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Bank of America is wanting to AI and artificial intelligence within its accounts-payable innovation abilities.

The $3.1 trillion bank strategies to utilize AI for billing scanning, consisting of making use of AI algorithms that can draw out pertinent information from billings, Lindsay Huston, handling director and head of B2B Payment Solutions in Global Transaction Services at Bank of America, informs Bank Automation News on this episode of “The Buzz” podcast.

The AI tech utilized now for billing scanning is just about 80% precise, needing human intervention for 20% of the work, she stated. However, she kept in mind that AI advances will enable the innovation to lower much human intervention moving forward.

Listen as Bank of America’s Huston talks about AP automation improvements through AI and ML.

The following is a records created by AI innovation that has actually been gently modified however still includes mistakes.

Whitney McDonald 0:06
Hello and welcome to the buzz of bank automation news podcast. Today is July 11 2023. My name is Whitney McDonald, and I’m the editor of huge automation news. Joining me today is Bank of America’s Lindsay Huston. She is here to talk about the bank’s Accounts Payable automation.Lindsay Huston 0:26
Great, thank you, Whitney. And thanks for the invite. I’m very delighted to be here. So my name is Lindsay Huston, and I lead an item group at Bank of America. I’ve remained in payments for about twenty years. At Bank of America. Our objective here is simply to assist pay simpler and digitize payments. We’re assisting business move from paper checks and paper billings, which are expensive and mistake susceptible and bad for the minute to electronic payments. We use services for business anywhere from smaller sized franchise operator who possibly simply wishes to outsource their accounts payable completely. To lots of Fortune 5 hundreds who have several subsidiaries extremely complex procedures and requirements, we do custom-made electronic payment services to fit their requirements. So in any case, our objective is to make AP simpler on our consumers and maximize worker capability. And my particular capability because function is leading the item group and development and technique. They’re

Whitney McDonald 1:22
excellent. Well talking through a few of what you do deal with everyday, possibly you might begin by providing us a summary. Bank of America is account payable services, and possibly a bit more broadly the b2b payments services.

Lindsay Huston 1:36
Yeah, definitely. Thanks. I’m truly pleased with what Bank of America uses. Because we truly have market leading services, we are constantly our objective is to be leading to 3 in every classification and market ranking for our cars and truck items in our payments services. And we provide a series of services for business of every size. And in every area. When I began the bank, several years back, I remained in a sales capability. And I dealt with business that were we call our in service banking. So those are business that are, you understand, 20 to 5020 to 50 million in yearly earnings. And now, a few of those business and those operators that I’ve understood for a while those business are now a billion dollars in earnings. And we’ve had the ability to grow with them with our continuum of services that support every size business. So I’m very pleased with that.

Whitney McDonald 2:22
Now, speaking of the banks services, and leveraging the information in particular methods, possibly we might talk through how those services really work and talk through the innovation behind them.

Lindsay Huston 2:35
Yeah, definitely. So we have private payment items. So a business can utilize our buying card. And they may utilize that for products, for instance, or we provide a virtual payables for billing to invest, or we have end to end AP automation services, where business can basically outsource their payables to us, they send us a file of the payments they wish to make. And we register the suppliers, we keep all that delicate account details, we perform all the business’s payments on their behalf, we make certain that those payments really get carried out and follow up with the providers. So that’s truly a mix of not simply innovation, like you discussed, however that hand holding to make sure that that end to end experience for our customers is looked after. We likewise have sort of in between services. So services that can be personalized to our customer’s purchasing habits requirements. We can handle the supplier onboarding and the qualifications, however then we can let the purchaser pick the payment type. Or we have smart routing services where we can suggest the very best payment type based upon the purchasers choice. And that might be manipulated towards working capital or they might be concentrated on refund automation. But our task is to truly browse that maze of b2b fintechs discover finest in type and partner with them to bring those to our 10s of 1000s of Bank of America consumers. Because b2b is truly having sort of a renaissance today. And there’s some strong, fully grown b2b payment fintechs. And then there are lots of more recent and emerging gamers. And we understand our consumers don’t have the resources and time to meet an assess all of these. So what we do on behalf of United States consumers is learn more about all these fintax and examine their innovations. And not simply their innovations, like I stated, likewise their assistance design, due to the fact that lot of times we see great innovations can drop if they don’t have individuals behind that to make certain that completion to end experience is excellent for business. So we truly take that on so that purchasers don’t need to go and examine all of these fintechs by themselves.

