A Guide To SEO For Construction Companies

If you’re in the building organization, opportunities are that already you might have relied greatly on word of mouth, standard marketing or networking occasions to drive sales, leads and enquiries.

The reality of the matter is that customers, now more than ever, will anticipate to discover your organization online. Whether it’s to call you, send a query or acquire your structure materials online, both B2B and B2C building business can take advantage of having an online existence.

In this guide, we’ll enter the nitty-gritty, precise SEO actions that you’ll require to follow in order to grow your building organization online. But initially, we require to discuss what SEO is, and why it’s so crucial for your organization in 2022 and beyond.

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What Is SEO & Why Is It Important For Construction Companies?


‘Construction SEO’ is the procedure of optimising your building site for online search engine, in order to rank greater for your target keywords and produce clicks through to your site. It’s a fundamental part of any building digital marketing project which, usually, drives the most pertinent leads. While it does take some in advance financial investment in time and resources, the continuous advantage of SEO is what makes it really appealing.

You see, as soon as your site is ranking for your target keywords, you’ll have the ability to produce pertinent visitors to your website who are actively looking for your product or services – 24 hr a day, 7 days a week.

So without more ado, here’s our action by action guide to get your building site ranking and producing more organization through Google Search.

1. Find Keywords Related To Your Construction Services

The primary step in any effective SEO project is to determine the precise keywords and expressions that your target market is presently looking for in Google. The finest method to begin is to develop a spreadsheet and begin note down all of your core services and/or items. Jott down any words or expressions that you yourself would understand to browse if you were searching for these service or products.

If you’re associated with the building market it implies that you’ll have the ability to draw out terms and expressions that a keyword tool might not discover. If you understand a method which your consumers reference a services or product, take down it. Next, we’re going to examine these keywords to see if they have any search volume (the variety of times they get browsed in Google each month).

Once you’ve got your list of keywords all set, we’re going to take these and utilize an SEO tool such as SEMrush, Ahrefs or Ubersuggest to see whether they really get browsed typically in your nation. Personally, I choose to utilize Ahrefs however you can utilize any SEO tool you like. Simply copy your keywords from your spreadsheet and paste them into the ‘keyword explorer’ to browse several keywords at the same time, you can then export this information as a CSV declare later usage.

Once you’ve exported the list of keywords from your own understanding, it’s time to begin checking out keywords that you may not have actually considered yet. We can do this in 2 methods:

1. By discovering a rival in your market who is ranking high for your primary keywords and after that exporting the keywords that they rank for

2. By getting in ‘seed’ keywords into your SEO tool of option and limiting the outcomes by consisting of or leaving out outcomes based upon keywords

To discover the keywords your rival is ranking for, it’s as easy as copying and pasting their URL into the domain explorer tool. You can rapidly see their best-performing pages and keywords, in order to duplicate their successes and prevent under-performing pages to keep your SEO project lean and effective.

Simply export their list of keywords and you’ll have some incredibly informative information that can notify your building SEO technique progressing.

You can likewise get in a basic keyword for your market such as ‘scaffolding’ and browse your method towards the ‘also matching’ area of the keyword research study within Ahrefs. This will reveal you any keywords that consist of the word ‘scaffolding’.

There will likely be 10s of countless keywords, in some cases much more, so we’ll require to narrow these down a little utilizing filters to ‘include’ or ‘exclude’ specific keywords. This can be done either in Ahrefs itself or within a spreadsheet, as soon as you’ve exported them as a CSV file.

2. Assign Keywords To Relevant Pages

Now that we’ve got a substantial list of keywords that pertain to your organization, we can start the procedure of appointing specific keywords to specific pages. This procedure is called ‘keyword mapping’ and can be a quite tiresome job – so if you’re not knowledgeable about the procedure make certain to get yourself a brew and settle in for a couple of hours of focused work!

Essentially, you’ll wish to go through all of the primary pages on your website (homepage, service page, item page etc.) and pick a handful of keywords from your list that finest explain each page. Pay very close attention to the intent behind each search. For example, ‘buy scaffolding poles’ would be better matched to an item page or classification page, rather than a post on your website.

3. Optimise Pages For Target Keywords

With your recently formed list of keywords mapped to each of the crucial pages on your website, we can now begin to optimise these pages for these keywords. Usually, this includes going through your material and making certain you have actually covered the subject of each of the keywords you are targeting. It’s not simply as easy as copying and pasting the keywords into the copy itself, those days of SEO are long gone. Instead, you require to discover methods of integrating that subject into your material with sub-sections and sub-headings.

For example, a classification page targeting ‘buy scaffolding’ might likewise target ‘cheap scaffolding’. However, if there is no reference of your items being low-cost, how is Google to understand that they are low-cost? Some might argue that Google might draw out the rates from your page and compare them to rivals however this might be a little far brought. You’d be much better explaining your page precisely as it is through composed material so that there is no doubt in Google’s mind that your scaffolding page must likewise rank for ‘cheap scaffolding’.

The finest method to target this remains in the meta title and primary heading of the page, you can likewise include it within sub-headings and the body material too although these bring less weight in the ranking algorithm.

4. Plan New Pages For Un-Tapped Keywords

From your preliminary keyword research study, you must now discover that there are lots (or perhaps thousands) of untapped keywords which haven’t yet been targeted on any of the pages on your website.

There will be some keywords in there that aren’t pertinent as you don’t offer those items, or possibly you’re not pursuing specific target consumers. However, there must be an enough quantity of keywords to begin producing some brand-new material concepts.

As with the keyword mapping procedure, you can now make your method through the untapped keywords and begin organizing them into clusters. These clusters can be targeted within the very same pages to rank for more long-tail keywords and associated expressions. Typically, post are the perfect location to target educational, FAQ-style inquiries where you can address the concern of the searcher, whilst likewise including your product or services within the post itself.

You might be asking yourself – why would I wish to invest all this time composing post? I wish to offer product or services!

Well, there are 2 primary advantages:

  • You draw in visitors who are at the upper phases of the purchaser journey, they’re searching for info about your product or services and might quickly require your offering
  • Writing about subjects within your market verifies to Google that you are an ‘authority’ in your specific niche and will be rewarded with rankings and traffic as such

5. Build Up Trust With Authoritative Backlinks

Just as Google can start to consider your site an ‘authority’ on a subject as an outcome of covering all the closely-related subjects within your market, Google likewise likes to see that other reliable sites are discussing yours.

This ‘mention’ is likewise referred to as a backlink, and they’re the foundation of the whole around the world web. Essentially, the more premium sites you have connecting to you, the more Google starts to trust your site and the greater your rankings will be as an outcome.

Don’t be tricked by ‘cheap backlink services’ however, there are numerous locations you can go to purchase backlinks at exceptionally low rates – however these will do more damage than great for your website.

Instead, we choose to utilize Digital PR to develop links naturally on reliable sites.

Supporting Your Construction SEO Campaign


These are the 5 crucial actions you can take today to begin ranking your building site. Although, SEO is a continuous procedure that needs continuous updates and enhancements so if you’re searching for assist with this we’d like to speak with you. Get in touch today to see how we can assist grow your building organization online.


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