A Month-by-Month Guide to Selling Your Stuff for the Most Cash

There are a lot of factors to offer your undesirable things.

You may be scaling down as empty nesters or carrying on from a bad relationship — or you may simply wish to purge after getting onboard with the minimalist pattern.

Or perhaps you truly simply require the additional money today.

Whatever your inspiration for offering all the odd things prowling in the back of your closet, you’ll wish to make as much cash as you perhaps can off each product — since who doesn’t like cash?

And while some apps or sites are much better than others for offering particular products, there’s one seller’s concept that can imply the distinction in between making a dollar and making, well, lots of dollars:

It’s everything about timing.

That’s right — in the exact same method that there’s a finest time to purchase, there’s likewise a finest time to sell your undesirable or unused things.

An product that costs cents in the spring might cost $10 in November. If you can wait a couple of months to eliminate something, you’ll make a considerably larger portion of modification at the time when the need is greatest.

The Right Time to Sell Your Stuff to Make the Most Money

If you’re not passing away to eliminate something, attempt hanging onto it for a couple of months, so you can offer it when the time is right.

The basic guideline is to note a product a month or 2 prior to it’s seasonally essential — although there are a couple of exceptions.

To assist you find out when to offer, the folks over at OfferUp offered us some expert intel on the very best times to note all your undesirable things – and we’ve included a few of our own, too!


Workout Gear

In January, everyone’s searching for exercise devices to assist them accomplish their New Year’s resolutions. Sell it now, since by July, everybody else will be attempting to eliminate theirs.


Textbooks remain in high need two times a year, at the start of each school term. Sell your old books in early January to ensure you get the most dollars for your books.


Many individuals are seeking to purchase Televisions throughout the NFL playoff season and leading up to the Super Bowl. Some may not wish to go for it to purchase a brand-new one. Used Televisions are typically noted on OfferUp for $50 as much as a couple hundred dollars.



While precious jewelry doesn’t hold its worth effectively, if you discover yourself with additional glossy, quite things on hand, the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day will be among your much better possibilities at making a dollar or 2. (The other is around the winter season vacations, however we’ll arrive.)


Obviously we’re not discussing formerly used pieces, however if you have some talented sets with the tags still on that you’ll never ever use, now is the time to offer!

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Wedding Gear

While full-blown wedding event season isn’t up until June, March is a great time to begin offering. Consider noting your bridal gown and whatever else wedding event associated, from old bridesmaid gowns to remaining table focal points. These will continue to offer through June, however you’ll wish to take advantage of the reality that individuals prepare wedding events, so they’ll be purchasing a little early.

Whether you’re purchasing or offering, these are the very best locations to discover secondhand bridal gown.

Warm Weather Clothes

As the last of the winter season chill remains, individuals get uneasy and begin searching for shorts, tanks and swimwears. Now is the time to begin noting warm weather condition clothing!

Try noting your utilized clothing through among these 17 markets where you can offer online or in-person.


President’s Day sales in February are typically followed up with purchasers seeking to offer older designs in March.


Prom Dresses

People begin to look for senior prom gowns online throughout the month of April, as lots of senior proms happen in May. List them now to provide your old gowns a life beyond the dark recesses of your closet!


At this point, individuals are prepared to get outdoors and get moving. Now is the very best season to offer a bike, as the weather condition heats up and cycling to work in fact seems like an enjoyable experience to some individuals.

Workout Gear (Again)

If you have any exercise equipment that didn’t offer — or if you had excellent objectives and in fact purchased some on your own — back in January, now is your 2nd possibility to offer anything you might still have on hand. In the spring, individuals are all of a sudden hyper-aware that swimwear season is showing up, which indicates exercise equipment and clothes remain in high need when again.



Got additional travel luggage relaxing that requires a brand-new experience pal? Now is a great time to note it as individuals are preparing their summer season getaways.

Vacation Items

Along the exact same lines, May is likewise the very best time to offer different other trip products such as plug adapters for global travel, beach toys or outdoor camping equipment.


The yard development kicks into high equipment around May, suggesting many individuals may be searching for an offer on a lawnmower. Get out ahead of Memorial Day barbecue strategies and list your lawnmower in early May.

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Summer Fun

As we head into the summer season, individuals will be searching for outside enjoyable — things like yard chairs, water toys and swimwears tend to offer well in June!


Baby Gear

More infants are born in July and August than any other months of the year, so it makes good sense that individuals are searching for infant equipment, like strollers and baby cribs. The exception to this guideline is infant clothing. Because infants grow so rapidly and typically unexpectedly, infant clothing offer much better in the season they are most present. No moms and dad wishes to purchase a snowsuit in June just to discover that by December, their kid has actually surpassed the development charts.

Back-to-School Items

Anything school or dormitory associated will offer well now as individuals begin to consider back-to-school shopping. List dormitory devices, knapsacks, kids school clothes and anything else that you frequently see on those “back-to-school” lists.



Again, books will offer well at the start of the term after university student have actually registered for all their classes.

Winter Sports Gear

Get out ahead of the winter season sports crowd in August and make a little money offering your winter season sports equipment. Items like skis, snowboards, boots and helmets remain in need late in summer season as individuals start planning their winter season getaways.

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Furniture and Homegoods

Moving season starts as early as May and peaks in September prior to dropping off drastically in the fall. In September, individuals are searching for furnishings, house decoration and little cooking area devices and tools to equip their brand-new digs.

Halloween Costumes and Decorations

Also in September, individuals begin preparing their Halloween outfits and celebrations. List these things now to benefit from the organizers!


Cold Weather Clothes

The temperature level is dropping, so now is the time to offer your denims, sweatshirts, coats and boots.

Kids snow equipment — consisting of snowsuits, boots, hats and gloves — will likewise begin to offer and will peak into the cold weather.


Holiday Decorations

List decors for the winter season vacations at the start of November. The minute the Halloween decors boil down, individuals are distressed to begin spreading out that vacation cheer.

Holiday Gifts

If you have toys still in the product packaging, clothing with the tags on (particularly huge brand names), unopened cosmetics and carefully utilized electronic devices, list them in November when individuals are beginning their vacation shopping.


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Jewelry likewise offers well in December — particularly engagement rings. You can likewise offer your utilized precious jewelry straight to a website like I Do, Now I Don’t if you’re seeking to make some additional money to get you through the holiday.

Exercise Equipment

Many customers are planning ahead to their New Year’s resolutions in December, suggesting you can most likely get a respectable rate for your carefully utilized workout devices, like treadmills.

Exceptions to the Rules

There are a couple of exceptions to this list, nevertheless. Some products offer well throughout numerous seasons (or perhaps all year!) and some will offer much better with a little tactical thinking.


Sports cars and trucks and convertibles offer much better — and perhaps for a bit more cash — in the bright spring and early summer season. Trucks and SUVs (particularly those with 4×4) will offer much better in the icy fall and cold weather.

Large Appliances

Large devices like fridges, ranges and cleaning devices will offer well throughout the year. Appliances break all the time, and nobody is awaiting a particular season to buy a replacement dishwashing machine!

Seasonal Recreational Items

For seasonal “toys” like skis, kayaks, roller blades and golf clubs (or any other products with just a quick yearly window of satisfaction), list them for sale one to 2 months prior to the season starts.

Other Seasonal and Holiday Items

For all the smaller sized seasonal and vacation products, like Easter baskets or Fourth of July decors, start noting them 4 to 6 weeks ahead of time.

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