A Peek Into This Past Week

She is consumed with Theo the hedgehog nowadays. She wishes to go see him very first thing every early morning and inform him great night every night prior to she goes to sleep.

Watching this male love this kid has actually made me fall in love all over once again with him.

I was so honored to get to interview Max Lucado for the podcast — search for his great episode turning up quickly!

I enjoy this image a lot since that’s Kathrynne cheering Silas on through the fence. She had actually shocked him and appeared for his video game in addition to some pals of hers and she was speaking such words of motivation to him when she arrived. Watching your kids motivate and be each other’s greatest cheerleaders is among the best presents as a mother.

I taught her how to feed Theo his food… so she constantly makes certain that he has plenty now. Maybe more than plenty! 🙂

As Baby D grows and discovers brand-new abilities, a growing number of they can play together and they have the very best time! She loves him and he gets so ecstatic to have fun with her.

This may not appear like a huge offer… however this is in fact substantial for Baby D. This was the very first day he was ever able to hold himself in this position (on all fours)!

We are so happy with this kid!! In the last 4 weeks he has actually achieved some significant turning points: getting his very first 2 teeth (a huge indication of nutrition which he is no longer malnourished!), finding out to stay up (he can hold a non-prop sit for as much as 5 minutes often!), holding a hands and knees position for a minimum of 20 seconds, beginning a mixed diet plan (genuine food) through his feeding tube rather of formula, rising with extended arms and holding it, enhancing his spacial awareness and great motor abilities.

Case in point, in feeding treatment recently he got thrilled about consuming and got a teething biscuit provided to him and put it in his mouth (he’s never ever gotten something and put it purposefully in his mouth! He doesn’t understand how to chew and swallow it yet, however desiring it and understanding to choose it up and put it in your mouth is an excellent start to arriving!)

Some of these may appear like small wins or things you would consider given, however they are a BIG offer for him!! We are so grateful for his therapists and medical professionals who have actually exceeded and beyond to assist him and us these previous 6 months (genuinely… numerous doctor have actually offered us their individual telephone number and have actually texted and aborted hours to look at him when he’s been going through a rough spot!) I have actually never ever had higher regard or gratitude for medical groups and therapists as I do nowadays and we understand that this kid would not be here if it weren’t for them (he was born at 27 weeks weighing one pound!!)

He is a wonder in every sense of the word and the pleasure that he gives our house is tough to sufficiently take into words. We enjoy you to the moon and back little kid and are so grateful for your life. You are such a present to our house!

Baby D’s brand-new food! Such a turning point to move from formula to this and he’s done so well!

They’ve begun to be able to play together in the playpen together — and it’s the sweetest to view.

Mamas, let your kids witness you trusting God.

Last week, I spoke at the Fresh Grounded Faith occasion in Chino, CA with @jennrothschild.

It was my very first speaking occasion like this in around 2 years — and 2 days prior to the occasion, I nearly totally lost my voice.

Silas — who was including me to the occasion — stated to me, “Mom, I don’t know how you’re going to be able speak with your voice like that.” I informed him, “I’m just trusting that God is going to show up and help me.”

I did all the important things: rest my voice, beverage hot throat coat tea, take regional honey, take throat lozenges, consume probiotic beverages, consume Ruffles potato chips (my vocalist pal @katerapier informed me about this technique), and I even consumed some sort of mushroom potion Jesse purchased for me at Whole Foods.

Even after all of this, my voice was still hoarse and I seemed like it was on the edge of heading out totally anytime.

Y’all. God appeared on my behalf when I stepped onto that phase. Not just was my voice strong for the whole 35 minutes, however I hardly even took a look at the couple of notes I had actually jotted down. Instead, I simply felt His power surging through me to provide a message on the liberty I’ve discovered in Christ as I’ve stopped thinking lies and beginning camping on and immersing myself in the reality of just how much I am liked by God.

