Dogecoin Holder And Rapper Meek Mill Wants His Next Record Deal Paid In Bitcoin

The Pay Me In Bitcoin motion has a brand-new member, Meek Mill. Through an Instagram story, the super star rap artist revealed that he wishes to earn money in Bitcoin. If effective, Meek Mill will follow Atlanta MC Money Man’s steps. Money Man just recently got a $1M advance in Bitcoin from record label Empire, and hence ended up being the very first rap artist to do so. But back to Meek Mill, he’s been singing about his pain with his existing agreement scenario.

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According to HipHopDx:

“The Dream Chasers leader aired out his label concerns on Twitter last month, declaring he hasn’t seen a single cent from his agreement. He likewise exposed he doesn’t understand the size of the cut his label has actually been removing his profits.

“I haven’t get [sic] paid from music and i don’t know how much money labels make off me,” Meek composed in a since-deleted tweet. “I need lawyers asap!!!”

And now, Meek Mill desires Bitcoin. The primary method to opt-out of all conventional systems.

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Meek Mill, Cryptocurrency Investor

A couple of months earlier, likewise through an Instagram story, Meek Mill divulged his very first crypto financial investment. The super star rap artist published a screenshot of a $50K order for Dogecoin, and composed: “I just grabbed some doge I’m tired of missing out.” That financial investment hasn’t paid well up until now, the 92,411 DOGE he purchased deserve $23.7K at the time of composing. Is that the factor Meek Mill is changing to Bitcoin, the king of the jungle? Or is it even if of Money Man’s offer?

Speaking of that, Money Man got his advance through CashApp. An item of Jack Dorsey’s Square. And Empire revealed that its artists now had the choice to earn money in Bitcoin if they so pick. Is Meek Mill hinting that he might sign with Empire next? Is that what this has to do with?

The Pay Me In Bitcoin Movement 

Last year, throughout the historic Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, Money Man belonged to the Pay Me In Bitcoin panel. It’s fantastic to see that he followed through with the concept. Other significant individuals were Strike’s Jack Mallers and NFL star Russell Okung, who developed the Pay Me In Bitcoin concept in the very first location.

Of course, Bitcoinist reported on the Pay Me In Bitcoin story prior to it was cool. At the time, we stated:

“Just yesterday, Okung tweeted that “A couple of players are hitting me up about Bitcoin. Yes, I’m serious!”
But this is a little bit more than simply team-mates thinking about their friend’d brand-new pastime. You see, Okung is a Vice President of the NFL Players Association, a body which “assures proper recognition and representation of players’ interests.”
If any person can press this require wages paid in  BTC, it must be him.”

And now, they might have Meek Mill on their ranks. Not just that, however Jack Mallers likewise followed through with the guarantees he made because panel and turned the Pay Me In Bitcoin meme into a function in the Strike app. In his statement post, Mallers stated:

“Today I am unbelievably excited to announce and publicly release Pay Me in Bitcoin with Strike. Today, Strike users can use their account and routing numbers to enable direct deposit to their account and configure any amount of the incoming money to be converted into bitcoin, with no fees.”

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So yeah, Pay Me in Bitcoin is an entire motion. Does Meek Mill understand what he’s entering into? Will this male be orange-pilled by Money Man or Okung and end up being the next Michael Saylor? Tune in to Bitcoinist for the next episode in this incredible legend.

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