A Guide To PR For Businesses In Construction And Home Improvements

Throughout the years lots of building and construction and house enhancements business have actually depended on techniques such as word of mouth, their connections, or conventional marketing methods to attract leads.

However, while conventional techniques are still really crucial, increasingly more customers (and yes, even B2B purchasers) are now relying on online search engine such as Google to discover much better offers and a broader series of items. According to one research study, 85% of B2B purchasers now choose utilizing self-service tools for buying over speaking to a sales rep.

Over the last years I’ve seen not simply PR techniques alter – however likewise the goals of PR for lots of building and construction organizations. With digital having actually now altered the purchasing landscape, increasingly more building and construction business are utilizing PR in combination with SEO to protect natural property in online search engine and drive more leads for their company.

In this guide on doing PR for organizations in the building and construction and house enhancements, I will cover why PR is important for building and construction organizations and offer some ideas and recommendations on how you can pitch to the media and protected quality protection for your building and construction company.

Why Should Construction Businesses do PR?

When individuals consider PR, lots of still create pictures of press clippings in trade publications that include their company or items.

While that definitely still fits, the last number of years has actually tipped PR on its head as online readerships increase and more organizations want to acquire direct exposure in online search engine.

However, excellent PR now perhaps has more business worth for building and construction organizations than it carried out in the past as it plays a crucial function in driving traffic to your site and assisting to figure out how your site can appear in search listings. The advantages of PR for building and construction organizations consist of:

  • Increased brand name direct exposure to essential audiences in online publications
  • More chances for direct exposure due to less limitations on editorial area
  • Opportunity to increase the authority of your site (and for that reason how it might rank) in online search engine through links in short articles
  • Opportunity to get direct recommendation traffic to content properties and your site by means of online short articles and links

When publications with good quality sites connect to your website in their short article, those links will affect how Google and other online search engine view the authority of your website. 

These links are amongst the most prominent SEO ranking elements that can assist to affect where your material beings in online search engine when users look for appropriate keywords. The greater up you come, the more possible for traffic and leads. When readers of building and construction publications click these links, they likewise come through to your site.

Setting PR Objectives for Construction Businesses

As the function of PR adapts, it is essential that anybody aiming to accomplish media positionings in building and construction very first identify what it is they wish to accomplish.

That’s due to the fact that PR includes several techniques and possible media targets, a few of which are much better fit for various goals. For example, if you wish to enhance the authority of your site then there are specific kinds of PR stories that are most likely to take a trip additional and acquire more backlinks. However, those kinds of stories can be various to PR stories which are created to completely move a specific set of brand name messages or stories. 

It might likewise hold true that media targets for backlinks look various to the media outlets that finest reach your essential audiences. For example, you might still desire a backlink from a news outlet that your core audiences don’t check out all that much if it assists strengthen the authority of your site in online search engine. Common PR objectives for building and construction organizations consist of:

  • Media positionings in publications checked out by essential audiences (e.g. Constriction News or Construction Enquirer News)
  • Number of brand name points out and even brand name messages included in appropriate short articles
  • The number, quality and topical significance (more on that later) of backlinks (that assistance SEO) indicating your site
  • Referral traffic to your site and material from links in news short articles


While it is definitely possible to accomplish all those goals with one project, a technique that drives the very best outcomes frequently has a multi-pronged method with stories that attract brand name goals along with search-related objectives. That is why it is essential to clarify what you desire PR to accomplish for you most previously choosing the very best PR techniques to utilize.

5 of the Best PR Strategies for Construction Businesses

Once you’ve clarified what you desire your PR to accomplish for your building and construction company, the next action is to choose how you wish to accomplish it. There are several techniques that you can utilize, nevertheless I’ve summed up simply 5 that we have actually discovered to be most reliable listed below.

1) News jacking / news leaping

In a nutshell, this is an elegant method of stating PR that is prompt and really reactive to the news program. The more appropriate your PR story is to what is occurring in the news today, the most likely it is to acquire limelights. 

