Best Crypto For Day Trading In 2023: An Overview


So, what takes place when you integrate 2 currently very unpredictable methods of earning money? You get double the danger and double the benefits, obviously!

(Well, not precisely double. But the capacity exists!)

Crypto day trading can be a fantastic method to make some cash, however please beware that it is not for everybody — there is a great deal of danger included. Unless you have actually some experience with day trades or have found out a lot about them and crypto, you ought to rule out it as a main income source.

But prior to discovering how to optimize your gains, you ought to initially acquaint yourself with what day trading requires and how it works, especially in the crypto markets. So, let’s explore what it indicates to day trade digital currencies!

Please note that this short article does not make up financial investment guidance.

What Is Crypto Day Trading?

Day trading is the act of purchasing and offering a property in a single day. Crypto day trading is precisely the exact same, however with one exception: the property here is a cryptocurrency or a crypto set. Day traders normally purchase and offer several times throughout the day in order to benefit from short-term changes in crypto rates. This can be an extremely rewarding activity, however it likewise features lots of dangers.

Don’t go for more risk than you can handle, even with the best crypto to day trade.
Don’t choose more danger than you can deal with, even with the very best crypto to day trade.

By selling and purchasing possessions in quick succession, traders intend to profit from short-term cost changes in the cryptocurrency market rather of long-lasting patterns. Because of this, day trading is a totally various monster from routine financial investment: it needs evaluating rates and crypto possessions through another lens.

How to Pick Cryptocurrencies for Day Trading?

When it concerns picking cryptocurrencies and crypto sets for day trading, there are a couple of things you require to try to find. Before doing any other research study, ensure that the crypto you’re preparing to choose has low charges. This method, you can optimize your earnings by decreasing your expenses — after all, no one wishes to invest all their revenues on trading charges.


First and primary, you will require some unpredictable cryptos for trading. Volatility indicates that the property’s cost is continuously altering, and there are a great deal of earnings chances. Although this is typically viewed as a disadvantage, it is an advantage in day trading, as, without it, there is hardly any method to make dependable earnings.


Secondly, the cryptocurrencies you select ought to have high liquidity and a substantial trading volume. In other words, great deals of individuals are trading that crypto, making it simple to purchase and offer the property. When trading crypto couple with low trading volume, you may come across sharper cost swings however can likewise get stuck to digital possessions you don’t require, being not able to offer them.

Current News

Finally, there’s likewise news. Recent market and market advancements are less of a consider crypto day trading techniques than in long-lasting financial investment. That’s due to the fact that day traders earn a profit off cost changes, not always bullish or bearish patterns.

However, existing news can still inform you what cryptocurrency or crypto sets will be trending and, for that reason, will have active cost motion in the future. Additionally, you can utilize the news to forecast whether you ought to open brief or long positions.

What are the Best Cryptos to Day Trade?

Now that we understand what to try to find in a great day trading crypto, let’s have a look at a few of the very best choices out there.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom is most likely the least recognized cryptocurrency on this list, however it does not make it any less rewarding for day traders. It has all the important things one may want in a digital property appropriate for crypto day trading: low charges, quick deal times, and high trading volume.

At the time of composing, it was within the leading 60 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on CMC, which makes sure a minimum of a standard level of liquidity. A huge crypto property like this is likewise most likely to be noted on numerous crypto day trading platforms, which enables traders to utilize innovative trading techniques like arbitrage.


XRP is a fantastic crypto to trade everyday for a couple of factors. First, it has an extremely low deal cost of simply 0.000001 XRP, that makes it best for those who wish to make a great deal of trades without needing to stress over high charges consuming into their earnings. Second, XRP is exceptionally quick, with deals taking simply 4 seconds to validate. This speed is best for day traders who require to make fast trades and don’t need to linger for sluggish block times. 

The XRP native token is likewise extremely unpredictable, which can cause huge earnings if you understand how to profit from its cost motions. Moreover, thanks to its incredible appeal, there are constantly individuals going to profit from its cost swings, making them much more severe.

Solana (SOL)

If you’re searching for a quick and scalable crypto for day trading, Solana is an excellent choice. This coin can deal with as much as 50,000 deals per 2nd, which is exceptionally quick compared to other blockchains. Additionally, as Solana’s deal charges are really low, you won’t need to stress over losing cash on charges.

Another terrific feature of Solana is that it’s both popular and future-proof in part thanks to its wise agreements innovation. And although possible durability does not matter much for day traders, it makes sure that there are constantly brand-new (and typically unskilled) traders looking for this cryptocurrency on any crypto trading platform. This increases its liquidity and profit-making capacity even further.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin, the biggest and most widely known cryptocurrency, has the most significant market cap in the market. Apart from this, it is the most liquid crypto, indicating there are constantly purchasers and sellers readily available. Bitcoin has incredibly substantial trading volume and high volatility, and, in general, one can consider it a strong option for day trading.

