Bryan Johnson consumes last meal at 11am as part of anti-aging program

For the majority of people 11am may be the time to consume breakfast—or possibly take pleasure in an early morning cup of coffee. For millionaire healthtech CEO Bryan Johnson, it’s supper time.

The 45-year-old business owner is 2 years into a task intending to reverse his age by 27 years, his supreme objective being to “achieve age 18” in every part of his health, from his organs to his teeth and hair.

Experiments so far, performed by his organization Blueprint, have actually consisted of switching blood with his 17-year-old kid and 70-year-old daddy, along with going through day-to-day body fat scans and regular MRIs, performed by a group of 30 medical professionals.

His workout regimen—which includes 35 various relocations finished simply after his wake-up call of 4.30am—suits around a securely managed diet plan, which the guy supposedly worth $400 million shed even more light on today.

On July 4, Johnson validated to astonished fans on Twitter that a screenshot from the Blueprint was proper in mentioning he consumed his last meal of the day in the late early morning.

Fans queried whether “Dinner at 11am” was a typo or a colloquialism—in the U.K. “dinner” is in some cases utilized to describe lunch—to which the millionaire responded: “My final meal of the day is at 11 am. I eat between ~6-11am.”

In the five-hour timespan, he consumes 3 meals: an extremely vegetable salad followed by a nutty pudding, and a 3rd meal which can be anything from a packed sweet potato to an orange and fennel salad.

Johnson—who established payment processing business Braintree and neurotechnology organization Kernel—likewise begins the day with a “green giant” healthy smoothie loaded with components like collagen, spermidine and creatine.

Alongside his meals, Johnson takes a swathe of vitamins and supplements.

A part of his $2-million-a-year way of life strategy—a complete Blueprint ‘starter kit’ is coming quickly—readily available online reveals that Johnson takes a minimum of 28 supplements when he awakens.

With supper—the area which stood out of fans—Johnson takes another 18 supplements, another one prior to bed—along with additions such as 30ml of additional virgin olive oil every day and testosterone spots 6 times a week.

No pains or discomforts

The self-proclaimed “professional rejuvenation athlete” declares to be inching closer to his goal of having an 18-year-old body.

In his month-to-month notes for May 2023, Johnson stated he can now leg press 800lbs which puts him in the leading 1-2% of 18-year-olds. According to online health efficiency calculator Strength Level, this puts Johnson in the “advanced” classification, simply shy of the “elite” criteria of 826lbs.

Similarly, Johnson states he can effectively bench press 240lbs which puts him in the leading 10% of 18-year-olds, according to Strength Level putting the business owner in between the “intermediate” and “advanced” classifications.

Johnson likewise stated his VO2 max—the quantity of oxygen the body utilizes while working out as difficult as it can—now sits at 58.7 ml/kg/min which likewise puts him in the leading 1.5% of 18-year-olds.

And in spite of the intense tests, exercises and programs, Johnson stated his body is enabling him to keep pressing even further.

“One of the best parts of Blueprint: no aches and pains anywhere in my body allowing me to do just about anything,” he composed.


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