Brand Slam Awards 2022: Evolve Bank and Trust’s social networks project

“Technology and innovation are who we are, and we are fortunate to have successful women in key roles who are changing the banking industry.”

By Craig Colgan

Memphis-based Evolve Bank and Trust is a co-winner in the social networks classification of ABA’s 2022 Brand Slam Awards. Using a multi-platform method, the bank concentrated on Women’s History Month to highlight its female management and ladies’s contributions to banking. The project group used internal and external social networks channels to highlight what it calls “Evolver” ladies from throughout the bank. The project likewise highlighted neighborhood partners with an objective to assist ladies in both individual and expert advancement.

“We saw good engagement on social media from a range of content that included special graphics, video content and blog posts,” keeps in mind the bank’s awards entry. “We developed a complete graphics package that was used for social media and internal content. We also produced videos that highlighted some of our women leadership in the bank.” The project likewise advanced the bank’s internal variety and addition program.

The result was boosts to both visitors  to the bank’s site along with to its social networks platforms. A picture of that development consists of: 77 percent boost in Facebook reach month-over-month; 10 percent boost in Facebook engagement; and 8.2 percent boost in LinkedIn fans. Eric Helvie, digital marketing supervisor, addressed some concerns on the project:

What led you to choose to concentrate on Women’s History Month?

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day are worldwide events. We wished to utilize the celebration to not just highlight ladies’s contributions throughout the world, however our own leaders here at Evolve Bank and Trust. These leaders have actually been important to our significant development in the last couple of years, and our companied believe a social project committed to them was essential.

An efficient focus of the videos appears to be sharing crucial profession suggestions also information about the banking market accepting innovation. Was that a mindful choice? That appeared to work truly well and generated a mentoring component here.

Brand Slam Awards 2022 Evolve Bank and Trusts social media

Evolve Bank and Trust is an ingenious banks that is happy to assist power the fintech transformation. Technology and development are who we are, and we are lucky to have effective ladies in essential functions who are altering the banking market. We likewise acknowledge that with all the modification, a brand-new generation will continue their work. It was essential to reveal ladies in management positions give lessons found out to the next generation.

You kept in mind that the project put a spotlight on neighborhood partners with an objective to assist ladies in both individual and expert advancement. Can you offer some information about that?

Throughout the year we partner with companies that either concentrate on ladies’s problems or are led by ladies. One collaboration is with an extremely prominent ladies’ school in Memphis. This school has an extremely effective performance history of establishing leaders in all strolls of life.

How much of the project was produced internal vs. outdoors? How were those options made?

Everything was made in home. We are lucky to have some extremely gifted graphic artists and video material manufacturers. Once the project was laid out with clear objectives, the groups got to work performing the project.

What did you find out and what suggestions would you offer to banks when dealing with such a project?

As with any project, preparation is essential. We did a great task of preparing what we might in a brief quantity of time. What we are providing for 2023 is currently dealing with project possessions and material, so we have time to change and hone all of the material.


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