And my kid was on the front row seeing all of this. He got to see God’s loyalty to his mom in such an extensive method.

God doesn’t require us to be strong, capable, or have all of it together. He simply asks us to be prepared, to state yes, and to march in faith. We can rely on Him for the rest!

Thank you to @crosspointchino for these 2 images (above and listed below).

Little did I ever dream that I’d be loading a breast pump in my speaking luggage when I was 40 years of ages! Only God!

Traveling with a 12-year-old kid focuses on food… his most typical concerns on the journey were something like, “When are we eating? Where are we eating? What are we eating?”

It was lovely in Chino, CA!

The girls at the church presented the welcome mat for us — consisting of offering us a present bag as quickly as we got to the hotel!

My publisher made this brand-new banner for speaking engagements to promote Love-Centered Parenting.

The church fed us an extraordinary supper and breakfast! We felt so invited and watched out for.

Jennifer Rothschild was such a motivation. She’s been totally blind considering that age 15… however she’s not letting that hold her back one bit!

It was a real honor to hear Joni Eareckson Tada speak. In the middle of paraplegia, 2 cancer medical diagnoses, and extreme persistent discomfort, she selects to be a victor rather of victim.

During our Q&A time, I actually had tears rolling down my face from chuckling so hard. These 2 ladies hold true motivations and it was humbling to be on the very same phase as them!

Silas’ just demand was that if we were going to CA that we needed to stop at an In-N-Out. One of the girls heard that he was truly thrilled to go to In-N-Out and she asked if she might provide me cash to purchase him a t-shirt!

It’s such a present to get individually time with our kids! I enjoy that speaking engagements function as unique time for memory-making with among my kids!

While I was gone, the ladies had Homecoming at school. Isabel (imagined with Kathrynne here) is nearly like a child to us/sister to our kids. I’m so grateful for the fantastic pals our kids have… which we are familiar with and enjoy numerous of them due to the fact that they invest a lot time at our home! Having teenagers is the very best — other than that Isabel leaves for college next year. But we’re attempting not to consider that today. 🙂

Every early morning, these 2 lay on the bed together and view a program. She typically has her hand on him. The relationship they have is simply lovely. Little did I ever visualize I’d get the true blessing of mothering littles once again!

My pal, Kate, handed down this activity center to us for Baby D considering that her Gigi had actually outgrown it. He LIKES it! And it’s best for him to being in throughout his feeds.

Kierstyn was encouraged to discover a method to being in it with him! 🙂

Thanks to Jamie Ivey, Kierstyn has a her very first set of crayons — and she enjoys them!

It was a Baked Oatmeal week! We had this for breakfast one day this previous week (it’s a household preferred!) and I shared it on Instagram… and after that individuals all over the nation began making it and publishing about it. It’s the best season to make it due to the fact that it’s such a warm, hearty, and soothing breakfast!

Rebekah Lyons came for a podcast interview this previous week, too. Her words of motivation on living A Surrendered Life and mothering a kid with Down Syndrome blessed and motivated me a lot!

I enjoy this image a lot! Watching my pal, Kate, enter motherhood this previous year has actually been such a present. She’s a fellow foster mommy and her smile states all of it.

Foster care is hard. Really hard. And it’s been particularly hard considering that she’s single and is cultivating alone. But she fearlessly stated yes to a require a little child lady a year ago… and who would have ever visualized that a year later on Gigi would be commemorating her very first birthday as Kate’s child!!

I’m simply continuously influenced by her love and by the method she enjoys so well. And I’m so grateful for present of her relationship. Who understood that foster care would likewise present me such a gorgeous neighborhood of ladies who have actually ended up being dear, dear pals?!

Speaking of foster mothers, I likewise went to a new-to-me meet-up of foster and adoptive mothers this previous week. We had a Trader Joe’s dip tasting in addition to a time of sharing and motivation. It was a true blessing to speak with other mothers who are strolling comparable journeys.


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