Whitney McDonald 4:44
Did you might we take that as an action even more on what that vetting procedure involves?

Lindsay Huston 4:51
Yeah, definitely. So I think about America we we hold danger in extremely high regard. So we are Not simply consulting with the business and examining their management, we are doing things like scanning their innovations and trying to find vulnerabilities. We have market leading innovations internally. And due to the fact that of the size and scale of Bank of America, we typically are on the edge of seeing what scammers are doing. So when we partner with fintechs, this scale of what we see in our own Bank of America portfolio, we can bring that to the fintechs and state, hey, there are these brand-new vulnerabilities. These are things to keep an eye out for. So we’re assisting fintechs because method, with our maturity to assist them improve what they’re doing too.

Whitney McDonald 5:41
Thank you for discussing that. Now, generating some numbers in 2015, your accounts payable automated services procedure $300 billion, which was up 25%. Year over year. Can you talk us through what added to that boost in what was driving the adoption of those accounts payable services?

Lindsay Huston 6:01
Yeah, really, we’re taking a look at what will be 350 billion in the next in a rolling 12 circumstance today. And that’s simply the digital payments, there are AP automation services. But to your point, it’s simply been significant development. And I truly sort of pail that into 3 things here. First is simply for purchasers, with scams increasing more business are seeing the worth of payments automation. So in 2022, service e-mail compromise represented practically 3 billions in losses in 2015. Through our API automation services. We hold supplier qualifications, supplier account details. We understand supplier choices, due to the fact that of the networks we handle. We understand what time zones the suppliers run within. And we gather all this information and view these deals to assist avoid scams and service e-mail compromise and all of these things. Last year, there was a health care payer that got a phishing e-mail, we determined the scams for them, we called the provider who was an architecture company that was developing a wing for purchasers for that purchasers healthcare facility. We informed that provider that they’d been hacked. And that really assisted avoid scams with a great deal of their other purchasers who had actually likewise gotten a phishing e-mail and not expected that scams which that architecture company really wound up joining our payments network due to the fact that they recognize the advantages of the extra tracking and the network option, which accompanies that. So the excellent story of how we avoid scams, not simply for the purchaser, however for the provider too.

Whitney McDonald 7:32
Yeah, excellent example. Thanks for sharing.

Lindsay Huston 7:34
Yeah, another thing that we see driving that development is supply chain problems. providers have more take advantage of and more power than they have in lot of times. So our purchasers wish to discover services that supply worth to the providers too. And that’s, that’s constantly been here. But this, the pandemic has actually shined a light on this. So now we have actually presented a great deal of alternatives that can benefit the provider and how they make money. With a card payment things that are as easy as pressing the payment into a providers account, where normally it’s a pooled payment. We likewise use not simply a fundamental Ach, however a boosted ACH. So the supplier gets far better reconciliation information, they get custom-made cashed application files, w h and w 9. So this is making reconciliation a lot simpler for the provider, motivating them to move far from check too. And then the market is likewise progressing to use things like exclusive interchange rates too. So if a provider is processing countless invest in card or on ACH to which expense ends up being an obstacle, we have a various level where you can set a one to one interchange rate on that card or on that ACH. So rather of playing 2 and a half percent, it can be one and a half percent. And so that assists likewise move invest off of check and making it more financially possible to move that to an electronic payment type. And then last but not least, a great deal of that boost is being driven due to the fact that everyone’s being asked to do more with less in our existing financial environment and taking a look at a prospective economic downturn, everyone’s trying to find expense savings. And this is a truly well highlighted by we had a household on local retail shopping mall that does home management, and they wished to grow however they didn’t have the assistance headcount to do that in their sort of extremely manual operations environment. What we saw throughout the pandemic was they were putting billings in a folder, passing that desk to desk than going to AP for an information entry. And it’s simply they’re losing a wild quantity of float from that desk to desk operation. And then on top of that throughout the throughout COVID They needed to send out check printers house with their AP personnel, which opened them up for scams and they needed to have check printing celebrations in the workplace where they used masks and printed checks and licked envelopes. And so all of that drove them to Do AP automation due to the fact that they acknowledge the the scams and the danger and the chance there. One of the advantages here. Yeah, yeah, it was simply and you understand, it’s it’s not a normal, we see this a lot. Everybody is taking a look at, you understand, an employing freeze and decreasing expenditures. And so they’re taking a look at how can they lower headcount or do more with less. And I believe among the truly intriguing things is, eventually, as Gen Z ends up being more of the labor force, they are going to discover it tough to think that numerous business still do things like sending out faxes and cutting checks and strolling billings around and and I believe, as we attempt to backfill boomers who roll off of AP departments, Gen Z’s aren’t going to want to do that sort of work. So we’ll need to automate these functions, due to the fact that there’s not going to be as many individuals who want to deal with paper in the manner in which lots of have in the past, particularly, once again, older millennials and Gen Z’s who have actually matured in a digital natural environment.

