Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge (week 3)

We’re starting the year with an 8-week Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge. I’ll be sharing a weekly post here every Thursday with a job or difficulty for you to complete/focus on to assist you weak, enhance, or total your grocery budget plan.

My hope is that we can all collaborate to crowd-source originalities and fresh motivation to be more thoughtful and deliberate in our grocery spending plans + ideally conserve some cash and impart some practices and concepts and routines that will continue to conserve us cash throughout the remainder of the year.

In week #1, we spoke about establishing a grocery budget plan. That’s the most crucial initial step in cutting your grocery costs.

Last week, we talked about why you require to acknowledge prospective obstructions. Be sure to go through the remarks here to become aware of others’ obstructions. I believe it will motivate you to understand you’re not alone.

Week #3: Choose One Thing to Change (For 3 Weeks)

This week, we’re going to take those obstructions that we acknowledged or the prospective barriers we see that we might deal with, and we’re going to utilize them as inspiration to get innovative. I desire you to select one location you’re going to devote to alter.

Think about what is sensible, what is achievable, and what would make an influence on your budget plan. It might be that you are going to accumulate your groceries as you’re putting them in the cart so that you ensure to stick to the budget plan. Or, that you are going to prepare your menu around what’s on sale at the shop. Or, that you are going to attempt shopping at a various shop. Or, that you will make your bread from scratch. Or, that you’re going to purchase mainly just the fruit and veggies that are on sale and streamline and conserve cash by doing that. Or, that you’re going to just bring money to the shop to patronize.

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Really consider what you’d like to concentrate on for the next 3 weeks. And I’ll challenge you to make it something that’s going to decrease your grocery budget plan by 1-3%. I understand that doesn’t seem like much, however child steps done regularly can amount to huge modification. Plus, smaller sized modifications are a lot easier to in fact stick to.

I went through the discuss recently’s post and selected a couple of to offer a concept on one basic modification they might devote to for the next 3 weeks:

Kelli stated: “i hate grocery shopping! great at planning, like baking, LOVE cooking, often make food for others, etc etc do not enjoy grocery shopping.”

Idea: Try grocery pickup for the next 3 weeks. This method, you get the very best of both world — you get to prepare however you don’t need to tinker going in-store to store. This can likewise assist if you battle with impulse shopping, too.

Crystal stated: “One of my roadblocks has been that I don’t have a menu plan so supper time comes and everyone’s in a whirlwind. Working on it though.”

Idea: Challenge yourself to produce an easy menu prepare for the next 3 weeks. If you require aid, I enjoy a service like Eat at Home — they prepare all of the menus for you, there are 4 entirely various menu choices to pick from weekly, and they assemble a color-coded grocery list for you, too! You can attempt it out for 2 weeks to see if it works. If not, simply email to request for a refund prior to the 2 weeks is up. (Psst! If you register here, you’ll get to see sample menu prepares + get a discount coupon code for the menu-planning service!)

Tiffany stated: I constantly forget something on my list or somebody consumes something that was panned for. Then I wind up returning to the shop later on in the week and constantly wind up impulse purchasing random things.

Idea: Commit to just going shopping as soon as each week. If you forget something, get innovative and use what you have. Or, you might likewise state that if you make any additional journeys for a particular product, you just bring adequate money in to purchase that particular product so that you’re not lured to impulse buy.

What are you going to devote to change/try/do for the next 3 weeks? I can’t wait to hear!

I went to Kroger once again today — however back to my typical Kroger where they do a much better task of tagging things and upgrading costs so I didn’t have the very same problems I had recently!

They didn’t have that numerous terrific weekly offers I was thrilled about (the $1.99 Kellogg’s cereal offer was good and the chopped cheese for $1.79 was a respectable offer), however I discovered some great mark downs. Plus, I came across this potato offer — I don’t believe it was marketed and perhaps was simply our shop? $1.99 for 5 pounds of potatoes, which is a bargain on potatoes today!

Here’s whatever we got! It was $76 overall. So I’ll roll over the additional from today + recently to next week and ideally there will be some more stock up deals!

I’m loosely preparing chicken/cheese croissants, steak/peppers over rice, potato soup, cheese/chicken quesadillas, and Curry over rice for suppers this approaching week. I don’t have a set-in-stone menu strategy due to the fact that I like to see how I feel every day and just how much time I need to prepare, and so on. We likewise generally do one leftovers/fend-for-yourself night (which frequently indicates the kids consume cereal for supper, which they enjoy!!) and one night we get takeout.

Week #3 Project: Commit to Change One Thing & Share It!

Are you in for the Cut Your Grocery Bill Challenge? If so, I’d enjoy for you to leave a remark and let me understand what something you are dedicating to alter for the next 3 weeks. This will influence others with concepts, too!

Plus, if you have a minute, go through the remarks and leave a remark or 2 responding to somebody and cheering them on or providing more concepts!

We’ll examine back in in the future in this difficulty on how our three-week dedication is going and what we gained from it and how to use what we found out.

Need some useful concepts for methods to cut your grocery costs or something you could do to devote to alter? Be sure to register for my totally free cheatsheet with 10 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill by $50 This Week!


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