7 Unmissable Tips for Choosing the Perfect Shopify Plus Agency

There are countless Shopify Plus firms to select from so the idea of discovering the ideal fit may be an intimidating one.

All of them declare to be the very best of the very best and will take your e-commerce service to any place you desire it to be, so how do you pick? How do you understand which is the ideal suitable for you and your job?

Luckily, there are some repeating styles and functions that signpost the method towards your ideal Shopify Plus firm. Here we’ll take a quick-fire run through 7 factors to consider for discovering the right Shopify Plus firm. For a more comprehensive analysis on the subject read our short article here.

*Note: Before we start it’s worth explaining that we’re presuming here you’ve currently chosen that Shopify Plus is the method to go. If you still haven’t made that choice, read our ideas on making the relocate to Shopify Plus here.

1. Shopify Plus Partner vs Shopify Expert

“Shopify expert” is Shopify’s base level of accreditation for firms dealing with their platform. To be reasonable to Shopify professionals, they are formally acknowledged by the Shopify platform however the requirements to accomplish this acknowledgment are neither strict nor difficult.

Essentially any firm dealing with Shopify can be effectively certified as a Shopify professional, and one might provide significantly inferior services than another.

“Shopify Plus Partner” is Shopify’s badge of honor. These firms need to pass a strenuous vetting procedure that requires a performance history of tested success stories on the Shopify platform. Shopify Plus partners don’t simply talk the talk, they have a portfolio of work to back them up.

Our very first piece of suggestions, then, is to avoid the professionals, and opt for those who actually understand what they’re speaking about: the Shopify Plus partners.

2. A Shopify Plus Partner to Suit Your Company, Brand and Project

Shopify Plus partners filter by place, market, and services. The pandemic has actually shown that place doesn’t matter excessive, and in our viewpoint, the latter 2 filters must take the majority of your factor to consider.


Every Shopify Plus partner has a portfolio of previous work within either one or a little number of markets. But keep in mind, 2 firms operating in the very same market will have totally various designs and techniques to their work. You require to discover a Shopify Plus partner that not just operates in your market however likewise talks to your brand name.

Look for firms that have actually made styles you like, have advancement procedures you’re in favor of, or have actually formerly dealt with brand names you regard. Find one that ticks these boxes and you won’t simply have an advancement firm on your side, you’ll have a proactive e-commerce partner.


If you’re in the fashion business however particularly desire UI/UX style, you’ll require to discover a company that accommodates both of these requirements. So together with market, search by services too.

Check the sites of the firms you’re interested in and connect to those that impress you one of the most. They’ll understand whether they’re the very best Shopify Plus partner for your job, and they’ll be sincere with you about that.

At some phase, you’ll require to compose a couple of of these firms a pitch. If you don’t understand how to do this, have a look at our pointers on the procedure here.

3. Try Not to Limit Yourself

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Choose a company that provides you enough scope to continue a collaboration into the future. Today you may require a brand-new style however even more down the roadway perhaps you desire a brand-new technical combination. If you pre-empt this by selecting a company covering a couple of bases, you can keep the collaboration going.

The more you deal with a company, the more they comprehend your service, its objectives, and its visual appeals. And the much better the work ends up being as an outcome. What we don’t recommend, nevertheless, is to discover a company using every service under the sun. Their method will likely be complicated, as they attempt to provide as numerous services as they can however with no sense of coherence.

4. Futureproof Yourself

The finest Shopify Plus partners understand that innovation is constantly advancing and it’s their task to maintain to date with the current patterns, tools, and methods.

The worst Shopify Plus partners remain stuck in their methods and decline to alter with the times. These will keep you moving sideways, not forwards.

Futureproof yourself and your shop by dealing with a Shopify Plus partner that predicts its work as far ahead as possible by utilizing just the most innovative innovations.


5. A Partner That Suits Your Budget

Without wishing to mention the apparent, you need to remain within budget plan. Even the firm that uses the services you require and has actually dealt with precisely the type of brand names you wish to be connected with, won’t be the very best if they’re too costly.

So constantly keep the limitations of your budget plan in mind when selecting a Plus partner. Pricing is certainly something to discuss when contacting Shopify firms. Some might have various structures for various customers and might be accommodating of even the most modest spending plans.

You won’t understand till you ask.

6. Get Referrals

An firm’s portfolio reveals you completion outcome. It doesn’t reveal you the journey. You can’t discover much about a company’s method of working from merely taking a look at completion item.

And you require to understand about their method of working. When you start a task with an e-commerce firm, you start the journey that causes completion outcome. It’s essential to attempt and get a concept of what that journey may be like, whether it’ll be a smooth trip for all included, or whether it’s predestined to fail.

Previous customers are great sources for this info. They’ll have intimate understanding of what it’s like to team up with a company. Asking them about the work procedure and client service wouldn’t be a bad concept when making your choice.

7. Choose an Agency That Clicks

People avoid over this last pointer more than they should. It may not appear it, however for an effective Shopify advancement job it’s very essential you proceed with your picked firm.

You and your Shopify Plus partner will be working really carefully together – and ideally for a prolonged amount of time. The work can get extreme. Deadlines loom. Different viewpoints and concepts fly around the space. It’s important that these scenarios are constructed on the structures of a strong and favorable relationship. If not, the job is at danger of breaking down and the site will suffer as a repercussion.

Put in some work to learn what you and your possible firm share. Do you share the very same views and beliefs? As companies, are you making every effort to accomplish comparable objectives, or are your viewpoints at chances with one another? These little information might end up being big issues later on down the roadway when the pressure is on.

The Final Word

Our last word of suggestions: take your time. Don’t take the choice gently, selecting the right Shopify Plus partner might be the distinction in between an effective job and a failure. Do correct research study, follow our actions, and you’ll be well on your method to success!

And if you have a task in mind that you’d like to go over even more, you can constantly connect to us. Get in touch here and we’ll return to you as rapidly as we can!


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