Anna Lundstrom Nespresso U.K. CEO goes for work-life fluidity in her day-to-day regular

Life has actually gotten hectic for Anna Lundstrom considering that her promo to lead Nespresso’s U.K. and Ireland company last Autumn. She transferred from Switzerland to London, now handles 650 employee, and has actually formed remarkable collaborations, consisting of one with Starbucks.

So how does the coffee business chief handle everything, keep a rigorous work-life balance, and turn off after a long day’s work? She doesn’t—which’s precisely how she likes it.

“I think when you have this kind of responsibility, of course, you have to always be on. But I quite enjoy that,” Lundstrom informed Fortune. “And I think you almost have to enjoy that kind of activity to do this job.”

Striving for work-life fluidity

Running a business—or in Lundstrom’s case, the British arm of a coffee corporation that produces coffee devices, offers some 14bn pills every year, and has a retail existence in 81 nations—implies being responsible for numerous employees who require all the time.

It’s why Lundstrom doesn’t believe it’s always possible to “switch off” from the leading task.

Indeed, she notes you can entrust and surround yourself with the ideal group to deal with jobs while you’re not available, yet she discovers delight in being on the pulse of her labor force.

Instead of attempting to cut work and life into a stiff 50/50 split, she prefers fluidity and permits work to weave its method and out of her day.

“I think fluid is a great word,” she states while including that she grabs her phone as quickly as she gets up and from there on, it’s constantly at arm’s reach. 

“I think I’d always rather know something than not,” she validates constantly being readily available.

Lundstrom can be reached on numerous platforms at any given minute, from Teams and e-mail to WhatsApp and LinkedIn. But instead of being overwhelmed by being constantly on, she sees it as a chance to remain on top of patterns, her group, and the competitors.

“My biggest fear is externally that the brand isn’t relevant. So that’s why I’m always trying to make sure that we’re continuously moving forward,” she states.

“And internally I would hate to miss something, to not be aware of something or to be tone deaf, you know? So that’s why I’m somebody who likes to be active and actively communicate because I feel like that that feeds me with information.”

For her, having that constant stream of real-time understanding at her fingertips offers her “more energy than it’s draining.”

A day in the life of a CEO

6 am – “I’m definitely a morning person,” Lundstrom states. The very first thing she does is grabs her phone, rapidly followed by a cup of coffee (Nespresso’s Aveda pill, naturally). 

7:30 am – Lundstrom usually takes an hour and a half to prepare yourself and dressed for work. She generally avoids breakfast and rapidly downs a 2nd cup of coffee prior to going out the door for the workplace.

8 am to 6 pm – “I’m definitely an office person,” Lundstrom weighs in on the remote work/office argument. “I like being around people, so most of the time I go to the office,” she includes with the caution that she’s hardly ever there for the whole of the day. “My days are so varied because it can be in the office for a bit and then I’ll have a lunch or an external meeting… or an agency meeting… or a warehouse meeting!”  

7 pm onwards – If Lundstrom isn’t at the workplace, possibilities are she’s at the pilates chain, 1Rebel – the classes look more like a night out than an exercise, total with dark interiors, brilliant lights and huge tunes. “I’m obsessed.”


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