Crystal’s $97 grocery purchases today

If you’re brand-new here, I practice the Buy Ahead Principle — which implies that what we purchase every week is typically for future weeks. We stock up on the very best offers and markdowns every week which implies that we then have a range of products from previous shopping journeys to utilize to prepare a menu from.

With the boost in grocery costs, I’ve chosen to raise our grocery spending plan to $100 a week due to the fact that I’ve not been having enough wiggle space to stockpile like I’d wish to. This quantity will still challenge me to be innovative while likewise providing me adequate breathing space to stockpile and continue to practice the Buy Ahead Principle.

In addition to practicing the Buy Ahead Principle, I Reverse Meal Plan. This implies that I prepare based upon what we have on hand plus what excellent sales/markdowns I discovered at the shops. (Read more about Reverse Meal-Planning here.)

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I was thrilled about another chicken offer at Kroger!

And this is a bargain on bathroom tissue!

I wished to purchase the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes that were on sale for $1.99 — however naturally the only big sized boxes (the only ones on sale) were on the extremely leading rack! I discussed climbing up the racks, however wound up developing the nerve to ask a high man to get them down for me. (I’m not one to ever request for assistance, however it’s something I’ve been dealing with so this was a huge success for me!)

We likewise got 2 gallons of fresh milk from a regional farm ($6/gallon). And I was thrilled about the riced cauliflower and refried beans mark downs!

The Chex cereal was $1.99/box with the digital discount coupon. It’s been a very long time considering that I’ve seen tubs of lettuce for simply $1.40!

And it’s likewise been a very long time considering that I’ve discovered an entire chicken discounted! We’ll utilize it to make homemade rotisserie chicken in the crockpot!

All amounted to, it was $97 for all these groceries. And we’ll see if the cereal lasts for more than a week — particularly considering that the kids are house from school more today as it’s midterms week! 🙂


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