Can Ethereum Benefit From A Shift In ESG Narrative?

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No oceans. No blue sky. Only wrecks of its official magnificence. We burned the world down and now our kids will need to contest the staying resources. This is the world 40 years from now. It’s a Mad Max world.

Imagine the opposite. A futuristic paradise. A world powered by renewable resource where there is no contamination, no contamination. A brand-new world of continuous joy.

In the story that guides the future of world earth, there is no contrast. No happy medium. It’s either hell or paradise. Friend or opponent. You are either with the heros or versus them.

That’s what they, the heros of the world, desire you to think. That’s the power of this story, do you wish to add to the damage of your house and your kids’s house?

The heros are those that managed ecological financial investments. Only they have the power to support this story.

There are over 200 nations and 8 billion individuals residing in the world. Only 2 of these nations have an economy big enough to reach $10 trillion or $20 trillion: the United States and China.

You might take a huge part of earth with its individuals, their dreams, and experiences, and they would hardly reach the size of the U.S. economy.

However, if you take the combined capital of ecological, governance, and social financial investments (ESG) considering that 2020 you get $17 trillion. Enough cash to rank in the leading 5 economies worldwide.

This offers the so-called heros a great deal of ammo to back you up if you are on their side or ruin you if you withstand. 17 trillion dollars are predestined to produce a green paradise. Most of this cash was collected in 2020.

Remember this. $17 trillion is an enormous number. In the future, this might be a portion of ESG-related properties. They are anticipated to reach $53 trillion by 2025.

I believe the so-called heros of the world are prepared to crown Ethereum in their favor. This will inject a portion of those $17 trillion right into the cryptocurrency.

Only 1% of that quantity would suffice to increase Ethereum’s market capitalization by 5x. Pushing the cost above $10,000 and beyond.

ESG heros are prepared to take Ethereum under their wing, and different allies from opponents. Let me inform you the hints that are sketching this vision of the future, and how the cryptocurrency will benefit.

For the heros of the world, crypto is the opponent. You have actually seen it on the news with a growing number of frequency. A story is taking shape.

Crypto is burning the oceans, they state, crypto mining takes in more energy than this nation or the other. It doesn’t matter if this holds true. All excellent causes require a public opponent and a hero.

For this specific story, Ethereum will end up being the latter. The cryptocurrency is transitioning from a Proof-of-Work (PoW), utilized by Bitcoin, to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) agreement. As an outcome, it will decrease its energy usage by 99%. It will fit the ESG story.

This has actually occurred in the past. Tesla was selected as an ESG champ and in 2020, when ecological financial investments sped up, the cost of the stock followed.

TSLA’s cost increased as ESG financial investment increased in 2020 on the day-to-day chart. Source: TSLA/USD Tradingview

Tesla increased more than 10x from $100 per share to $1,200 at its all-time high. This occurred quick, in less than a year.

Imagine something comparable taking place to Ethereum (ETH). Trading at $2,800 today. A 10x boost in a year might put the cost per ETH at $28,000 by 2023 or a year after the so-called heros of the world choose to offer it their true blessing. Probably when Ethereum moves to a PoS agreement.

Tesla has no rivals. As Ethereum might have no rivals in the coming years. Politicians and traditional media are working to achieve that.

Those cryptocurrencies identified as public opponents will see lots of doors closed down on them. There is legislation making its method to the political equipment with one target: attempt to put a leash on that which declines to be managed. On Bitcoin.

How Fast Can Money Flow Into Ethereum?

If you believe ESG is a distant memory, reconsider. In 2021, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) found that a bulk of individuals in the U.S., China, Korea, and Germany, invest or purchase items from business attempting to secure the environment.

Ethereum ESG
Source: Visual Capitalist

Despite the $17 trillion streaming to ecological financial investments, this motion remains in its early phases. Investment items with ecological goals have actually been seeing more cash stream into them.

Here is how quick cash has actually been putting into ESG financial investment items considering that 2015.

Ethereum ESG
Source: Visual Capitalist

Imagine something comparable, however with Ethereum. How quick can cash circulation into it?

What was the catalyzer for that development? The COVID-19 pandemic, individuals care more about the world today, there is much better innovation. Take your choice. All that matter is that the story is growing more powerful.

Again, picture a part of that entering into Ethereum in the coming years, with traditional media backing it, and political leaders obstructing the competitors. These are the components for huge gratitude.

And sure, ESG is a label. A meme. But if the previous 2 years have actually shown something is that meme driven financial investments are effective. A 17 trillion-dollar meme motion is a force to be considered.

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