Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge (Week 2)

We’re beginning the year with an 8-week Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge. I’ll be sharing a weekly post here every Thursday with a job or obstacle for you to complete/focus on to assist you weak, enhance, or general your grocery spending plan.

My hope is that we can all collaborate to crowd-source originalities and fresh motivation to be more thoughtful and deliberate in our grocery spending plans + ideally conserve some cash and impart some practices and concepts and practices that will continue to conserve us cash throughout the remainder of the year.

Last week, we spoke about establishing a grocery spending plan. If you haven’t finished that obstacle, make certain to check out recently’s post and follow the instructions. That’s the most essential initial step in cutting your grocery expense.

Week #2: Recognize Your Roadblocks

This week, we’re going to discuss what may hold you back from success. I believe it’s important to acknowledge those things that may make it challenging to be successful. Not so that we’re residence on the negatives or letting them be reasons, however so that we can not be shocked by prospective obstructions and can expect them and develop imaginative services.

For circumstances, possibly you require to consume gluten-free, you have other allergic reactions, you live out in the nation, you don’t have a great deal of time to buy grocery shopping, you don’t have lots of shops that use deals, and so on.

Think through what may hold you back from being successful. Be sincere. What instantly leaps to your mind as pushback when you think about establishing a grocery spending plan. Why does it feel complicated or challenging?

My hope is that by examining this ahead of time, it will make it a lot easier in the long run. Plus, I’m confident that by individuals wanting to share truthfully their battles and prospective obstructions in the talk about this post, others will have the ability to share concepts and support if they remain in a comparable circumstance or have actually remained in a comparable circumstance. Let’s all motivate one another with concepts and motivation!

I had 2 bundles of sausage in the freezer that I’ve gotten just recently in a terrific sale + an onion and some cabbage I’d gotten on sale. I sliced it and sauted it…

And it produced a tasty supper this previous week! You might likewise include potatoes or serve over rice, however I had neither, so I simply used what I had — which is the name of the video game around here!

This Week’s Grocery Shopping

I went to a various Kroger shop today than normal. I chose rapidly that I wasn’t a fan of it. Not just did they not have as a terrific of a choice of markdowns, however they likewise didn’t have excellent signs. A variety of the weekly digital offers weren’t marked with indications.

And then, when I went out to the cars and truck, I was thinking of how my overall was more than I was anticipating it to be. I began looking carefully at my invoice and recognized that several products were price-marked improperly. They had sale indications on them from recently’s offers… however the sales weren’t still running. So I paid complete cost or substantially more than I believed I was going to pay on 6 products due to this — which is why my overall was greater than I believed.

That stated, I’ve gotten many lots at Kroger throughout the years and it was partly my fault for not taking a look at the advertisement or paying closer attention and simply relying on the signs. So I chose not to return and request cash back — since I had Kierstyn with me, I was currently out to the cars and truck with all my groceries packed in, and I required to get house.

But let this be a great pointer of 2 things: 1) Not every shopping journey is a remarkable experience. You win some, you lose some. But you’ll never ever win if you don’t attempt. 2) I must have examined the advertisements and examined the rates more thoroughly as they called today. I typically do, however I didn’t pay as attention today.

If you’re interested, you can see my complete grocery shopping journey video + all the rates I paid in the video here. (I completely spaced and forgot to get a photo with all of my groceries set out!)

Our overall was $86 for all the groceries in the video, so we are $14 under our $100 weekly grocery spending plan. I’ll roll the $14 over to next week.

Week #2 Project: Recognize Your Roadblocks & Share Them

Are you in for the Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge? If so, I’d like for you to leave a remark and let me understand what your obstructions are when it concerns establishing and sticking to a grocery spending plan.

If you have a couple of minutes, I’d like for you to review a few of the other remarks and respond with concepts, ideas, or support you have for a few of the commentors who are having a hard time. Thank you, ahead of time, for assisting to provide others useful concepts for taking advantage of their circumstance!


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