A Peek Into This Past Week (+ my objectives & Habit Tracker upgrade!)

Welcome to my weekly post sharing a peek into our previous week + providing you an upgrade on how I did on my objectives this previous week and my routines chart the recently.

Jesse and I commemorated our 20th wedding event anniversary — and commemorated by going out with 2 other couples to supper and axe-throwing.

So grateful for the present of relationships — and all the laughter and life we’ve shown the couples envisioned here.

Also, a throwback to twenty years earlier on our wedding event! (By the method, I published this on Instagram and individuals were extremely baffled about what the blue beverage was — those are drifting candle lights in blue water. Also, I used my mother’s gown, in case you were questioning that! And yes, Jesse appeared like he was 15!!)

Our kids went out image albums of when they were little to reveal Kierstyn.

And then we invested a long period of time all going through them together!

We couldn’t think just how much little Silas appears like Micah does now!

Kierstyn has actually been doing My Father’s World PreK and caring it. One of the huge motivations in this curriculum this year is to actually require time to analyze images and see information. She has actually been actually enjoying it!

Thursdays are Kierstyn’s swimming lesson days — which she likewise actually delights in!

Micah chose he wished to find out how to stand now and he amazed all of us by having the ability to hold a standing position like this for a couple of minutes!

It snowed one day recently briefly and Kierstyn and David were extremely thrilled about it!

We invest a great deal of time on the basketball sidelines today and I enjoy it! Plus, it’s a lot simpler with 3 youngsters now that we’ve had months of practice and Kierstyn is a little older!

Silas is using 2 various basketball groups today and I enjoy seeing him play his heart out!

Micah’s latest technique is to clap his hands. He wishes to reveal anybody and everybody that he can do it! 🙂

Our church has this substantial poster of Goliath up on the wall today — and our little David is amazed with it.

As I enjoyed him keep tottering over to the poster on Sunday (see 2nd slide), it was such a graph to me of the Biblical David & Goliath story.

God doesn’t require our strength, our endurance, our power, our perseverance, or our capability. All He requires is a desire for us to appear in obedience. To open our hands, to acknowledge our requirement prior to Him, and to march in faith.

If God picks you and you march in faith and state yes — regardless of how insufficient, inefficient, or ill-qualified you might feel — He can equip you to do fantastic and magnificent things, far beyond what you might ever dream or think of!

Here’s my upgrade on my Habits Chart from recently. My objective is to have 5 x’s in each line — I struck that in 7 lines this previous week, so still space for enhancement, however likewise great deals of space for event. And development over recently when I just struck 5 x’s in 5 lines!

2023 Weekly Goals Update

Every week, I’ll be providing an upgrade on how I’m doing on my objectives — because they are weekly objectives. I believed it would be enjoyable to do an upgrade with a running overall of the number of weeks I struck them throughout the year. This week, I struck all of the objectives — yay!!

Goal #1: Lose .1% Body Fat Per Week

This objective was quite simple to strike today simply by striking my exercise objectives, making motion a top priority, consuming more water, and consuming more protein.

Update: 2/52

Goal #2: Have One Family Dinner Per Week

We wound up having 2 household suppers with everybody this previous week! I believe simply prioritizing it by putting it on my objectives and day-to-day routines list has actually made SUCH a distinction in me getting innovative in discovering methods to make it take place!

Update: 2/52

Goal #3: Finish One Book Per Week

Here’s the book I completed recently + my evaluation.

Update: 2/52

Goal #4: Have One Date With One Family Member Per Week

Jesse and I went on a date with 2 other couples for our 20th anniversaries (yes, all of us commemorated 20th anniversaries within a week of each other!). We headed out to supper and axe-throwing (see above!). It was such an enjoyable experience!

Update: 2/52

Goal #5: Spend 25 Minutes on Organizing/Decluttering Each Week

You can see the decluttering and arranging I did recently here.

Update: 2/52

Goal #6: Delete 300 Photos/Videos From My Phone Each Week

I erased more than 300 and it felt excellent!

Update: 2/52


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