A Peek Into This Past Week

Look at how well Baby D is staying up! He’s doing so well with sitting that we can now put him on tough surface areas without fretting about him tipping over.

It was cold adequate to take out the coats a couple of days recently!

We took some photos in the leaves the day prior to Baby D’s surgical treatment.

Sweet buddies arranged a prayer night prior to Baby D’s surgical treatment. Some can be found in individual and a variety of ladies joined us online on Zoom.

I discovered these 2 on the bed the early morning of his surgical treatment — snuggling with him and informing him farewell.

He was SO thrilled about all of the brand-new cables in pre-op!

These buddies came and sat with me while I waited throughout the surgical treatment. It was such a present to not be alone!

Thank you a lot for wishing Baby D as he entered into surgical treatment on Friday to fix his cleft taste buds. We felt your prayers in such a really genuine method and felt so brought and liked by you all!

Our kid did SO well! In addition to the cleft taste buds repair work, while he was under, they were likewise wanting to get some clearness on what we have actually believed was quite extreme hearing loss. They did a CT scan of his ears, put tubes in his ears, and did an ABR test after televisions were positioned.

To our HUGE surprise, while the CT scan revealed irregularities in his ear bones, the ABR test revealed that he was hearing nearly typically after televisions were positioned!!!!

I can’t even start to explain what a shock these outcomes were! We simply sat with our jaws dropped open stating, “You’ve got to be kidding me! What on earth?!?” There will still be great deals of screening in the future, however we are delighted for this fantastic news of hope!

The very first half day of healing was rough. Baby D remained in a lot discomfort, bleeding out of his mouth, wincing, having a hard time to breathe, and simply truly terrified and upset. He was likewise still truly out of it from the anesthesia. He combated hard — in truth, he even kicked his IV out of his leg and it bled all over!

But then, he cooled down, had the ability to go to sleep, and got up about 4 hours later on in really various spirits. He was babbling a little, engaging, and not as nervous and upset.

They had the ability to take him off additional oxygen and he did so well that they wound up letting us go house from the healthcare facility on Saturday — which we absolutely didn’t anticipate!!

He is still sleeping more than typical, however in a lot less discomfort, far more himself, and not requiring discomfort medications as typically. We can inform a significant distinction from the surgical treatment — he’s able to state more noises currently and he is more alert and interactive with his environments (due to the fact that he can hear now!!)

We’re thrilled for him to draw back to feeding treatment and speech treatment so he can start to discover how to consume more by mouth and gradually utilize his g-tube less and less! We’re likewise thrilled for him to be able to discover to interact much better now that he can hear much better & kind sounds much better!

Your prayers were a present to our household this previous week. THANK YOU!


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