A Peek Into This Past Week (+ my objectives and routine chart upgrade)

Welcome to my weekly post sharing a peek into our previous week + offering you an upgrade on how I did on my objectives this previous week and my routines chart the recently.

Our Community Group had an unique event for David’s adoption total with a charcuterie board and cake. It was so unique and significant!

I’ve been mentoring a girl who is getting wed quickly and we’re going through the Nothing to Prove Bible Study together. She chose it and it’s been so excellent.

Kierstyn and I began her next preschool curriculum. We completed My Father’s World Preschool in December and now begun My Father’s World PreK this previous week. So far, she’s liking it!

We transformed Kierstyn’s baby crib to a young child bed — which she’s extremely delighted about!4

I took Silas to the shopping center to meet buddies. I remained nearby however likewise provided area to hang out. Part of parenting teenagers includes gradually letting them have increasingly more liberty and obligations as they show themselves reliable and accountable.

I published this on Instagram recently:

Mamas of littles: I understand the days feel actually long. You are exhausted and tired. It appears that you invest a lot of your time cleaning noses and bottoms.

You get the toys just to reverse and need to select them up once again. You address the exact same concerns over and over. You attempt to teach the exact same lesson once again and once again.

You clean the exact same meals, the exact same laundry, and the exact same bodies on repeat.

And you are most likely tired of hearing individuals state to you, “Just enjoy it, it goes by so fast!”

Recently, Jesse and I were discussing how in simply 2 years, we’ll have 2 4-year-olds and two-year-old. And in 4 years, we may be totally finished with diapers and sippy cups and the waking-up-in-the-night every night phase (no informing when David will be potty-trained, however it’s possible it might occur in 4 years!)

I believe having infants all over once again has actually offered us a various viewpoint on the stressful little years. We understand that they do pass rapidly (in hindsight!) which it is SO worth it.

All the love and care and time and attention and late nights and diaper modifications and baths and video games of peek-a-boo and boo-boos kissed and tunes sung… all of it matters. It’s setting the structure of the relationship for several years to come. It’s tough. It’s tiring. It’s boring and untidy some days. But it’s 100% worth it!

So if you’re feeling tired today, understand this: the work you are doing is important. Others may not see or acknowledge it, however you are developing a structure of security and love for your kids that is going to deeply affect them for several years and years to come. It matters — each and every single bit of it. And I’m over here cheering for you, right along with you in the trenches! 

On Wednesday night, a few of the household began feeling badly. All 3 kids awakened with fevers on Thursdays and we simply seemed like they weren’t succeeding so went to immediate care and discovered Kierstyn, David, Jesse, and Kathrynne had strep (Kaitlynn wound up coming down with it a day and half later on).

(David was feeling so badly here in this picture however he’s still smiling. He’s simply the sweetest!)

Much of the remainder of the week was invested cuddling and taking care of ill ones.

But considering that Silas and I were the just well ones (I entered and got evaluated simply to be safe considering that I’d been around the kids a lot and in some way handled to not have strep!!), we snuck out on Saturday to head to his basketball video games in Nashville. It was unique to have a couple of hours simply with him. He’s matured a lot this year!

Here’s my upgrade on my Habits Chart from recently. My objective is to have 5 x’s in each line — I struck that in 5 lines this previous week, so great deals of space for enhancement however likewise great deals of space for event!

2023 Weekly Goals Update

Every week, I’ll be offering an upgrade on how I’m doing on my objectives — considering that they are weekly objectives. I believed it would be enjoyable to do an upgrade with a running overall of the number of weeks I struck them throughout the year. This week, I struck all of the objectives — yay!!

Goal #1: Lose .1% Body Fat Per Week

This objective was quite simple to strike today simply by striking my exercise objectives, making motion a top priority, getting sufficient sleep, consuming more water, and consuming more protein.

Update: 1/52

Goal #2: Have One Family Dinner Per Week

I was so thrilled due to the fact that we wound up having 4 household suppers this previous week! I believe simply prioritizing it by putting it on my objectives and everyday routines list has actually made SUCH a distinction in me getting innovative in discovering methods to make it occur!


Goal #3: Finish One Book Per Week

Here’s the book I completed recently + my evaluation.

Update: 1/52

Goal #4: Have One Date With One Family Member Per Week

I took Silas to the shopping center to meet his buddies and he and I drove to Nashville together for 2 basketball video games. I can’t keep in mind the last time I’ve gone to among his video games all by myself (everybody else was house ill!)

Update: 1/52

Goal #5: Spend 25 Minutes on Organizing/Decluttering Each Week

You can see the decluttering and arranging I did recently here.

Update: 1/52

Goal #6: Delete 300 Photos/Videos From My Phone Each Week

I erased more than 300 and it felt excellent!

Update: 1/52


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