A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

Welcome to my weekly post offering you a peek into this previous week and what’s taking place at our home. 

There’s been great deals of senior commemorating taking place around here. One day, all the elders used white t-shirts to school and after that everybody signed their t-shirts so they’d have a keepsake from the year! (See this video and check out the caption on it for another huge emphasize from the previous 2 weeks.)

1684893788 358 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

His little smile simply brings massive pleasure to our house!

1684893788 583 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

Kaitlynn is finding out to drive, so we had some driving lessons (Jesse and I broke up the driving lessons since we both have such various mentor designs).

1684893789 697 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

For Mother’s Day, Silas and I went on a belated birthday trip and saw the Mario Bros film. It’s been a long period of time considering that simply he and I dropped in a film together and it was truly enjoyable!

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Our church had an event for the elders one night and all the moms and dads composed letters to their senior and read them to them in front of everybody. It was truly unique.

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And her last main day of high school… she required me with a photo. She states it is so odd to recognize that she’s never ever going to be going to 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. school ever once again!

1684893790 713 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

Micah Man! He is finding out a lot — I can’t monitor all the words he states now as he finds out brand-new ones nearly every day! He is our earliest talker without a doubt. It will be fascinating to see if he winds up being a huge talker or if he simply has actually determined that he needs to state words in order to get our attention considering that there are many people. 🙂

1684893791 779 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

He is simply the sweetest kid and likewise seldom picky and all smiles nearly all the time!

1684893791 185 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

Silas turned 14 the very first week of May and we lastly got to commemorate as a household — his selected activity was to get sitters for the 3 youngest and go to TopGolf. We found that Kaitlynn is rather the golf enthusiast — something we had no concept about!

1684893791 901 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

Silas had his very first travel ball competition of the season this previous weekend in Cullman, AL. We believed it may get drizzled out, however it didn’t get cancelled — and we were so delighted! He was the beginning pitcher and lead off batter… and their very first video game protested a group with a 20-1 record AND it put rain throughout part of the video game. Nothing like getting great deals of chance to practice grit and appearing even when it’s difficult!

1684893792 3 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

The ball park had a splash pad beside it, which was a HIT with the youngsters!

1684893792 452 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

David was soaked — and he liked every minute since water is his delighted location!

1684893792 716 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

Speaking of David, he likes offering hugs nowadays. Every early morning, he needs to provide Jesse and I numerous hugs after he gets up. He slows us down in the very best of methods and I’m so grateful for the present of his sweet life!

1684893793 191 A Peek Into the Past Two Weeks

We’ve been dealing with digging up photos from Kathrynne’s youth for her graduation screen board and it’s been so enjoyable to see just how much Micah and Kierstyn appear like our older 3!


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