A Look Into Men’s Mental Health

Here at Influence Digital, we deal with numerous psychological health-focused customers, which has actually offered us a strong understanding of how to browse the psychological health landscape.

Recently, we chose to look much deeper, particularly into males’s psychological health. As we understand, males and females battle with psychological health diseases in a different way; in the UK, male suicide stats are nearly 3 times that of women, and males are less most likely to look for treatment or open about their unpleasant feelings.

We surveyed 100 males throughout the UK, aiming to comprehend their views on psychological health and what barriers to looking for assistance still exist.

Here are our leading 5 insights:

1) Stigma Creates Silence 

The males we surveyed fret that society and their peers would look down on them if they opened about their psychological health. A quarter (25%) of all participants would be more inspired to do so if society motivated males to discuss their battles. A 3rd of participants (33%) stated they feared appearing weak, and 32% of participants revealed a worry of judgement.

2) Can Not Knowing What to Say Be Holding Men Back?

Just under half of our participants (46%) pointed out problem revealing feelings as one of the primary challenges to opening. Our desk research study has actually likewise discovered that males are less mentally literate than ladies, and more often have a hard time to acknowledge their feelings and sensations. Men are likewise most likely to go to a physician to report a physical condition induced by their psychological suffering, than the psychological health suffering itself (Men’s Health Forum).

3) Start by Asking, “How Are You?”

Asking a basic however genuine concern might assist motivate a more open mindset. A quarter of our participants (25%) stated they would be encouraged to open about their sensations and feelings if asked how they were by a relied on good friend.

4) A Push for Long-Form Educational Content

Podcasts, how-to guides and news short articles are the participants’ favored mediums when learning more about psychological health. Short-kind material, such as Instagram Reels and TikToks, surveyed far lower, showing that the participants take in info much better when packaged in a longer-form.

5) Statistics Are a Powerful Messaging Tool

“70% of adults have experienced a mental health problem- you are not alone” carried out finest out of 20 messaging lines participants might pick in between in our study, and advertisements including lines with numbers and stats surveyed much greater than those without. Real information appeals more to male audiences than simply positive and motivating copy.

Recommendations Based on Our Findings

These results acknowledge social preconception, absence of psychological literacy and worry of judgement as essential barriers for males to open about their sensations. By screening our bespoke research study with existing research study, we can see that the conclusions drawn are associated throughout more western nations.

To get rid of barriers, it’s advantageous to provide males content formats they discover fascinating, such as podcasts, news short articles, or utilizing stats in messaging. Similarly, stats are an effective tool to construct awareness that others are having a hard time and experiencing the very same sensations. Seeing this, one can feel less lonesome in their battles and more ready to accept assistance.

Society-large modifications and efforts are required to alter the landscape of males’s psychological health.

Campaigns and public awareness projects should take advantage of different cultural and social touchpoints to be reliable. A motion takes place when a big adequate voice speaks up; modification takes place when that message is heard and influences affirmative action so that those in positions of social or cultural power are held to account.

Are you introducing a psychological health project targeted at males? These insights can assist direct your method, so that it has one of the most effect.

We likewise provide services from marketing research and social listening to fully-fledged project and execution techniques. Need aid with your method task? Get in touch.


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