Often this is done by pitching a remark from a representative in your company to the media in reaction to something huge that’s simply taken place. Journalists that compose stories and functions in reaction to huge news occasions and will frequently consist of appropriate commentary from market specialists where they can.

For example, you might talk about the release of a considerable brand-new report or information on building and construction website security, a brand-new federal government policy on barrel for building and construction organizations or something much wider on the news program, such as the existing expense of living crisis (at the time of composing this short article).

You can likewise react to news occasions with bigger PR projects and stories, however the essential thing is to do it rapidly – preferably within hours, and definitely within 2 days if possible. We reside in a rolling 24 hr media culture, and the more prompt the story is, the most likely it is to be appropriate now and for that reason get more protection and links.

When considering what to respond to, you’ll naturally wish to think of your PR messaging goals. However, if you wish to get the attention of reporters you’ll likewise require to state something in a remark that includes something various to the discussion and makes a useful and important contribution to the concern at hand. This is especially real of huge occasions (such as the Spring Budget) when you’ll meet stiff competitors from other PRs who are pitching generic remarks. 

It is likewise excellent practice to consider your representative thoroughly. Don’t simply opt for the Managing Director each time. Think about who in your organisation the media and their readers are probably to view as a professional on that specific subject, as reporters are frequently most likely to include them.

2) News releases and business statements

Press releases are among the very first things that individuals tend to consider when it pertains to PR and for excellent factor – due to the fact that they’re an efficient method of getting your story out there.

However, prior to you put pen to paper, you initially require to identify what is – and isn’t – a newspaper article in the eyes of your target media. By speaking to essential stakeholders in your organisation, you’ll get an excellent concept of what’s occurring at your business. My recommendations is to note these brand-new advancements out and think about which have the most news capacity. 

If you’re uncertain, compare it to the news short articles you see in your target media. Could you picture the launch of your brand-new business pamphlet headlining on Construction News, for instance? (Spoiler alert – that’s not most likely to take place!). If you don’t have any news that individuals would wish to hear, then you may wish to think of producing some.

Another crucial indicate think about here is how you structure your news release prior to you send it to the media. Some reporters can get numerous press launches a day. In in between those pitches and their due dates and conferences, your story requires to stand apart as something that their audience would wish to check out and deserves them investing their (frequently restricted) time in. So actually extract why a story is relevant as at an early stage in the release as possible. 

You might wish to check out a guide on how to compose a news release if you’re not experienced in this location. However, the most crucial thing is normally to extract the most relevant part of your story in the heading and very first paragraph.

It is not unusual (especially in bigger organisations) for lots of stakeholders to examine news release prior to they get the proceed to go to the media, so make sure that you are all on the very same page in regards to the goal here. Getting the brand name messaging down is essential, however prevent letting that subdue the editorial strength of the story if you desire it to accomplish media protection.

If you have the liberty and time to do so, producing various variations of news release that are much better targeted for essential media titles can likewise increase the possibility that they will discover it appropriate. 

3) ‘Creating’ news you can utilize

Some building and construction business are complete to the brim with brand-new and relevant advancements, especially market leaders, market disruptors and brand-new innovators. However, building and construction organizations don’t require to lose out on PR if they don’t have a constant circulation of newspaper article. That’s due to the fact that you can develop newspaper article.

There are lots of manner ins which you can do this, from collaborations with 3rd parties and establishing occasions to presenting a PR stunt. However, producing news doesn’t constantly need to cost you. 

One terrific method of producing newspaper article is by utilizing information to display building and construction market patterns about problems which connect to your brand name. From the Office of National Statistics, the Health & Safety Executive and Statista to Google search information and social information – the web is awash with terrific (and frequently uncharted) media databases. 

