Brigette’s $84 Grocery Shopping Trip and Weekly Menu Plan for 6

My older sis, Brigette, shares her shopping journeys and menu strategies each week! You can go HERE to see all of her weekly menu strategies and you can go HERE to check out everything about her household!

Last week was Mission’s Conference at our church, and we wound up having numerous of our meals offered us which I had actually ignored when preparing the weekly menu. This indicates we didn’t require to purchase as much at the shop today. Also, my 14-yr old got his very first deer of the season this previous weekend, so we processed and packaged around 40lbs of meat for our freezer (not imagined). We enjoy venison!


4 bags frozen Broccoli Florets – $3.80

1 Cauliflower – $2.29

1 3-ct pkg Multi-Colored Peppers – $2.65

1 bag Mini Sweet Peppers – $2.95

2 pkgs Romaine – $4.98

1 bag Mini Cucumbers – $2.49

4 cans Green Beans – $2.42

2 loaves Sandwich Bread – $1.98

1 pkg Rice Cakes – $2.49

2-lbs Butter – $7.96

1-lb pkg Deli Meat – $3.99

3-lb bag frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts – $9.49

1 box Rice Squares – $2.59

1 box Honey Crunch ‘n Oat Cereal – $1.79

1 bottle Apple Juice – $1.49 (among my kids is ill and requested for this)

1/2 gallon Unsweetened Almond Milk – $2.19

1 gallon Whole Milk – $2.39

1 bag Tortilla Chips – $1.59

1 32-oz container Plain Greek Yogurt – $3.39

1 24-oz container Cottage Cheese – $2.49

1 48-oz bottle Canola Oil – $3.49

1 12-oz pkg Chocolate Chips – $1.99

1 bag Organic Brown Rice – $3.49

2 lots Eggs – $5.02

Total: $79.40

10lbs of Apples (seconds) from our preferred roadside stand – $5.00

Grocery Total for the Week: $84.40

Weekly Menu Plan


Cereal, Oatmeal, Toast, Yogurt, Smoothies, Fruit, Blueberry Muffins


Deli Meat/Cheese Sandwiches, Apples, Peppers x 2

Rice Cakes with Peanut Butter, Cucumbers, Blueberries

Leftovers x 4


Instant Pot Chicken and Brown Rice, Tossed Salad, Biscuits

Build-Your-Own-Taco Salad (Seasoned Ground Venison, Shredded Romaine, Shredded Cheese, Tomatoes, Avocados, Salsa, Chips, Rice), Cauliflower

Meatloaf, Baked Potatoes, Broccoli

Venison Roast in the Crockpot, Butter Rice in the Instant Pot, Green Beans

Cheese Pizza, Broccoli

Pancakes, Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

Black Bean Soup, Cornbread


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