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Changelly continues to include tokens that are absolutely worth seeing, and the BETA token is among them. From now on, users can quickly exchange BETA tokens at drifting rates. BETA is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum and BSC blockchains. Beta Finance enables users to obtain, provide, and brief crypto possessions, in addition to to access a scalable cash market. There, tokens can be noted permissionlessly and instantly, and users can short them. Beta Finance prepares to present extra layer-one and layer-two services after its Ethereum Mainnet launch.

Users have 3 choices: loaning, loaning, and shorting. Lenders can provide crypto possessions to any market that exists on Beta Finance and make interest on it. Borrowers can take the contrary position, while short-sellers can utilize security to start brief positions. Unlike central exchanges, Beta Finance does not utilize an order book to perform shorts however paths the trade through decentralized exchanges that utilize automated market makers. As part of its Phase-2 launch, the platform prepares to launch permissionless cash market production.

Beta Finance group is doing actually well on their method to reducing crypto volatility. Such efforts couldn’t go undetected by Changelly. This is why we enjoy to note the BETA token on our platform.

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About Beta Finance 

Beta Finance is a permissionless cash market for loaning, loaning, and shorting crypto possessions. This suggests that anybody can produce a cash market for any crypto property at all times. Beta Finance intends to balance out crypto volatility and bring market stability.


About Changelly

Changelly supplies a community of services and products that allows consumers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto. 

Operating because 2015, Changelly serves as an intermediary in between crypto exchanges and users, using access to 200+ cryptocurrencies that can be easily exchanged within 10 minutes on desktop and on the go by means of Changelly mobile app.

In 2020, Changelly branched off to accommodate the requirements of traders. PRO has actually been constructed as a platform concentrated on the consumer’s requirements, efficiently allowing retail purchasing and offering digital tokens and coins. Piggybacking on the terrific support group discovered within Changelly, Changelly PRO will supply the neighborhood with high limitations, efficient rates, quick execution, and 24/7 live assistance.

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