Brian Armstrong Identifies UX Bugs In Coinbase App, Plans Upgrades

The increase in on-chain activity on Conbase’s freshly introduced layer-2 network, Base, has actually exposed a couple of vital abnormalities in the Coinbase App. 

According to the crypto exchange’s CEO Brain Armstrong, the continuous “Onchain Summer” exposed that the app’s user experience is bad. Stating this in an August 13 tweet, Brain Armstrong guaranteed to repair the problems through quick updates in the next 2 weeks.

Coinbase App To Witness Upgrades In The Coming Weeks To Fix UX-related Challenges

Coinbase is hosting a multi-week celebration, tagged “Onchain Summer,” to mark the launch of its layer-2 network, Base. The occasion includes item launches, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), video gaming, music, and more and ranges from August 9 to 31.

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According to previous reports, Base saw a quick rise in on-chain activity after its public release on August 9. As of August 10, the network taped over 136,000 brand-new day-to-day users, the greatest because the primary net launch in July.

However, according to the CEO’s remarks, Coinbase’s primary app for NFTs, Dapps, and layer-2 networks couldn’t consist of the unexpected rise in activity. He kept in mind that the occasion has actually revealed the business how weak the app is concerning user experience. As an outcome, Armstrong prompted X (previously Twitter) users to react with feedback in locations where they experienced problems so the group might repair them.

Meanwhile, amongst the feedback, one stood apart: FriendtechRacer’s demand. Racer requested that Coinbase include an on-ramp charge card offering fast settlements that won’t need users to produce different accounts.

Also, another user requested a repair on a bug that triggers connection problems in between the Coinbase wallet and Google Chrome. In action to this feedback, Armstrong acknowledged that the so-called bug had actually stuck around more than anticipated.

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Why UX Issues Are Synonymous With Web3 And Blockchain Apps, UI/UX Designer Reveals

Meanwhile, user experience (UX) stays among the greatest discomfort points for Web3 app users. It has actually made up fantastic issues for crypto users. In a July 12 tweet, 0xDesigner, a pseudonymous Web3 UI/UX designer, blamed the concern on the irreparable nature of blockchain.

“The most unique challenge the Web3 UX faces is permanence. Unlike Web2, every action taken on the blockchain is irreversible. There’s no undo button on the blockchain and mistakes are expensive,” 0xDesigner described.

In addition, according to 0xDesigner, unlike Web2, Web3 is complex. Web3 users need to comprehend every information to prevent slipping up.

Furthermore, he described: “Think of it this way: Web2 is like driving an automated car. It’s straightforward; you get in, press the pedal, and off you go. Web3, on the other hand, is more like driving a stick. You need to understand the gears, the clutch and constantly monitor the tachometer. Otherwise, you’ll damage the transmission or stall the car.”

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Although Web3 UX appears complex, 0xDesigner thinks it is fixable. He suggested a series of upgrades and modifications with wise agreements and NFTs to make wallet production and management much easier.

Moreover, he kept in mind that the increase in customer apps with brand-new, easy to use facilities signals appealing development.

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