A Peek Into the Last Week (+ my objectives for today!)

I like this image a lot! It catches her character so completely!

I discovered this image of the 2 older women with Jesse at a Father-Daughter dance several years earlier.

This young boy doesn’t wish to relax when we go on strolls now. He wishes to take whatever in all around him!

Almost to the 3rd trimester!! I keep speaking with individuals who don’t follow my Instagram stories and posts carefully who compose in and state, “Wait, are you pregnant again??!” And I understood I most likely must publish another pregnancy upgrade here!

This has actually absolutely been a pregnancy filled with intriguing twists and turns. Honestly, it hasn’t been simple. I’ve been way more sick than any of my 4 other pregnancies. And months upon months of constant queasiness — initially the very first trimester queasiness and after that heartburn queasiness — well, it absolutely extends you and can use you down.

But I keep considering ladies who have HG and toss up several times a day every day their whole pregnancy or those who have devastating queasiness for much less interesting factors and it assists me have a much better mindset and a viewpoint shift. Any time I have a little remedy for the queasiness, I’m so grateful — even if it simply lasts for an hour! I’m attempting to be incredibly, incredibly cautious with what I consume and with taking actually excellent care of myself which does assist a minimum of a little.

Another piece of the “adventure” has actually been the continuous spotting/bleeding problems I’ve had with this pregnancy. First it was inexplicable bleeding (in my very first trimester), then it was my placenta, and now they think it’s most likely associated to me having a low-lying placenta. I return for another sonogram next week and we’ll see if my placenta has actually relocated the best instructions or not. There’s a good possibility I’m going to have actually placenta previa based upon how things are moving… however I’m relying on God therefore grateful to have actually made it this far with no significant emergency situation bleeding episode.

I’m grateful that my OB has actually been so calm however likewise sensible about whatever. I truthfully have such peace about nevertheless things end up and what the next 10-12 weeks may hold. I’m relying on God for each day, wishing security over this infant, and simply attempting to do a great task of resting, getting excellent healthy food (as best as I can stand it!), and filling my mind with truth/encouragement.

So there’s a pregnancy upgrade for the lots of who have actually requested it! Thanks for being such excellent cheerleaders and prayer warriors!

My 6 Goals for Last Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post on 50 Things You Don’t Have to Pay For.
  • Rewrite/modify chapters 1 and 2 of my next book.

My 6 Goals for This Week

Personal Goals

Reading Goals

Business/Blogging Goals

  • Write a post on 20 Ways to Save Money on Meat.
  • Rewrite/modify chapters 3-6 of my next book.


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