By checking out these datasets, you can frequently discover patterns around appropriate market subjects that haven’t yet been released in the media. Add important skilled remark from your market specialists that review relevant patterns in the type of a news release, and you’ll have an efficient PR story that you can utilize to protect media get. For more recommendations and ideas on how to do this, read our blog site on 9 methods to get information for reliable links.

4) Thought management short article pitching

Another terrific method of protecting protection and placing your brand name to essential building and construction audiences is by pitching for believed management short articles, viewpoint pieces and interview short articles.

Many building and construction trade publications in specific (both online and in print) include areas for interviews with market leaders or chances for market gamers to pen a post that talks about topical market problems.

To do this efficiently, you’ll wish to consist of the below in your pitch:

  1. The concern(s) you wish to talk about and why it matters for the audience of the building and construction media outlet you are approaching. You’ll require to point out the particular angle associated to that concern and why it is brand-new, various and fascinating.
  2. Your representative (or individuals) in your company consisting of info on why they are specialists and the very best individual to talk about that specific subject.
  3. Clarity on how you are recommending they be included. Take a take a look at their site to see whether they normally run interviews, viewpoint pieces or another kind of short article and let them understand how it might harmonize their outlet.


When choosing the subjects to pitch, you will naturally wish to choose something that’s relevant to your company. However, for your pitching to be reliable it will likewise require to be something that’s relevant to the news program and for the very best possibility of protecting chances you will wish to provide an engaging brand-new angle on that subject. It’s really unusual that quality publications will enable an entire function focused soley on your item or company unless they take place to have actually a series committed to this.

5) ‘Mini’ PR Stunts

PR stunts can be terrific for extensive direct exposure and to assist drive more protection and backlinks. However, they frequently require some quite creativity along with considerable preparation and financial investment.

When individuals consider PR stunts, they frequently discuss something like a flash mob in London Victoria station or a drifting setup on the River Thames. However, these are frequently every expensive business and lots of building and construction business prevent them due to the danger and financial investment included.

The increase of digital PR indicates that it’s possible to do PR stunts on a smaller sized scale to assist drive more media get and display your building and construction brand name in an innovative light. Examples of this can consist of:

  • Posting task listings for uncommon ‘dream’ tasks
  • Fake / uncommon services and product launches
  • April Fools projects


These kinds of projects can frequently be done practically completely online with PR activity happening around a devoted landing page or blog site. 

Media Targeting For Construction PR

getting press coverage

After you’ve determined your PR stories and developed the appropriate press products, you will naturally wish to recognize who and where to pitch it to.

A terrific location to begin is by utilizing a  subscription-based media database platform where it is frequently possible to discover numerous contacts in the building and construction market. Using these tools you can construct media lists of appropriate contacts and gain access to contact information consisting of e-mail addresses and phone number .

However, these platforms are frequently expensive, and if you’re simply starting, you might not have gain access to or to or have the ability to manage a membership. If this holds true, then you will require to invest a long time into developing media lists by hand by investigating contact information on their sites, social networks channels and by getting in touch with publications straight. Our digital PR training course consists of more info and recommendations on how to do this.

Chances are, if part of your task function includes marketing your company then you will have at least some concept of which building and construction publications you’d like your company to be in. Common targets consist of basic tightness news and publication site such as Construction News, Construction Enquirer and Premier Construction News.

However, attempt to be open minded when producing media target lists. Remember to refer back to your media goals here, as some media sites might be much better targets for backlinks, while others might be a much better suitable for targeting essential possibility consumers.

It is likewise crucial to target the ideal individuals at these outlets instead of utilizing requirement ‘contact us’ e-mail addresses. The finest individual to get in touch with will differ depending upon the publication and the kind of PR story you are pitching, so you will require to utilize your investigator abilities and good sense here. 

Measuring The Success of Your Construction PR Campaigns


When it pertains to determining the success of PR, we’ve come a long method because the days of reporting on readership figures and AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent).

