Crystal’s $117 Kroger Pick-Up Trip

I’m still in the exploratory stage to attempt to identify what the very best grocery budget plan quantity is for our household for this season. I believed it was going to be $150, however I am uncertain because I invested $117 this past week which sufficed for us to have a lot of food for the whole week, consisting of plenty for a great deal of treats!

That stated, we don’t have tax on food today in TN AND I had a $10 off $100 Kroger discount coupon (that they’d sent me in the mail), so I would have invested around $22 more on all of this had actually there been tax and had I not had the $10 off discount coupon.

So I’ll keep you published as I figure this out! I don’t wish to select a number then seem like I require to raise it once again in 2 weeks. 🙂

I did a grocery pick-up oder because that was what was most hassle-free today. It was my very first time to utilize vouchers on a grocery pick-up order (for some factor, I’d constantly seemed like it may mess things up or make things too complex). Well, it might not have actually been much easier! They scanned them right at the automobile and it took them straight off! Plus, they were so great about my having vouchers and appeared truly thrilled for me to be conserving the quantity that I was!

Here’s what I got for $117:

Lots of excellent treats, fast and simple foods, some bargains on fruit, great deals of cereal, and some components to finish a couple of meals for this coming week!

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I seemed like I got a great deal of groceries for simply $117!

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The grapes were simply $0.99/pound and you might get 5 pounds with the digital discount coupon! I sent out some with Kathrynne to have for snacks/meals at college today. The sausage was $1.99 each with the digital discount coupon — best for breakfast for supper nights!

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The raspberries were simply $1.67 and the oatmeal packages were $1.67 each, too. My kids enjoy having the oatmeal for breakfast or a treat! The frozen veggies were $0.99/box.

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The Little Bites were Buy One, Get One Free. My kids enjoy these for treats and in their lunches. The milk was $1.69 per half gallon so I got some chocolate milk as a reward, too.

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The finest offer of the week (I believed!) was the granola bars for $1.29 each with the digital discount coupon and there was a $1 ibotta refund — so you might get them for $0.29/box after the money back!


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