A Closer Look at Dove’s Digital Marketing Strategies

In a busy digital marketing landscape, how can marketing professionals discover a method to affect getting choices? Dove’s digital marketing techniques show how you can do it.

With the efforts of significant corporations such as Dove, they are utilizing incorporated marketing interaction to contribute flexible marketing projects. Dove has actually developed a supreme integrated marketing project design that consists of numerous components of marketing, such as print, TVC, social networks, and so on. Through this interaction, Dove can develop a constant and strong brand name message that spreads out awareness of its brand name while broadening its customer base and target market.

Digital Marketing Strategy of Dove

Dove’s digital marketing technique is constructed on the concept of being inclusive and promoting body positivity. The brand name intends to comprehend and state that appeal can be found in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and its focus is to commemorate the variety of genuine individuals and genuine appeal. 


We’ll evaluate Dove’s digital marketing technique in 3 parts, brand name marketing, social networks marketing, and marketing, which all circle the primary focus of the brand name: promoting genuine appeal.

Let’s check out together and see how Dove’s digital marketing technique is established and what the valued and slammed parts of it are.

Dove’s Brand Marketing Strategy

Dove’s brand name marketing technique focuses on the idea of body positivity and commemorating the appeal of all people. It promotes the concept that appeal must not be restricted to a particular requirement however needs to include the individuality of everyone. 


One of the most impressive examples of this body positivity technique is Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches project, which linked and well-resonated with countless audiences.

In this project, we see an FBI-trained forensic artist who sketches females, based upon their descriptions of themselves. Then these sketches are compared to ones made by complete strangers who have actually seen the females for a brief time. The psychological discovery is that the complete strangers’ understanding of the females is more stunning than their self-perception. 

In short, Dove intends to improve females’s self-confidence and challenge the impractical appeal requirements enforced by society with this project, which generally sums up and shows the primary elements of Dove’s branding technique. And this branding technique is in fact what we can call Dove’s material technique, as all the material Dove produces concentrates on the exact same point.

Dove’s Advertising Strategy

Dove’s marketing technique is straight associated to its brand name marketing technique, which is everything about promoting body positivity, as any other marketing undertaking of the brand name does. 

Dove concentrates on stimulating feelings and tough social appeal standards. The brand name’s thought-provoking ads trigger discussions and motivate audiences to question their understanding of appeal. However, it is essential to acknowledge that in spite of the favorable actions and increased awareness, some debates have actually surrounded Dove’s project for finding and highlighting genuine appeal. The public has actually implicated the Real Beauty projects of being hypocritical and sly, declaring that they are simply a marketing tactic to improve sales. 

There are likewise more major unfavorable actions to particular Dove ads, particularly those insensitive to races. They have actually harmed Dove’s track record and raised doubts about the brand name’s credibility and credibility.

While debates can be harmful, it is vital to resolve them honestly, gain from errors, and guarantee that future projects line up with Dove’s core worths of inclusivity and empowerment.

And in the meantime, it does not look like Dove has actually gained from its errors.

In 2011, the business launched an ad that stimulated criticism given that it included 3 females with various complexion. The black lady represented the “before” image, while the white lady represented the “after” image in this advertisement. 

A Closer Look at Doves Digital Marketing Strategies

Of course, this representation was greatly slammed for perpetuating racial stereotypes and insinuating that lighter skin is preferred.

A couple of years later on, in 2017, Dove was when again involved in a racially insensitive project. The racist undertones of the three-second body wash business excited anger. 

The business highlighted numerous black females eliminating their tops to expose a white lady listed below. 

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This series made the exceptionally offending and racially charged claim that utilizing Dove’s body wash may turn black skin white. The marketing stimulated worldwide outrage, with some implicating Dove of supporting racial ideology and supporting uncomplimentary visual requirements. 

What is particularly frustrating is that Dove appears to have actually made the exact same error by presenting racially insensitive marketing in spite of public criticism and the chance to gain from their previous bad moves. These occurrences toss doubt on the business’s dedication to real variety and cultural level of sensitivity. The public thinks that Dove’s duplicated gaffes show an absence of understanding and compassion for the experiences and issues of underrepresented individuals.

It is crucial to comprehend that companies have a duty to support variety, battle damaging appeal requirements, and prevent propagating stereotypes. To promote an inclusive culture, brand names must listen to client feedback and gain from previous errors. 

Dove’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

Dove’s social networks marketing technique plays a vital function in magnifying the messages they intend to spread out: self-acceptance and body-positivity, and it has actually effectively gotten in touch with its target market and developed a neighborhood of people who share their worths.

For example, Dove has actually been working to improve self-confidence and body self-confidence in individuals through their #DoveSelfEsteemProject, motivating them to value their natural appeal and deal support in getting rid of cultural pressures. And the social networks project listed below sheds awareness on the worrying variety of teen women from Canada who utilize cosmetic injections, highlighting the harmful impact of harmful appeal patterns on their self-confidence. 

Let’s see another social networks project from Dove:

Wrapping Up

Dove’s digital marketing techniques have actually redefined appeal requirements and promoted inclusivity through incorporated projects. However, racially insensitive ads have actually raised doubts about Dove’s dedication to variety. 

To prevent such errors, it is essential to deal with appeal marketing companies that can assist you in developing genuine and inclusive projects. We recommend you gain from Dove’s experiences, address issues transparently, and show a real dedication to variety to construct a respectable and inclusive brand name in the appeal market. And prior to connecting to specialists or doing some marketing magic, we recommend you find out about the leading marketing techniques for appeal initially.


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