Crystal’s $191 Kroger & Aldi Grocery Shopping Trips (+ 21 Days of No Sugar)

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For a range of factors (which I’ll share on next week’s podcast episode), I challenged myself to go 21 days without consuming refined sugar. It’s been SO great for me and I’ve found a great deal of aspects of myself. Once I overcame the preliminary 4 days of headaches and body pains, I’ve been feeling so energetic and more concentrated and inspired! Plus, I’m having a good time getting imaginative with meals that I enjoy that don’t have any refined sugar in them!

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One of my go-to meals has actually been natural peanut butter with honey on entire wheat or Seedtastic bread from Aldi. I likewise have actually done a great deal of peanut butter toast!

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I never ever got my shopping journey published recently, so today I’m sharing 2 week’s worth of shopping journeys. In that time frame, we went to Kroger two times and Aldi when and invested around $191 overall.

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Here was the very first Kroger shopping journey. I was specifically thrilled about the apples I discovered discounted ($0.99 for 4) and the blueberry offer. Plus, my kids were extremely thrilled about Honey Bunches of Oats for simply $1.29/box!

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Frozen veggies were likewise on sale for $0.99/bag.

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And peppers were simply $2.50 for 3.

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Peanut butter (not consisting of the natural pb which was $1.99/container) was on sale for $1.49/container.

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Jesse visited Aldi recently to get a couple of things for meals that were less expensive there. Have you attempted the Seedtastic bread? I am still swooning over it! And obviously, he discovered the sweet Cold Foam at Aldi — we purchased it a couple of years earlier and after that couldn’t discover it for months and months. And then it returned right when I went off of sugar… go figure!

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I’ve consumed a great deal of egg salad sandwiches the previous 2 weeks, too!

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Apparently when I go off of sugar, I default to bread and sandwiches! 🙂

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I likewise have actually been caring having Chai Lattes once again.

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My 2nd journey to Kroger, I discovered even much better offers — consisting of 2 pounds of strawberries for $2.99!

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And Honeydew melons for $1!!! Do you like honeydew melons? A variety of individuals on my Instagram account stated they didn’t believe they were even worth $1! But I figured it deserved attempting and hoping these are excellent — I can constantly put them in shakes if they aren’t that terrific!

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Kroger likewise had cheese — slides, bars, and shredded — for $1.49 per 8oz.

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One of the very best offers I got at Kroger was the 4-packs of Stoneyfield yogurt pouches discounted to $1.79 and they were likewise part of the Buy 5 or more, get $1 off each — so they wound up just being $0.79 per 4-pack!!!

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Brats were on sale for $2.99, so I purchased some to stick in the freezer. And ice cream and ice cream bars were $1.99 each.

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I likewise had a $9 off $90 voucher that had actually been sent by mail to me + there was a digital voucher for $10 off $75! I had the ability to stack both vouchers because my order prior to those vouchers was over $100 — so I conserved $19 simply with those vouchers alone!!

So all overall, I invest $191 on groceries the previous 2 weeks.


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