Whitney McDonald 11:06
Yeah, I indicate, this raises numerous locations of chance, I’m sure for Bank of America in locations of development in this area. So based upon this adoption, and approach digital far from paper, anything that you men are concentrated on dealing with for the 2nd half of 2023.

Lindsay Huston 11:28
Yeah, for us, we’re taking a look at a great deal of AI and ML, right, I’m very delighted about the merging of these, and it’s something that’s very an enthusiasm of mine. Everyone’s taking a look at the most the preliminary usage cases for our worlds would resemble, we do invoice digitization today, and, and with digitization throughout many business today that deal that they’re doing what we call zonal billing scanning, they’re trying to find heading level details in one zone, and they’re trying to find information level details in another zone, and it’s possibly 80% Correct and 20% manual human needs to can be found in and right details. So now we’re seeing AI for billing scanning. And the AI algorithms can really draw out pertinent information for the billings far better. That supplier information the billing number dates and quantities, they can really expect what formats that need to be at. And so that’s going to lower a great deal of human intervention that accompanies billings. zation.

Whitney McDonald 12:33
Yeah, and you understand, obviously, all things today are all AI and how to make it work finest for for various banks. So certainly a location that you can check out AI for.

Lindsay Huston 12:45

Whitney McDonald 12:47
Now, looking ahead, and it doesn’t need to be very short-term, however simply sort of attempting to get a gauge of what payments innovation you’re watching out for, or what development is amazing today that you’re keeping track of.

Lindsay Huston 13:01
Yeah. For us, I believe it’s so intriguing. And and I sort of go a various instructions with this concern. We are constantly looking forward about the modernization chances. But as as simply thinking of this concern, I consider our consumers and as soon as buddy of mine for them. And there’s still a lot chance in what our consumers are handling in standard API automation. That, you understand, we’re delighted about actual time payments, and we’re delighted about artificial intelligence. And we’re delighted about AI. But, you understand, we, I was consulting with a few days ago, a popular business that is developing rockets, and they are still 100% Check. And they deal with leaving check. And they deal with a scams there. And I believe lot of times there’s really an inverted relationship in between the maturity and innovation, technological savviness of a business, and their API automation maturity. And so we’ve seen that duplicated lot of times we another one is a hybrid cars and truck business we deal with, they have actually grown very quick, they’ve improved the contemporary cars and truck innovation. And still they’re extremely behind in how they run their AP. So I get very delighted about all the technological advances that the items might use, however there’s still significant headway that we can make. throughout our whole portfolio of purchasers, there’s still a lots of chance to assist business fully grown and advanced their API automation. If the listeners eliminate anything, it’s that as we look towards completion of the year, prospective boost in rates and prospective for economic downturn. It’s a truly great time to look internally into business, AP departments, and there’s simply significant chance to digitize As payments to lower scams, to enhance operations to lower expenditures to be able to take individuals and put them on better activities by driving automation within their business. So, thank you once again for the chance to come and meet you. This has actually been truly enjoyable and possibly we can do this once again at some point.

Whitney McDonald 15:22
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