rather of connecting and counting on God and others.

Verdict: 4 stars

The Four Winds

I coped this audiobook and nearly stopped it several times. However, I’m delighted I completed it since I wound up finding out a fair bit about the Dust Bowl and the after impacts that I didn’t understand previously and those parts will likely stick to me for several years to come. The author did such a terrific task painting a photo of the troubles many households dealt with throughout those years.

That stated, it seemed like it was truly sluggish to establish in parts, there were a couple of scenes that I want the book would have excluded (a couple of scenes that were PG-13 in nature), and there was a lot about Communism that I absolutely wasn’t anticipating (and I was left questioning if the author was attempting to press a program or simply inform traditionally precise realities… I still require to research study to discover that out).

Verdict: 2 stars

When Strivings Cease

I truly enjoyed the property of this book — life-transforming grace rather of continuously pursuing self-improvement. And I was fortunate to get to talk to the author on my podcast where we discuss Living a Grace-Filled Life in a Stress-Filled World.

The book is lovely — with quotes and art throughout (the author is an artist and whatever she does is filled with charm). And I valued the very first couple of chapters particularly about the genuine factor we’re so tired. I did seem like the 2nd half of the book was sort of repeated and I didn’t discover it as helpful/encouraging. (Thus, the 3-star evaluation.)

Verdict: 3 stars

What have you read just recently? Any books you believe I should check out?


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