Crystal’s $80 Grocery Shopping Trip (+ our menu strategy)

As I pointed out just recently, we’re experimenting with the 5-Ingredient Meal Plan Box today. We’re doing week 6 today and we’re truly caring it (see what we’re consuming this coming week when you scroll down to the bottom of the post).

I didn’t have that much I required to purchase today because we currently had some things on hand from previous sales for a few of the meals today. So we just invested a little over $80. I’ll likely roll over the additional $20 in our spending plan to next week.

We’re hosting a huge graduation celebration this Saturday (we’re spending for it out of a different spending plan because Kathrynne picked the menu and we’re anticipating 70+ individuals!) and we’ll likely have leftovers from that, so we might be consuming those for the majority of next week. We’ll see!

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I was very thrilled to get the Greek Goddess yogurt for simply $2.49/tub. It was on sale for $3.49 and I had a mailer discount coupon for $2/2!

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The huge boxes of Cheerios were discounted to $2.34! And the club soda was $1.39 each. We’ll utilize them for baseball video games. I likewise got the path mix and Kind bars discounted and we utilized them for treats at the baseball competition in AL this previous weekend.

1684807091 751 Crystals 80 Grocery Shopping Trip our menu plan

Kathrynne is gone all today on a Senior journey with her class up until Wednesday night, so we have one less teenager here — though she’s not here for numerous meals nowadays in between work and school and other dedications! Here’s our menu strategy:

Breakfasts today: cereal, baked oatmeal, or oatmeal, fruit/yogurt

Lunches today (the kids will be consuming some in your home and some out with good friends – they spend for their own food when they go out with good friends because they all have tasks): snack-y lunches, salads/toast (I have lettuce leftover from recently), eggs (I still have nearly 4 lots remaining from the last 2 weeks!), PB&J (I have bread in the freezer and PB & Jelly stockpiled from offers), leftovers, yogurt (I still have yogurt tubes from a current offer)

Snacks today: Pumpkin Bread, Cheerios, Kind bars, carrots, apples and PB (I have some remaining apples from an offer a couple of weeks ago), eggs, path mix, No Bake Cookies

Dinners today:

  • Salad with remaining chicken, cheese, and difficult boiled eggs (Silas was at a celebration and the women had supper at the End of Year School Celebration)
  • Dinner out (at baseball competition in AL)
  • Fend For Yourself Night (cereal, eggs, frozen pizza)
  • Grilled Double Cheeseburgers (we purchased components for this recently and never ever utilized this dish) + french fries (we had in the freezer from a long period of time ago; they require to be consumed!) and cantaloupe
  • Chicken Parmesan Zucchini Boats with fruit on the side + homemade bread
  • Sweet & Savory Baked Chicken + pineapple + muffins
  • Garlic Steak & Potato Packets + fruit salad + steamed veggies
1684807091 110 Crystals 80 Grocery Shopping Trip our menu plan

All evacuated for our baseball competition this previous weekend!


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