Best PAY PER CLICK and SEM Reporting Tools for Agencies

If you are trying to find the finest pay per click and SEM reporting tools to supply thorough pay per click reports that demonstrate how your SEM technique is going on, you are at the ideal location!

Solid, trusted and thorough pay per click reports for customers are an important part of digital ad agency in order to keep an eye on the project information. Pay per click marketing campaign will not make any sense if you don’t get insights connected to your project to drive much better ROI. Want to get more traffic and more conversions for your pay per click projects? Then, think about executing SEM reporting tools into your pay per click marketing technique.

How to Create a PAY PER CLICK Report?

A well automated pay per click report enables you to keep an eye on your customers’ paid marketing metrics such as advertisement clicks, advertisement invests and so on. and likewise the general efficiency of their pay per click projects and far more. Tracking and evaluating each customer’s information is quite frustrating if you run numerous pay per click projects throughout various platforms. As pay per click reports include basically information and metrics, currently existing pay per click reporting design templates can reduce that intricacy for you.

In order to produce an actionable pay per click report, you might require a detailed guide to support you along the method. No concerns! We are here to assist you to produce these reports in 7 basic actions;

  • Step 1: Have a constant and trusted reporting format for your customers,
  • Step 2: Start with basic information and after that deep dive into the in-depth metrics,
  • Step 3: Prioritize the core metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTRs, conversions, ROI and more,
  • Step 4: Provide a thorough  pay per click reporting control panel,
  • Step 5: Make each metric clear so your customers can comprehend it,
  • Step 6: Allow for attribution clicks and client journey,
  • Step 7: Integrate CRM to get in-depth information beyond the pay per click conversion.

After following these actions in order, you can produce a sample pay per click report design template to utilize for each customer. But, please don’t forget that each customer has their own special requirements. That implies there is no such report that can interest your customers’ requirements. So, you require to produce customized reports according to their core requirements. That might sound a bit lengthy and frustrating.

At this point, companies choose getting assistance from a pay per click reporting service to conserve time, develop their customers’ trust and dependability of their services. 

What Should Be Included in PAY PER CLICK & SEM Reports?

We have actually been speaking about paid marketing metrics, information and statistics for a while. So, do we truly understand which metrics or information should be consisted of in SEM & pay per click reports for customers? If yes, you can avoid this part and progress with the example of the very best pay per click reporting tools. But if you are still reading this, then you might require to comprise your mind!

In truth, the important things you wish to consist of in your pay per click & SEM reports depend upon your customers’ requirements. Basically, a terrific pay per click report need to include the metrics discussed listed below;

  • Cost-per-click (CPC), 
  • Conversion rate, 
  • Return on advertisement invest (ROI & ROAS),
  • Click-through rate (CTR),
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT),
  • Impressions, 
  • Ad clicks and 
  • Rankings. 

Of course, metrics can be more particular depending upon the customized objectives of your SEM technique. If you are running several advertising campaign, the pay per click report need to collect and section all information you require. 

If whatever is clear up until now, let’s deep dive into the very best pay per click & SEM reporting tools for companies that can completely match their requirements!

What are the Best PAY PER CLICK & SEM Reporting Tools for Agencies?

The world of the SaaS market provides special pay per click reporting tools that interest every organization. The considerable point here is to identify your company’s core needs while picking the ideal tool. Please note that the pay per click reporting service that works finest for a lot of companies might not be the very best for your company.

Whoop whoop, obtain all set! The finest pay per click & SEM reporting tools for companies will be described in information listed below.

  • Whatagraph
  • AgencyAnalytics
  • Channable
  • Semrush
  • DashThis
  • Unbounce


Whatagraph is called among the very best pay per click reporting tools for companies as it collects all appropriate metrics in one thorough control panel. Basically, Whatagraph’s system gathers efficiency metrics instantly from various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads or other pay per click channels. 

Source: Optimize Smart

You can produce a base report, and after that personalize it for each customer’s requirements. This personalization capability conserves you lots of time and likewise cash. Not just minimal to this, however Whatagraph likewise enables you to include your company’s branding and logo design to the reports.


Whatagraph provides a 7-day totally free trial without any charge card needed. For your special requirements, the rates alternatives can be tailored like listed below discussed;

  • The Professional strategy appropriates for a lot of internal marketing groups and costs begin at €199 each month.
  • The Premium strategy is primarily utilized by little marketing companies and costs begin at €299 each month.
  • The Custom strategy improves your company’s special requirements.


Scaling your company is simply basic with AgencyAnalytics! The pay per click reporting service instantly monitors your pay per click KPIs, highlights your ROI, showcases your company’s worth to your customers and reports all appropriate information to them in a sample pay per click report.

AgencyAnalytics supplies visualization chance for any metric that can assist reveal your customers the general efficiency of their digital marketing campaign. Since ROI has actually been the essential metric for advertising campaign, customers are most likely to begin caring more about it. If you have the ability to show the ROAS to your customers, instantly you will be showing your company’s worth.

Source: AgencyAnalytics

Undoubtedly, the shining point of AgencyAnalytics is to be able to include annotations and set objectives in the pay per click information. That assists keep your customers upgraded about the development, particular modifications and more.


