Changelly’s Halloween Season: the First Competition

Is it the most terrific time of the year? Well, not yet. This one is the creepiest. It’s time to dress up in the tracksuits from the Squid Game television program, get your basket for some deals with, and roam into a haunted home. This year, Changelly has actually prepared something to petrify you! Now, we are all set to share our spine-chilling activities for this Halloween week. 

Tons of Activities

Do you currently feel this spooky spirit? This week will be quite creepy however loaded with activities and wonderful sweets. By the method, you are currently taking part in the very first competitors without understanding that. But more on that later on. What should you anticipate today from Monday to Friday?

  • Words captivated in puzzles;
  • Halloween crypto portfolio;
  • Trading contest;
  • …and more. 

To keep up with all Halloween free gifts, register for our Twitter or newsletter, where we reveal brand-new activities every day. And now, let’s go directly to the very first competitors — fact or lie.

Three Massive Hacks in Crypto Industry

Here is the very first reward draw. Now, we’ll inform you 3 stories about the creepiest hacks in the history of current years. One of them is a lie. At initially look, they are all rather real. Identify an incorrect story and blog about it in the blog site remarks. Three days later on, we will arbitrarily figure out 3 winners who will get 50 USDT each. Let’s start with a notorious Poly Network hack that happened not so long earlier. 

Poly Network Hack

Some time earlier, Poly Network, a Chinese web procedure, went through the biggest attack in the history of the market versus the Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon blockchains. The cumulative damage had to do with $611 million in various cryptocurrencies.

The next day, the hacker, called Mr. White Hat, revealed that he was all set to return the funds. He moved all the taken possessions to the task group, other than for $33 million in USDT, which Tether froze after the attack. 

Mr. White Hat likewise moved a 160 ETH benefit formerly sent out by the Poly Network group and the contributions gotten from the crypto neighborhood. He asked the business to disperse these funds in between the victims. At completion of the day, the Poly Network group even chose to employ this hacker as a Chief Security Advisor, however he declined.


Recently, a hacker withdrew 864.8 ETH (approx. $3.09 million) from an NFT auction on the MISO platform of the Uniswap procedure. Under the GitHub label AristoK3, a confidential specialist injected harmful code into the MISO front end and altered the auction address.

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The platform group revealed that they would get in touch with the FBI if the opponent did not return the cash. Almost instantly, the hacker moved 100 ETH to the Uniswap multisig wallet. And an hour later on, he moved the remainder of the taken funds. Well, this person simply didn’t wish to tinker the FBI, we think.

Bitfinex Hack

Bitfinex, the world-famous cryptocurrency exchange, was assaulted by hackers. As an outcome, the exchange lost nearly 120,000 BTC (about $72 million at the present currency exchange rate), provoking a visible change in the cryptocurrency rate. At the time of the event, the damage was approximated at roughly $70 million. Since then, the Bitcoin currency exchange rate has actually altered substantially, and now the taken cryptocurrency deserves $7.5 billion.

A while earlier, the taken funds were moved to other wallets in lots of deals from 1 to 1200 BTC at a time. At the exact same time, the funds that have actually entered movement comprise just about 10% of the entire quantity. It suggests that the remainder of the cash still stays in the accounts of the enemies.

Share your uncertainty in the remark area down below, and follow us on Twitter to learn about the winners. Wish you the very best of luck!

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