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No, we’re not out of our minds to release a post about e-mail style patterns 2021 at the end of March. We waited. We awaited countless e-mails to strike our inboxes to see which of the forecasts have actually come to life.

So, we’re not just sharing forecasts for 2021 however likewise our observations.

1. Gamification

We’re discussing gamification initially because at several online occasions gamification was among the most gone over patterns. 

Marketers needed to know more about it:

  • methods of constructing it;
  • statistics (we will release an article where we’ll share and compare genuine statistics of our e-mails gamified e-mails with routine promotion e-mails);
  • deliverability and alternative.

Do you question grownups would play video games in e-mails?

Well, in our Christmas e-mail, we asked our customers to draw a Christmas card right in the e-mail and share it with us. We got actually over a thousand Christmas cards.

Thank you to everybody who took part in it. 

(Check out the web variation of this e-mail).

You will not actually see great deals of gamified e-mails in your inbox. And this is excellent. You can be among the very first who provides it a shot and gets ahead of rivals.

These e-mails do shock your clients, do enhance conversion, and do increase brand name virality.

In our “Bringing Fun into Emails” article, we share some ready-to-use mechanics. By utilizing them, constructing a gamified e-mail will not take you long and will not need coding abilities.

2. Clean style

We attempt to state that “clean”, “airy” e-mails is among the leading e-mail style patterns for 2021. It’s not a brand-new pattern, nevertheless, this year it’s getting a growing number of popular. Nearly every 3rd e-mail that struck my inbox this year was developed according to this pattern.

Email Design Trends_Clean Design

(Source: Email from Lucky Brand)

Build tidy, airy e-mails for your future projects

3. Interactivity

Interactive e-mails are e-mails which contain interactive components. The latter needs a client’s actions right in e-mails. But it varies from the AMP for e-mail innovation.

Some time back, interactivity was expected to captivate receivers. But now its objective is to make e-mails more practical and to avoid clients from additional actions and from leaving e-mails.

Email Design Trends_Interactivity in Emails

The kind of interactivity that you construct with Stripo is absolutely websafe and works well in all significant e-mail customers, even on mobile phones.

Please, discover the handbook in our “Interactive Content in Emails” article.

4. Email availability

Email availability requirements were established to make it possible for online marketers to produce e-mails that can be “read” by all individuals.

Visual disabilities

According to the World Health Organization, now 2.2 bln! individuals worldwide have difficulties with seeing. As a guideline, they utilize voice screen readers. 

Here’s in a nutshell what you can do to make your e-mails “legible” for screen readers:

  • the <charset=”UTF-8″> material type;

  • language, defined in the head of HTML;

Email Design Trends_Accessibility in Emails_Setting Charset

  • alt texts for images;

  • significant links;

  • clear CTA buttons.

Stripo supplies an open HTML code editor. You simply require to enter this code aspect <charset=”UTF-8″> and set a language for your e-mail when your e-mail is ended up or when you are simply going to begin dealing with it. Show your take care of those individuals who utilize screen readers. Click the link to see where it lies.


About 15% of the world’s population have dyslexia. Every 7th individual! To make checking out comfy for them, make certain that:

  • all sentences, consisting of the ones that precede the buttons, and bullet points end with dot or semicolons;
  • you do not utilize italic typeface type;
  • you do left-align never ever. Avoid center-aligned texts no matter just how much you like it.

Email Design Trends_Accessibility

Color loss of sight

1 in 12 males is color blind, which implies 300 million peope worldwide do not see colors the method the majority of people do.

Many of them do not differentiate green and red.

It is tough for those with Monochromacy to differentiate some other colors.

Email Design Trends_Accessibility in Emails_Color Blindness

(This table demonstrates how color blind individuals generally puzzle colors).

When positioning any essential info in red font styles on a green banner, make certain those colors contrast and are the text is clear.

Before you send out e-mails to valued receivers, please examine them for availability with the project precheck tool by Email on Acid.

5. Animations

When speaking about animations, we indicate GIFs, and CSS animations.


How can you include GIFs to your e-mails? Most contractors permit you to place it as an easy image. But with some, you will require to place the link. With Stripo, you can do it in either case.

Email Design Trends_Animation in Emails

Design ideas for this kind of e-mails:

  • keep it to 2 flashes per 2nd, as 3 or more flashes can trigger photosensitive epilepsy seizures;

  • just one GIF at a time. If you require to utilize 2 and more GIFs per e-mail, conceal them with the rollover result.

CSS animation

Typically, CSS animations are used to buttons and images. Its primary objective is to reveal receivers they are going to make an action once they click the highlighted aspect.

Email Design Trends_CSS Animation in Emails

Stripo enables you to animate/apply a hover result to all buttons in your e-mails. Create the very best e-mail styles in no time.

To use a hover result to CTA buttons in your e-mails you require to:

  • go to the Appearance tab;
  • open the “Button” tab;
  • make it possible for the “Highlight hovered buttons” choice;
  • set specifications for the CTA buttons and their font styles when highlighted.

Email Design Trends_Hover Effect to Buttons

Animate buttons for your newsletters with Stripo in under 5 minutes

6. Optimization for the dark mode

The dark mode, likewise referred to as a dark style, is now active not just on desktop, however mobile phones likewise. And e-mail customers are not an exception here.