AgencyAnalytics supplies versatile rates strategies with a 14-day totally free trial, no charge card is needed. We have actually noted below their various rates alternatives;

  • Freelancer supplies standard reporting alternatives for as much as 5 users with the beginning rate of $12 each month.
  • Agency is for SMBs who require to scale up their pay per click reports minimum of 10 users. Prices start at $18 each month.
  • Enterprise provides versatility to big companies that require customized services.


Setting up your customers’ projects one by one is a lengthy procedure. That’s why companies require to get some backup from online marketing reporting tools like Channable.

Source: Channable

With Channable, you can get your project information in one stable location and have the information instantly upgraded. Unlike other pay per click reporting tools, Channable enables you to create appropriate advertisements, as fixed and vibrant information are integrated within its system. The integrated advertisement generator, wise keyword & URL generator and advertisement personalization are all set available to make your marketing campaign even much better!


The essential goal of Channable is to end up being a unique service for organizations of all sizes. That’s why they use 10 various rates plans for each organization type. Once you select your most ideal plan, then you can progress with the ideal rates strategy. If you require any add-ons, Channable prodives a number of them.

To clear your mind simply a bit, we can relatively state that the costs differ in between $119 to $239 each month.


Semrush’s pay per click keyword tool is the very best service to enhance your Google Ad projects. In addition to the thorough reports, the industry-leading service concentrates on enhancing your advertising campaign based upon keywords, advertisement groups, areas and far more. By utilizing among the very best pay per click reporting tools, just you can;

  • Generate cross-group unfavorable keywords,
  • Easily produce advertisement groups,
  • Set up location-based targeted advertising campaign based upon CPCs and search volumes,
  • Update keywords instantly demand-driven,
  • Import an existing Google Ad project or restructure your project in a single control panel,
  • Create several keyword lists to utilize for future projects.
Source: Semrush


Semrush provides 3 rates strategies called;

  • The Pro strategy appropriates for small companies as it is restricted to 5 tasks. The rate begins at $99.95 each month.
  • The Guru strategy is particularly developed for companies with a constraint of 15 tasks. The rate begins at $191.62 each month.
  • Lastly, the Business strategy is for business and is likewise restricted to 40 tasks. The rate begins at $374.95 each month.


DashThis brings all appropriate information to one stable location in order to produce significant, in-depth and customized pay per click reports. The online pay per click reporting service links more than 30 platforms simply to make your task much easier while collecting marketing information together. With ready-to-use design templates, you can just personalize your reports depending upon the pay per click KPIs according to each customer’s requirements. 

Source: DashThis

Rather than investing lots of hours developing simply one single report, DashThis automatizes the reporting procedure and conserves you lots of time. The platform likewise lets you share the reports with your customers through an easy URL, automated e-mail or PDF download. 


DashThis divides the rates into 4 various strategies;

  • The Individual strategy enables to handle as much as 3 control panels at $33 each month.
  • The Professional strategy features 10 control panels. The rate begins at $109 each month.
  • The Business strategy is restricted to 25 control panels with the rate of $209 each month.
  • The Standard strategy can be tailored.


Compared to other pay per click reporting tools, Unbounce distinguishes with what it supplies. The landing page contractor intends to enhance your landing pages to match your advertisement groups. You can develop more appropriate landing pages for your Google Ad projects to get more conversions. With the AI-powered Smart Traffic function, it is possible to make more income from your advertising campaign.

Source: Unbounce

If you are developing a landing page from scratch for your advertisement groups and targeted keywords, you can utilize the drag-and-drop editor to just develop extremely transformed landing pages. But if you don’t wish to hang out on it, there is a design template library that supplies lots of design templates you can select from. Once you produce your ad-to-landing-page combination, you will be all set to strike the pay per click prize!


The costs at Unbounce differ depending upon the variety of domains. If you want to take advantage of the Smart Traffic function, then you need to think about picking the Optimize or Accelerate strategy.

  • The Launch strategy covers just one domain at $90 each month.
  • For the Optimize and Accelerate prepares costs differ in between $135 to $225 each month.

Why Reporting is Important for Agencies?

Before closing up the very best pay per click & SEM reporting tools guide, we wish to discuss the significance of reporting for companies.

Reporting is support for companies to reveal their customers;

As you can see, reports are the essential part of your marketing success. Most companies stop working while they attempt to automatize their reporting procedure and they dissatisfy their customers. As an outcome, companies lose customers. To prevent this scenario, think about these actions which our company believe will assist you;

  • Step 1: Put all the most important information into reports,
  • Step 2: Attach individual notes straight to the information,
  • Step 3: Give your viewpoint on the outcomes,
  • Step 4: Support reports with visuals,
  • Step 5: Display the information in section-based,
  • Step 6: Add an individual touch in the results area,
  • Step 7: Customize the report depending upon the company’s requirements.

Final Words

We have peer over the very best pay per click & SEM reporting tools for companies in this short article. At completion of the day, the decision will be yours. While picking the ideal one for you, please bear in mind your core requires.

If you still require assistance making your mind up, here are the carefully picked reporting tools readily available.


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