When it pertains to digital protection, there are a variety of various metrics that we can utilize to determine its worth. However, it is constantly recommended to compare outcomes versus your goals to guarantee its including worth to your general marketing goals. While some projects will be terrific for media protection, not all will be terrific for links, and visa versa. Common methods to determine the outcomes of PR in building and construction consist of:

Backlinks & Domain Authority

As formerly talked about, media protection that includes backlinks to your site assists to enhance the authority of your site in online search engine, which can result in increased traffic. 

For this factor, it prevails to assess success based upon the overall variety of backlinks or referring domains (variety of sites) attained to your site. However, not all backlinks are developed equivalent and quality matters simply as much, if not more so, than amount.  Here are some excellent procedures for examining link quality:

Domain Authority

Tools such as Moz, Majestic SEO and Ahrefs hold metrics that suggest the authority of a site on a scale of 1 (really bad) to 100 (very excellent). These are 3rd party tools, so take them with a pinch of salt. However, a link from a high Domain Authority website can be an excellent sign that it’s important for SEO. However, don’t check out excessive into little modifications to your own site’s Domain Authority score as it requires time to alter and these metrics provide an indicator instead of a precise procedure at the microlevel.

Topical Relevance

By this, we imply how appropriate in subject the connecting website is to your own site. More and more proof is emerging to reveal that backlink topical significance is more vital when it pertains to backlinks than other elements such as the variety of links. So, if you work for a building and construction company, then you will wish to get links from building and construction focused sites (rather than state way of life sites) which are more appropriate to your market. 

Website quality

This is a subjective procedure, nevertheless it is a crucial one. A great guideline is that if a site looks bad quality or ‘spammy’, then there is a great chance it is. Needless to state, spammy site don’t provide much in regards to link equity, and in unusual cases can even be hazardous to your site.

Organic Traffic & Search Positions

There are a number of ranking elements that can affect the typical position of a websites in online search engine results when a user puts in a search question. However, backlinks, along with material and technical SEO elements, is among the most prominent. By increasing the variety of links indicating a page, it is possible to bump it up the search rankings, particularly  if the material on that page is likewise much better or similar to other sites that you are contending versus.

While it is not possible to definitively associate enhancements in efficiency of a web page to backlinks alone, it is possible to determine efficiency prior to and after PR that drives links to the page. If that page gets high quality links and after that sees dive in its typical ranking position, followed by a boost in traffic or leads, then it’s a strong sign of the PR’s business worth.

Link Referral Traffic

Users checking out the media protection you protect will frequently click the backlinks in the short articles that indicate your site. If you have Google Analytics established correctly you can frequently determine the amount of this traffic and take a look at user journeys to differentiate any patterns in their behaviour that result in favorable interactions or leads.

Social Shares

Good PR is likewise terrific for social, with lots of media organisations now publishing any protection to the fans on their social channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. This can assist to raise additional awareness of your brand name, site and social networks channels. Using Google Analytics, you can frequently track the platforms from which users enter your site.

Key Publications

It might sound easy, however one crucial procedure is to examine the number of times your brand name is included in essential news sites. If you have an excellent concept of the audience personalities of a normal target client for your building and construction company, then do your research study on the audience profiles of essential media titles. From this you will have the ability to specify which titles reach your essential audiences most efficiently. You’ll then understand precisely which outlets you wish to remain in when it pertains to reaching essential potential customers.

Audience Metrics

Looking at traffic and audience metrics related to the site that you attained protection in can likewise work. Often, you can discover metrics such as Unique Users or Sessions on media database or in marketing rate cards. While these metrics don’t constantly inform you much about the quality of that audience or the number of users connected with the particular short article in which you were included, they can suggest the size of a site and its possible impact.


I hope you discovered this brief guide on PR for building and construction organizations helpful, and if you have any concerns or you’d like to talk about PR services please do not be reluctant to contact us.

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