Cosmos (ATOM)

If you’re searching for finest day trading coins that are unpredictable and have the possible to make you some severe earnings, Cosmos is a fantastic choice. This coin has actually seen some huge cost swings in its brief time on the marketplace, and it reveals no indications of decreasing. The crucial to day trading Cosmos is to enjoy the marketplace carefully and benefit from every chance.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum has an actually large cost variety, which indicates that there will be a lot of chances to purchase low and offer high. Additionally, Ethereum is among the most popular cryptocurrencies, so you’ll constantly have the ability to discover purchasers and sellers.

Another attention-worthy feature of Ethereum is that it’s reasonably steady. Unlike some other coins, Ethereum doesn’t experience substantial cost swings daily. Although this might appear counterproductive, this can likewise be terrific for day trading — it enables you to choose less dangerous techniques and leave with a more dependable earnings at the end of the trading day.

Cardano (ADA)

A fantastic crypto for day trading, Cardano is extremely unpredictable and boasts high upside possible. ADA is typically compared to Ethereum, however Cardano is really more scalable and much faster. Additionally, Cardano has a strong neighborhood behind it that is continuously dealing with enhancements, hence making sure there will be interest in this crypto.

Polkadot (DOT)

DOT has whatever a day trade may require: excellent liquidity, accessibility on a wide range of trading platforms, low charges, and more. This cryptocurrency has an incredibly devoted neighborhood and, what matters even most, a strong and ingenious performance that guarantees its cost motions deserve following.

Overall, with ample profit-making chances and dangers at bay, DOT is a strong choice for day trading.

How to Start Day Trading?

There are a couple of things you require to do prior to entering into crypto day trading. First of all, you ought to discover a great day trading crypto platform that will have all the functions you may require. If you’re brand-new to trading, it might be a great concept to develop a number of accounts on various popular exchanges to attempt them out prior to you dedicate. Most platforms likewise have demonstration accounts that let you glance into day trading without needing to make a deposit.

There’s nobody “best crypto day trading platform” — simply one that works for you. We suggest searching for central exchanges with high liquidity and trading volume, a user-friendly user interface, and low trading charges. Crypto exchanges are normally less regulated than their conventional equivalents.

Once you discover the exchange you like, you can offer day trading a go. 

At initially, practice with smaller sized total up to get a taste for it: lots of innovative traders utilize their instinct to make a few of their trades, so the experience is indispensable. Once you’ve found out a bit about order types, like the stop-loss, and found out what goes where on your selected crypto exchange, you can begin considering your method.

If you are simply beginning worldwide of crypto, you will initially require to get a crypto wallet and purchase some cryptos for day trading. You can do that by means of fiat entrances (for instance, you can purchase 90+ coins and tokens on our platform) and later on get the particular cryptocurrency you require utilizing centralized or decentralized exchanges.

Crypto Day Trading Strategies

The crucial to being effective at day trading cryptocurrency is to have a technique in location prior to you begin. This indicates understanding what you’re searching for in a trade and having an exit strategy all set. Once you have these things found out, you can begin searching for trades that fit your requirements.

Whichever day trading method and cryptocurrency to day trade you choose to choose, ensure that you have a strong strategy in location prior to you begin trading. This will assist you lessen your losses and optimize your earnings.

There are a number of recognized and evaluated day trading techniques out there — let’s have a look at a few of them. 

Copy Trading

How do you day trade crypto? The most beginner-friendly strategy is copy trading.
How do you day trade crypto? The most beginner-friendly method is copy trading.

Copy trading is best for newbies or those who wish to trade crypto however don’t have the time or understanding to do it themselves.

Just like the name recommends, copy trading includes generally copying the trades of another crypto trader. When they purchase or offer a coin, you do the exact same. The advantage is that you don’t need to research study which coins to trade or watch on things like market belief; that’s all provided for you. You can merely relax and enjoy your account grow… or diminish.

However, there are a couple of things you require to be familiar with prior to beginning to copy trade crypto. 

  1. Make sure you select a reliable and reliable trader to copy. 
  2. Remember that previous efficiency is not a sign of future outcomes. Just due to the fact that a trader had success in the past doesn’t indicate they’ll succeed once again in the future.
  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Just like you diversify your portfolio by trading several various possessions, you ought to follow a wide range of traders when copy trading. That will permit you to lessen your losses and to profit from various market specific niches.


One of the crypto intraday trading strategies — scalping.
One of the crypto intraday trading techniques — scalping.

Crypto scalping is a trading method with the objective of benefiting from little cost modifications. It includes purchasing and offering crypto possessions in fast succession and can be used to at any time frame, though a lot of typically, this method is used in much shorter amount of time, such as one minute or 5 minutes.

Scalpers normally try to find coins with high liquidity and low infect lessen their deal expenses. Some of the leading options for crypto scalping consist of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP).

Range Trading

To start using the range technique, you need to find first the most volatile crypto for day trading.
To start utilizing the variety method, you require to discover initially the most unpredictable crypto for day trading.

Range trading includes searching for coins that keep getting better and forth in between 2 rates. These coins normally have high liquidity, which indicates there are a great deal of individuals purchasing and offering them. This makes it simple to get in and out of trades rapidly. Additionally, these coins tend to be less unpredictable than others on the marketplace, which indicates they’re less most likely to experience unexpected cost swings.

