By The Numbers: Yuga Labs Breaks Ethereum, Gas Fees Set New ATH

The Yuga Labs “Otherdeeds” mint on the Ethereum blockchain has actually set a brand-new record for any NFT launch. Not just did it set the record in regards to earnings however it had actually likewise exceeded formerly embeded in regards to charges. It was the sole motorist of the deal charge rise on the network which reached a brand-new ATH. In this report, we have a look at the Yuga Labs mint, how it broke the biggest DeFi platform, and led charges to brand-new highs.

Yuga Labs Clogs Ethereum

The days leading up to the Yuga Labs mint were filled with expectations and enjoyment from the NFT neighborhood. Anticipating a big turnout for this mint, Yuga Labs had actually chosen a KYC-only mint and minimal each wallet to just 2 mints. However, this would show to still be inefficient once the launch was underway.

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In an occasion that saw an overall of 55,000 “Otherdeeds” NFTs minted, the Ethereum network had actually been efficiently closed down, triggering Etherscan to crash. On average, an Ethereum obstruct generally has an optimum of 30 million gas and the mint saw a single NFT needing in between 100,000 and 200,000 gas to mint. 

ETH charges touch brand-new highs following Yuga Labs NFT mint | Source: Arcane Research

This was exclusively the factor behind the unexpected boost in gas rates on the network, resulting in the notorious “gas wars” as purchasers attempted to outbid each other for a possibility to mint. What arised from this had actually been deal charges on the network increasing considerably.

Fees had actually risen as high as $200 at the height of the gas wars. A brand-new record for the wise agreement platform, nevertheless, there were points throughout the mint where this number had actually been greater. Yuga Labs had actually needed to provide an apology following this in a quote to calm network users who had actually been considerably affected by the increase in charges.

Miners Smile To The Bank

Although users of the network had actually been up in arms about the rise in fas charges, not everybody was adversely impacted by this. In truth, this was a welcome advancement for miners on the Ethereum network who had actually been the winners in this scenario.

On Saturday, it was reported that users had actually paid $231 million in overall to deals on the Ethereum blockchain. It came out to 100% greater than the previous all-time high of $117 million that was taped back in May of 2021 at the height of the booming market. 

Ethereum price chart from

ETH rate trading at $2,855 | Source: ETHUSD on

This suggests that miners had actually had an exceptionally effective mining day on Sunday as they got to pocket greater charges. Mining ETH had actually currently been more successful than mining bitcoin however the Yuga Labs mint had actually seen Ethereum miners pocket more in a day than bitcoin miners carry out in a week. 

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Gas charges on the network have actually considering that gone back to a sensible point considering that the mint. However, the effects of such an extraordinary rise continue to remain as typical deal charges have a hard time to go back to pre-Otherdeeds mint levels.

Featured image from Swyftx Learn, charts from Arcane Research and

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