Crypto Fan Mark Cuban Says Buying Land In The Metaverse Is ‘The Dumbest Sh*t Ever’

Crypto and the Metaverse are linked, with the latter similarly ending up being a progressively popular subject of conversation worldwide.

Governments and significant corporations have actually spent dumb quantities of cash into the sector. Just like crypto, the Metaverse is anticipated to broaden.

The appeal of the marketplace has actually led the normal person to feel that it represents the future. Much like crypto.

Mark Cuban Doesn’t Buy The Metaverse

However, crypto supporter and billionaire Mark Cuban appeared not impressed with the virtual landscape.

In the previous couple of months, the crypto-verse has actually seen the intro of a variety of coin-centric metaverses.

Even prior to the launch, the networks tried to offer land. This stimulated a variety of people to question if virtual realty would achieve success.

Cuban thought otherwise, nevertheless.

On Sunday, the “Shark Tank” star went over a range of concerns with the crypto YouTube channel Altcoin Daily, consisting of the practicality of acquiring virtual realty in the metaverse.


The ‘Dumbest Shit Ever’

“The worst part is that people are buying properties in these places.” Cuban specified, as reported by Fortune. And he stated:

“That’s just the dumbest shit ever.”

The billionaire’s remarks come at a time when the bliss around the metaverse — a virtual truth world where users can connect with a computer-generated environment and other users — seems subsiding.

Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, mentioned that the principle of obtaining virtual lands was inferior to URL or Ethereum Naming Service [ENS]. He stressed even more the endless volume that might be produced in such domains.

On the contrary, this year is prepared for to see an increase in the virtual realty market. In the coming months, the popular analytics platform Metametric Solutions projections that the virtual residential or commercial properties market will be valued a number of billion dollars.

Mark Cuban is not a fan of Metaverse realty. Image: DailyCoin.

The Metaverse Is Only For The Moneyed Bunch?

According to Janine Yorio, CEO of the metaverse realty company Republic Realm, realty in the metaverse is a more useful financial investment for brand names such as Nike and Adidas looking for to develop social experiences.

It didn’t state if the Metavese is not for the average Joe.

In November in 2015, Facebook rebranded to Meta, which stimulated a flutter of interest about the potential customers of the metaverse and drove a land rush for digital acreage in so-called metaverse platforms released by Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Cuban’s financial investment in Yuga Labs, a start-up that establishes NFTs and just recently released its own metaverse, was rather incongruous because of his previous views.

However, the magnate suggested that he was not truly happy with Yuga Labs’ land sale.

“I still believed that investing in real estate was a dumb thing. That’s great money for them, you know, but that wasn’t based on a utility,” Cuban described.


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