So, what is the dark mode? It uses more contrast tones of the colors that were utilized in your e-mails when revealing your e-mails. This can make your texts illegible. The dark style might likewise invert black to white and vice versa.

You never ever understand what mode your clients choose. Hence, your e-mails must look incredible and be quite clear both in dark and light modes.

(Stripo e-mail design template in

To accomplish this, we require to pay very close attention to the colors we select, and to images. Speaking of the latter, it’s chosen to utilize transparent ones, logo designs must opt for transparent backgrounds too. If your logo design is composed in black, include a vibrant stroke or light shade around it to make it visible and clear.

Stripo allows you to set a background color that stays the very same both in the light and dark modes.

Please, discover more ideas on how to enhance e-mails for the dark mode in our article. 

In reality, optimization of your e-mail newsletters for the dark mode will have no direct effect on OR, however will definitely win reliability with clients.

7. Illustrations

Illustrations will make your e-mails more remarkable compared to the e-mails with images.

More and more brand names utilize this kind of images today.

Email Design Trends_Illustrations

(Source: Email from TemplateMonster)

Stripo uses a wide range of design templates with various kinds of images, consisting of illustrations. Customize them for your future projects


8. 3D images

Images of this type are tough to construct. However, numerous brand names utilize them, as they look actually cool. They will will perk up your e-mails if you choose to utilize them.

Top Email Design Trends_3D Imagery

(Source: Email from Samsung Electronics)

This one can act as an e-mail style motivation for 2021 and might motivate you to include 3D images to your projects.

If you do not have a personnel designer, construct 3D images with an online tool. There are much of them on the Internet.

9. Collages

Some brand names utilize collages to position a couple of images on one screen to make the e-mail much shorter. While others do it to put essential info about upcoming occasions, that generally goes rather near the e-mail footer, on the very first screen beside promoted item items.

Email Design Trends_Collages with Images

(Source: Email from Brighton)

I’m sure you’ll see this e-mail newsletter pattern in your inbox frequently in 2021.

10. Text-based e-mails

For some factor, these e-mails have actually gotten rather popular this year. 

In reality, they are standard HTML e-mails. They just look like plain-text ones. But they have the very same CTA buttons, the very same footer, etc.

However, these e-mails may look method more individual.

Email Design Trends_Text Based Emails

(Source: Email from Contact Monkey)

So, if you wish to stay up to date with the newsletter style patterns, provide text-based e-mails a shot.

Now that we have actually highlighted the greatest patterns, we wish to share some finest practices that will make e-mail production much easier for you and most significantly will make e-mails better for your readers.

Email style finest practices 2021

AMP elements in e-mails

Email marketing was continuously establishing as a channel. But AMP is a completely advanced innovation. It enables receivers to take varied actions straight in e-mails without the requirement to go to your site. 

Today, this innovation enables receivers to:

  • rate your service, and leave feedback without the requirement to go to Google Forms or any other survey. BTW, we made an experiment: those users who might leave a remark right in an e-mail, would do it 5 times more frequently than those who needed to go to a survey on our site;

  • swipe images in carousels;

  • see extra info on an item they have an interest in with the aid of accordions;

  • book hotels;

  • select the correct amount of item items, item colors, and size of essential products right in e-mails.

Btw, the popular real-time/dynamic material can be quickly carried out with the AMP innovation.

It even enables pulling information from Google Spreadsheet into e-mails to supply users with fresh constantly upgraded info.

Please, describe our article on AMP to understand how to construct AMP e-mails in Stripo without any coding experience.

As we are now the only e-mail design template home builder that enables structure AMP e-mails by utilizing Drag-n-Drop obstructs. 

Also, we provide like 70 ready-to-use AMP e-mail design templates. Edit any of them and connect to receivers with trending e-mails. 

Build an advanced AMP e-mail by utilizing any of our 70 ready-to-use AMP e-mail design templates



Addressing by names

Adress your clients by names when welcoming them in e-mails. It will not impact CTR much, however this is a basic now. Emails without greetings appear rather impersonal.

Email Design Best Practices_Addressing by Names

(Source: Email from Litmus)

How to include merge-tags to copy in e-mails with Stripo:

Email Design Best Practices_Adding Merge Tags in Emails


Personalized deals

Personalized uses include worth to your proposals by making them specific. Personalized/segmented deals create 58% of all ROI.

You can section by age, place, gender, etc.

Previously, you needed to construct 2 e-mails, section your contact base by, state, gender, and after that send out these 2 e-mails to particular groups. Well, with Stripo, it’s much easier.

You construct simply one single e-mail with a routine header, footer, and all other material. Then include 2 various rows: for males and females. And set screen conditions for these rows. Men will see this e-mail with the deal for males, and ladies will see the e-mail implied for ladies.

Email Design Best Practices_Personalization

In our “What makes Stripo an email design platform” supply a detailed guide on how to set allow this “Display conditions” choice.

Good news: You set them when, and might conserve these specifications as a design template for more usage.

Final ideas

In the age of fast-developing innovations, we require to keep our fingers on the pulse and rush to execute these e-mail style finest practices for 2020 in our e-mails.

Luckily, Stripo allows you to execute all these patterns for 2021 in no time.

Select any of the 550+ Stripo e-mail design templates as the base for your future projects


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