Behind the scenes: who are the feet’s crossword compilers?

Your setter/compiler handle/pseudonym/alter ego Buccaneer. 

Why? I had actually been Picaroon at the Guardian for many years, and some solvers described me there as “the pirate”, so I kept up the concept.

Real name: James Brydon.

Where are you? I reside in St Albans.

Years assembling I had my very first crossword released in the nationwide press in 2004, in the Spectator. 

And determined in variety of crosswords Across all of the nationwide broadsheets, I have actually now released near 700 puzzling crosswords.

Full time or part-time with another task? Compiling is my primary task now, however I still teach some French, German and Mandarin Chinese, too.

Did your school reference crossword assembling in profession conversations? Oddly — and most likely carefully — no.

Who/what got you into puzzling crosswords? I got hooked on them as a teen. They appeared filled with difficulty and remarkable little bits of understanding I would never ever have actually found out about in other places. 

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Walk us through your assembling method It is absolutely a concern of taking a seat and working regularly, not of waiting on motivation. I constantly begin with searching for excellent ideas for long responses, ideally preventing anagrams as they are the simplest sort of ideas to construct. At initially, I try to find excellent concepts: misdirection, striking images, amusing concepts and so on. Then, as a follower that crosswords are not just a riddle however have technical and visual qualities too, I will hang around polishing the ideas, going for precision, beauty and succinctness. 

So you believe you’re tough When I was worked with by the feet, Colin Inman, the crossword editor, stated he would like puzzles to be available to a great cross-section of solvers. I have actually attempted to adhere to that, inasmuch as it is possible to evaluate these things. 

The idea you wanted you’d composed Where to begin? I like this one from Arachne in the Guardian: “Two idiots stripped Mini’s bumpers off” (9) (Answer listed below).

And the idea you’re pleased you did Following the Euros last, I enjoyed with the really topical: “Number of England fans, tolerance-wise, needing reform” (5,8) (Answer listed below).

What’s the subject of discussion when you encounter other compilers? I don’t believe I have in fact satisfied one deal with to face given that prior to the pandemic, regrettably!

Any recommendations for solvers? A crossword resembles a garden course sentence, so the technique for resolving is to separate specific words in the idea and exercise how their significances may be various from how they appear in the surface area reading. 

And for wannabe compilers? Pay mindful attention to grammatical and lexical accuracy firstly as it is the basis for whatever else. And be relentless! 

Your preferred/least favourite other word video game To be sincere, the just other things I play are chess and the piano. 

Answers Assassins, Sweet Caroline (anagram of tolerance smart).


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