52 Weeks of Organizing: Clothes, Jewelry, & Winterwear

I set an objective for 2023 to invest 5 minutes every day decluttering/organizing. I’m sharing 5 minute tasks on Instagram every week day, if you’d like to follow along. For those who don’t have Instagram or miss out on a few of my stories, I believed I’d do a wrap-up post here every week with a peek into the organizing/decluttering I did this previous week.

Monday: Go Through Your PJ’s

I went through and discovered a couple of various things that no longer fit, were incredibly used, or I simply haven’t used in a long period of time.

Here was the stack I developed, including my last maternity product to eliminate — my preferred maternity PJ’s (they were so comfortable to use for some time postpartum however they no longer fit).

Tuesday: Go Through Your Pants, Shorts, and Jeans

I discovered 3 product to eliminate — 2 set of shorts that I simply never ever liked the fit of + a set of denims that is now too huge for me.

Wednesday: Go Through Your Jewelry

I discovered a couple of various earrings without matches, a couple of pieces that were broken, and a couple of products that I simply never ever use any longer so it’s time to eliminate them.

Thursday: Go Through Your Tops

I discovered 4 tops to eliminate — 2 that I simply seldom use and 2 that were truly broken and had holes in them and it’s time to retire them.

Friday: Go Through Your Winterwear — Scarves, Gloves, Hats, and so on.

Our tub of winter season equipment had actually gotten quite disordered in the previous month and it was excellent to go through it.

I re-organized it, eliminated a couple of products, and put a couple of infant products up in our foster closet to conserve for if/when we state yes to another infant.


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