The finest crypto sets for variety trading are the ones with high liquidity however reasonably low volatility.

High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

HFT is an algorithmic trading method that includes utilizing effective computer system programs to make hundreds, if not thousands, deals per second. It is normally just utilized by institutional traders as it needs a pricey rig to be rewarding: your processing speed requires to be truly high.

What technique to use with the best crypto to buy and sell daily? High-Frequency Trading (HFT)
What method to utilize with the very best crypto to purchase and offer daily? High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

HFT is extremely effective and can be exceptionally rewarding, however it is too resource-intensive for many people.

The primary objective of HFT is to benefit from little cost motions in a brief time period. This kind of trading needs a great deal of experience and understanding about the marketplace in addition to excellent analytical abilities.

You can find out more about it here.


The arbitrage strategy involves the best altcoins for day trade. Source:
The arbitrage method includes the very best altcoins for day trade. Source:

Arbitrage includes benefiting from cost distinctions on numerous exchanges. For example, let’s envision that Bitcoin is trading for $30K on Exchange X and $31K on Exchange Y. A day trader might purchase BTC on Exchange X and after that offer it instantly on Exchange Y and get a revenue of $1,000.

Arbitrage needs a mutual understanding of the marketplace and the market. Above that, you will likewise require to have accounts on various platforms and comprehend what cryptocurrencies might have extremely various rates on numerous crypto exchanges. Last however not least, you will need to be truly fast to maximize the cost spread.

Crypto Signals for Day Trading

A crypto signal is generally a piece of guidance or info that informs you when to purchase or offer a specific coin. These signals can originate from human experts or from automated bots. There are a great deal of various crypto signal service providers out there, so it’s important to do your research study and discover one that fits your requirements.

These days, lots of fraudsters attempt to get newbie crypto traders to sign up with personal telegram groups appealing countless earnings for the low cost of $9.99. Avoid them like wildfire: most of the times they have no concept what they’re discussing. 

If the neighborhood of a signal service provider is huge enough, it can quickly control rates on the uncontrolled crypto market, so beware of that and change your method appropriately. Sometimes it can be a great concept to follow those signal service providers simply to get a peek of what is going to occur in the crypto market quickly.

Crypto Day Trading Robots

Trading bots can be a fantastic assistance to both novice and knowledgeable crypto day traders alike. They been available in lots of setups and kinds and can go after various objectives — the main one being making you a revenue, obviously.

Those robotics automate your day trading method by performing your trades for you. Learn more about them here.

Where Can You Day Trade Crypto?

There are numerous platforms out there that assistance crypto day trading. Some of the most popular ones consist of Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and Changelly PRO. Some conventional, non cryptocurrency exchanges like Chicago Mercantile Exchange permit their users to day trade crypto also, however they are normally more greatly managed than their crypto-focused equivalents.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot more things to discover crypto day trading techniques: methods to lessen danger, discover the very best entry and exit points, trading sets, and far more. We hope this summary has actually adequately presented you to the fantastic yet (sometimes) demanding world of cryptocurrency day trading.

Don’t use more than 1% of your total funds on any single trade, even with good crypto to day trade — it can lead to catastrophic losses.
Don’t utilize more than 1% of your overall funds on any single trade, even with excellent crypto to day trade — it can cause devastating losses.

If you wish to go even more on your journey, you can read our posts on crypto signs and the crypto trading glossary — they will work to any trader. And if you choose that day trading isn’t for you, have a look at our summary of all the primary methods you can earn money with crypto.


Which crypto is best for day trading?

There’s nobody crypto that is the very best for day trading. As a day trader, you ought to be all set to engage with various digital possessions, as that’s the optimum method to earn a profit. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, Fantom, and lots of others can all be terrific for cryptocurrency trading.

Is day trading crypto rewarding?

Crypto day trading is exceptionally dangerous, so naturally, it has high earnings capacity, too.

How much does the typical crypto day trader make?

Typically, knowledgeable traders be successful in about 50% of their trades. However, their precise earnings depends upon the crypto sets they’re trading and their crypto trading techniques.

Should I purchase and offer crypto daily?

That depends upon your financial investment method and danger hostility. Day trading is not the only method to earn a profit and doesn’t fit each and every single financier. If you wish to optimize your earnings, think about looking into and utilizing a wide range of monetary instruments.

Can you do day trading in crypto?

Yes, day trading in crypto is possible, however it needs comprehensive understanding and ability to day trade effectively. Crypto markets are extremely unpredictable, and unskilled traders can quickly discover themselves dealing with heavy losses. It’s essential to have a technique and research study the marketplace to choose when to go into and leave trades. Additionally, traders ought to focus on technical signs, news, and other elements that might affect the cost of crypto prior to trying day trading.

Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of this short article are not monetary or investing guidance. The info supplied in this short article is the author’s viewpoint just and ought to not be thought about as providing trading or investing suggestions. We do not make any service warranties about the efficiency, dependability and precision of this info. The cryptocurrency market struggles with high volatility and periodic approximate motions. Any financier, trader, or routine crypto users ought to look into several perspectives and recognize with all regional guidelines prior to devoting to a financial investment.

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