Bitget Director Gracy Chen On The Role Of Women In The Constantly Evolving World Of Crypto

In the vibrant and ever-changing crypto area, females have actually constantly made their mark, challenging gender standards and contributing substantially to the development and improvement of the crypto sector. One of the leading females in the crypto area today is Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget, a popular crypto exchange and Web3 business. 

Gracy Chen is acknowledged as a supporter for females in the crypto world, motivating their development and involvement in the market by increasing chances for women in Bitget’s labor force. She likewise empowers females and ladies in STEM (Science, innovation, engineering, and mathematics) education through Bitget’s non-profit company, DO IT YOURSELF Girls.

In a discussion with Bitcoinist, Gracy Chen shared important insights on her experiences as a female in the crypto area and provided assistance for females venturing into the market. 

Bitcoinist: What made you choose to pursue a profession in cryptocurrency, specifically when the market is visibly controlled by males?

Gracy Chen: Honestly, I didn’t consider gender inequality and the absence of representation of females in crypto when I signed up with the market. At the time, I was working as a television host talking to stars like Tom Hiddleston and Michelle Yeoh and magnate such as Tim Draper. 

One time in 2014, when Bitcoin was trading at around $300, my television buddies presented me to crypto, and it was love at very first sight. I was captivated by the innovation and the concept of monetary addition, so I began buying significant coins like BTC, ETH, and XRP. 

After dipping my toes into the interesting (and often insane) world of digital properties, it didn’t take long up until I ended up being an early financier in BitKeep, now referred to as Bitget Wallet.

Bitcoinist: How would you explain your experience as a female in the crypto market? What are a few of the greatest obstacles you dealt with in your journey to end up being a popular female figure in the crypto market?

Gracy Chen: When I ventured into the crypto world, the circumstance was much even worse than presently. More frequently than not, I was the only lady on panel conversations throughout the Web3 and fintech occasions I participated in with my group. 

In a market controlled by males, I felt it was a kids club, and was unwelcomed and often even annoyed. These unfavorable ideas were with me throughout conferences and likewise when I worked as the CMO at a fintech business in my previous task, where I was the only member of the management group who wasn’t male.

As a female, it is inadequate to think in your own management abilities. With the absence of variety in crypto, you are more than most likely to be adversely affected by gender-based predisposition and the stereotypes female business owners discover every day. This is most likely the reason females just handled to raise 2% of the dollars bought VC-backed United States start-ups in 2021 in spite of an 83% YoY boost in the overall quantity raised.

I would hear, ‘We are fond of you and your project, but we don’t strategy to purchase female business owners, specifically those who are wed however without any kids yet.’ This was an endeavor financier’s real argument versus moneying my start-up in 2017. It was a severe duration in which I was continuously dealing with gender-based predisposition while having a hard time to raise capital for my job.

As time passed and crypto adoption removed, the circumstance has actually rather enhanced. But it is still far from perfect, though. With females representing just 4.13% of crypto creators and 10% of digital possession fund partners, it is safe to state that there’s substantial space for enhancement in this field. 

I haven’t even discussed the outcomes of a current report, which exposed that 74% of present cryptocurrency holders in the United States are males. But thanks to efforts like do it yourself Girls — a charity job started by Bitget in cooperation with Juventus gamers Moise Kean and Wojciech Szczesny, which is committed to promoting ladies’ interest in STEM education — the future is looking brighter.

Bitcoinist: What would you state are the most typical dangers and obstacles to females going into investing, and the crypto market in specific?

Gracy Chen: Despite showed performance in this field, just 33% of females feel great in their capability to make financial investment choices. In regards to crypto, I think this might highlight the truth that cryptocurrencies are riskier properties due to their increased volatility, and female financiers, who are more risk-averse and sober than their male equivalents, are less most likely to purchase them. 

Reliable user education is required to conquer this difficulty so more females will feel great to get in the area and purchase digital properties.

Total market cap sitting at $1.352 trillion | Source: Crypto Total Market Cap on

Bitcoinist: What other monetary objectives do females pursue through investing to display their devotion and care, beyond boosting their household’s monetary circumstance or moneying their kids’s education?

Gracy Chen: We have just recently released a research study exposing that female financiers in many markets show a higher desire to enhance their household’s monetary circumstances and money their kids’s education expenditures or tuition charges through crypto financial investments. These results show that females carry out much better in some locations than males.

As I see it, the appropriate representation of women within a business and its management can provide vital advantages for the entire company, such as enhanced item improvement and a more favorable workplace. 

