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Instead of getting food or complete strangers for Uber or Lyft, what if you could get a side gig driving other individuals’s family pets and things throughout town and throughout the nation? Although the occupation doesn’t precisely sound attractive, it can be rewarding.

Delivery services can differ commonly when it pertains to what you’d provide, whether it’s a family pet or furnishings. And each has its own requirements for the chauffeur and the automobile.

We’ve assembled the very best shipment gig choices for the individual who is all set to begin driving and delivering. Just consider how pleased your consumers will be when you provide Fido — or simply their sofa — straight to their door.

7 Delivery Driver Jobs for Your Next Side Gig

Whether you’re seeking to make a little money on the weekends or turn driving into a full-time task, here are 7 shipment services that will get you on the roadway while putting cash in your pocket.

1. CitizenShipper

CitizenShipper pays chauffeurs to transfer a consumer’s animal or product along a course of your option.

While animal transportations are the most popular, according to CitizenShipper’s website, a chauffeur can assist somebody move a whole home throughout the nation if they so pick.

CitizenShipper chauffeurs balance a month-to-month profits of $6,000 to $10,000 a month, according to the business. And there’s lots of need to walk around — more than 175,000 deliveries were noted in 2021.

So simply just how much driving do you need to do to get some genuine money in your pocket? The payment itself is concurred upon in between transporter and client, suggesting that there isn’t a lot a repaired rate as there is a variety.

Customers choose your quote from a mix of other chauffeurs. Prospective carriers will need to remain competitive while making sure an earnings after gas, accommodations and meals.

For example, an approximately 1,100-mile delivery from Denver, Colorado, to Placerville, California, netted one chauffeur $1,000, per the website. A thousand-mile journey, which Google Maps arranged at more than 17 hours by vehicle, is most likely going to take a minimum of 2 days.

All transporters should have a chauffeur’s license, automobile insurance coverage and pass an ID confirmation and background check prior to having the ability to register for any prospective tasks. If you wish to assist animals reach their brand-new house, that needs an accreditation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. More significantly, access to the platform comes at a cost — users need to pay a $29.99 month-to-month membership cost, although the very first 3 months are complimentary.

2. Roadie

Roadie is a UPS business, and they call themselves a “crowdsourced model disrupting the logistics industry.”

The platform provides same-day shipment of any product to more than 90% of houses in the U.S. Drivers make approximately $13 per hour for regional shipments, per the website, and can drive as little or as much as they desire.

Those interested should submit an online application, get a background confirmation and do an online walkthrough of the app. You should likewise be 18, have a Social Security Number and a legitimate U.S. chauffeur’s license.

Once you begin driving, the website sets a lofty objective: you should preserve a minimum 4-star ranking. Before you handle a gig, you’ll get some essential info, like what you’re providing, its measurements, and where to get and where to drop off.

3. Dolly

Ever get stuck on a relocation and discover yourself in requirement of a dolly, yearning for the cart with wheels to carry your things through your brand-new house? Well, this Dolly is the online variation of the all-purpose things. Dolly is not simply a website for shipment however for the real physical labor of moving challenge their brand-new location.

The website calls its gig-workers “helpers” and pays based upon devices and weight-lifting abilities.

Those who own a pick-up truck, freight van or box truck and can raise more than 75 pounds make around $40 an hour. For those who own an automobile, however not a truck, and can raise more than 75 pounds, the per hour rate begins at $25 an hour. Thriving assistants can make as much as $1,000 a week, per the website.

Those interested should be over the age of 18, have a legitimate chauffeur’s license and vehicle insurance coverage, own a mobile phone and pass a background check. Helpers make money two times a week through PayPal, so the payment system is smooth.

4. Stickr

If the only thing you’d rather provide is a message and you don’t mind turning your vehicle into a signboard, think about Stickr.

With this service, you can make money simply for sticking a decal on your vehicle’s back window and driving around with it. Be cautioned, this is not simply any sticker label: this adhesive will promote a particular service. The sticker labels are constructed out of a perforated vinyl product that is simple to eliminate and looks transparent on the within your vehicle.

Your primary step is paying $10 to get a decal, however you’ll get that refund as quickly as you send a picture revealing that the decal is now on your vehicle. In exchange for your vehicle ending up being a signboard, you’ll make money and dining establishment present cards varying from $50 to $175.

5. GoShare

Much like Dolly, GoShare brand names itself as the “last-mile delivery” service from a friendly face, or, as they state, “your friend with a truck.” The service covers both shipment and moving, so anticipate to do some heavy lifting.

Eligible chauffeurs can vary from carriers, who have a cars and truck and can bring little bundles, to movers with a pick-up truck, freight van or a box truck. People with a bigger kind of transport are rewarded with more rewarding (and larger) tasks — believe moving a little house versus boxes of files.

Couriers make approximately $38 to $40 an hour while those with a box truck can make as much as $87 to $109 per hour.

Ready to register? Drivers should pass a background check and a driving history check. Your automobile should be from a minimum of 2000 and pass an assessment, according to the website. A chauffeur should speak English and have a legitimate license, registration and insurance coverage in the state in which they are working.

The business is presently just readily available in 20 states, consisting of California, New York and Florida. Drivers who do register can schedule their resolve the platform and make money within 4 days. Even much better, the platform has a freight insurance plan to cover incidents.

6. Dispatch

Dispatch is yet another platform that permits gig chauffeurs to partner with customers throughout the nation. There’s no requirement for the number of hours you should drive, so Dispatch chauffeurs can work 40 hours a week, simply the weekend and even a couple of hours a week.

Unlike GoShare or Dolly, Dispatch is meant just for bundles, suggesting a chauffeur will not need to move a whole home or a box much heavier than 50 pounds.

To receive the platform, chauffeurs should have a tidy driving record, a legitimate chauffeur’s license and an automobile “in fair condition.” They likewise should have the ability to check out and speak English. Unlike the majority of the other websites, Dispatch chauffeurs should be over the age of 23 to certify.

While the website doesn’t define the variety of spend for chauffeurs on specific journeys, the platform pays by the mile in between pick-up and drop-off and based upon the “service level and vehicle type” that the client chooses. Drivers might make as much as $75 to $125 a day, according to the website.

7. Grabr

Grabr is a platform suggested to take you not simply from point A to point B in the U.S. however worldwide. In this sense, shipment isn’t suggested even an actual provider service however as somebody who gets the product for you and brings it back, usually from another nation and even from another continent.

It works like this: You see demands from individuals based in a city you are taking a trip to who desire a product they can just discover where you live. You quote on shipment of the product, select it up prior to you drive or fly and drop it off when you show up.

Before ending up being a validated tourist, Grabr users will need to confirm their identity through Stripe. They can then interact with the individual they are purchasing through the platform’s integrated messaging system.

In basic, tourists need to leave a product in its product packaging prior to shipment and follow some practical suggestions — like utilizing clothes as cushioning for breakables and keeping electronic devices in a carry-on. Once the product is provided, tourists make money within 3 to 15 days.

Writer Elizabeth Djinis is a factor to The Penny Hoarder, typically discussing offering products online through social platforms. Her work has actually appeared in Teen Vogue, Smithsonian Magazine and the Tampa Bay Times.


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