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If you’re brand-new here, I practice the Buy Ahead Principle — which indicates that what we purchase weekly is typically for future weeks. We stock up on the very best offers and markdowns weekly which indicates that we then have a range of products from previous shopping journeys to utilize to prepare a menu from.

With the boost in grocery rates, I’ve chosen to raise our grocery spending plan to $100 a week since I’ve not been having enough wiggle space to stockpile like I’d wish to. This quantity will still challenge me to be innovative while likewise providing me sufficient breathing space to stockpile and continue to practice the Buy Ahead Principle.

In addition to practicing the Buy Ahead Principle, I Reverse Meal Plan. This indicates that I prepare based upon what we have on hand plus what excellent sales/markdowns I discovered at the shops. (Read more about Reverse Meal-Planning here.)

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I was $50 under-budget this month, so I rolled it over to today. Kroger had peppers for $0.99 — a bit cheaper than normal and something Kierstyn and I enjoy having for lunches or we consume them sliced for treats.

Silly deals with in the supermarket!

Kroger likewise had actually butter priced at $3.49 today. It’s been $3.99 just recently so I was delighted for a little cost savings on an essential product we utilize a great deal of at our home!

Avocados were on sale once again — this time for $1.99 for 4. I stick them in the refrigerator till I am all set for them to ripen and after that stick them out on the counter for a day or more till they are soft. Then I stick them back in the refrigerator as this stops their ripening and lengthens their life by a fair bit. I can generally keep them for 2-3 weeks in this manner!

My kids were extremely delighted about the chocolate milk deal!

I was most thrilled about discounted flowers! I got 2 lots for simply $1 each!!

Blueberries were $3 for 18 oz. and the frozen pizzas were $2.99 each. (I like to keep these on hand for fast suppers or treats for the kids. These are particularly excellent if they have good friends over at the last minute!)

These taco packages were discounted to simply $0.99!!

We had some ground pork and turkey I’d gotten discounted and frozen + taco flavoring I’d gotten discounted, so I purchased lettuce and tomatoes and we utilized cheese we had on hand and paired this with the taco packages to make tacos and taco bowls for supper last night.

The ice cream sandwiches were $1.99/box and ice cream was $1.99/container. And the pears were $2.50 for 2 pounds.

We invested around $98 and alter at Kroger and after that purchased eggs from good friends who have chickens for $10 — so a little under $109 overall!


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