Coinbase Sponsorship Draws Criticism From WNBA Fans Amid Market Collapse

Not everybody was delighted by the news that Coinbase has actually coordinated with the WNBA. The Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) is among America’s most popular sports leagues. Still, lots of basketball fans were distressed about their league partnering with a crypto exchange business in the middle of a market crash.

Last October, the United States crypto brokerage quickly inking more sponsorships throughout professional sports ended up being a main cryptocurrency platform for NBA and WNBA. Now it has collaborations with Seattle Storm star Sue Bird and New York Liberty’s Jewel Loyd.

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According to the arrangement, every WNBA gamer will be appointed a Coinbase wallet. Today, the WNBA and Coinbase held a Twitter chat.  The New York Liberty’s Betnijah Laney signed up with 2 workers from Coinbase to go over crypto from a newbie’s point of view. 

WNBA Fans’ Remarks On Coinbase Sponsorship 

WNBA fans on Twitter are not pleased by these activities. Coinbase’s statement tweet on Thursday afternoon was consulted with a wave of hesitant actions, varying from the straight-out anger and calling it a “scam[atic] scheme” to others revealing issue about the business’s 70% stock drop this year. 

The WNBA has actually come under fire in among the most unfavorable tweets. The tweet checks out;

I dislike that the WNBA is framing their dumb sponsored crypto chat as female empowerment.

One Twitter user estimated an ecological interest in cryptocurrency in reply to the Seattle Storm team’s tweet: “This feels kinda gross from a team whose home venue is literally called the climate pledge arena.” However, Sue Bird herself got a fan’s reply stating, “crypto isn’t good because it ‘exploits women’s sports and wildlife.”

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Some individuals who like cryptocurrencies sneered at the collaboration. One composed on Twitter: “The dudes in the comments telling the crypto company they’re too good for women’s sports y’all are pushing me into alcoholism.” Another called the collaboration “The perfect intersection of crypto dudes hating this because they don’t like the WNBA and WNBA fans not liking this because it’s crypto.”

Crypto promos or sponsorships have actually been slammed often times. A fan of the NBA said

Crypto is crashing, and sports leagues [are] still getting connected to them, hope they get all the cash in advance

Some fans described the existing crypto offer illogical for WNBA due to the fact that its financial position has actually been interrupted.

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It’s not just the WNBA getting slammed; lots of other sports groups are getting unfavorable fan actions for their collaborations with cryptocurrencies. For example, the Washington Nationals baseball group tweeted out a Terra-sponsored crypto post recently, simply as the Terra community was increasing in flames.

Even though we remain in a “Crypto Winter,” the sports offers are not most likely to stop. Companies like Coinbase are investing huge marketing dollars on getting their names out there to declare back some lost ground with brand-new clients.

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