For circumstances, females are more understanding in basic than males, which can be found in useful for supervisors who need to take care of their groups. A more varied and inclusive work environment with more participation from females might produce a more open working environment where staff members are more ready to reveal their viewpoints. This is a substantial advantage for female personnel, whose truthful and practical suggestions can significantly enhance business culture.

Women likewise tend to be less over-confident than males. From a monetary point of view, their more risk-aversive and disciplined nature makes them more reliable in investment-related danger management. Probably, this is among the numerous reasons that female financiers handled to outperform their male equivalents in this field by making 10% more yearly returns in between 2017 and 2020.

Despite the absence of representation of females in the management of crypto companies, a research study exposed that organizations with 5 or more female executives had the greatest success rates (61%)

Interestingly, the most affordable success rates were determined amongst the companies where just a single lady existed on the board (49.32%). However, these figures are still much better than when it comes to start-ups without any women in the management, as another report’s outcomes reveal a 63% much better efficiency for business with a minimum of one female creator than those with an all-male starting group.

Bitcoinist: What’s one piece of suggestions you would offer to females who are working towards ending up being leaders in the crypto market?

Gracy Chen: My suggestions for female business owners in crypto is to keep in mind that you are not the ‘elephant in the room’ – gender inequality is. It is a market that looks for to produce a more inclusive and democratic monetary system. 

I think this initial values must likewise use to gender equality, as we are likewise dealing with developing an area that is similarly available to individuals no matter their gender, race, or religious beliefs.

While crypto is a male-dominated market, females shouldn’t hesitate to get in. On the contrary, it must function as a reward so we can be much better represented within the market, supplying significant advantages to the area in basic. 

Be gotten ready for stereotyped habits, however don’t let it lower your self-confidence or dissuade you from ending up being a leader or accomplishing other crucial objectives as a female.

Bitcoinist: What management chances for females do you see in the crypto market, and do you believe more requires to be provided for females in the market?

Gracy Chen: There are certainly adequate management chances for females in crypto. However, as males control the area, females need to strive and find out how to secure themselves versus gender-based predisposition to make the most of these possibilities. 

This is why I think market gamers must sign up with forces and launch efforts like do it yourself Girls so we can increase female representation and lastly take on the difficulty of gender inequality.

Bitcoinist: Where do you see involvement from females in the crypto market in 5-10 years? Do you believe there will be basically interest?

Gracy Chen: Based on the findings of the exact same research study that exposed that many present United States crypto holders are males, females represent 53% of the “crypto curious,” a group that has actually reported interest in digital possession financial investments. 

Combined with the growing variety of efforts targeting women, I think female involvement in the cryptocurrency market will remove substantially in the next couple of years, which will eventually lead to a more equivalent area for everybody.

Bitcoinist: If you had the opportunity to resolve one issue in the crypto market, what would you resolve, and how would you resolve it?

Gracy Chen: Together with my group at Bitget, we are committed to taking on the difficulty of gender inequality within the market. While market gamers have actually made substantial development in this field, the issue is still there, waiting to be resolved. 

Being acknowledged as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum in 2015, I have an objective to increase female representation and add to producing level playing fields for everybody on the marketplace.

Besides releasing and raising funds for do it yourself Girls, I have actually produced an inclusive and varied work environment at Bitget, where females represent 40% of the labor force. This doubles down on our business’s position as an industry-leading equal-opportunity company that is devoted to making a favorable effect on society.

Ultimately, I wish to alter the method ladies and females view professions in crypto. To attain this objective, we require to investigate their choices, needs, and the obstacles that are presently avoiding them from signing up with the marketplace. 

At the exact same time, crypto companies must introduce efforts targeting females, which might lead to more internship and job opportunity for women, along with assistance produce more female-friendly workplace.

Bitcoinist: Last however not least, what is your preferred cryptocurrency, and where do you see its cost in the next couple of years?

Gracy Chen: Of course, my preferred cryptocurrency is BGB! It stays the best-performing exchange token in 2023. According to information from a TokenInsight Report, BGB led all exchange tokens in Q2 and Q1. Except for LEO, MX, and OKB, all other CEX platform tokens had an unfavorable return. Aside from BGB, I’m likewise hodling the OG tokens like BTC, ETH, USDT, and USDC.

In basic, I think the bearishness is lastly pertaining to an end. Considering that BTC just recently has actually broken out of the $35,000 level in the middle of BlackRock’s impending area ETF approval, the charts appear to reveal that Bulls are now in charge of the digital possession market. 

Moreover, the next Bitcoin halving is just 6 months away, which is anticipated to start a significant bull run based upon historic cost patterns. In the meantime, I anticipate crypto adoption to increase slowly as more males and females are getting knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies and their hidden innovation.

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