Dogecoin Mining Profitability Higher Than Bitcoin, Here’s The Difference

Dogecoin mining success is in fact greater than that of bitcoin, according to information from the mining calculator site CoinWarz. With the marketplace seeing decreases over the previous year, the mining market has actually taken a hit when it concerns its success. This is evidenced by several miners declaring bankruptcy while others continue to have a hard time to keep the lights on. With rates so low, it appears like it is more successful to mine the meme coin than the OG bitcoin.

Dogecoin’s Profitability Is 480% Higher Than Bitcoin

The mining success chart from CoinWarz reveals that while the mining success has actually remained mainly flat for bitcoin over the last 2 week, Dogecoin has actually been seeing an increase. This is likewise in spite of Dogecoin miners tape-recording greater electrical power rates compared to bitcoin.

The chart listed below programs that where DOGE miners are supposedly paying $8.22 for electrical power, BTC miners are paying $7.22 for electrical power. However, the earnings margins were large for both digital possessions. Mining problem for both possessions throughout the two-week duration was greatly various, with DOGE seeing a greater problem boost.

DOGE mining success greater than BTC | Source: CoinWarz

Oddly, Dogecoin is not the coin with the greatest earnings margins for miners. Instead, that title comes from Verge which rewards miners with XVG tokens for their contributions. This puts DOGE in the 2nd position with a network hashrate of 529.90 TH/s. 

Bitcoin appeared 5th on the list with Peercoin (PCC) positioning 3rd on the list and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) snagging 4th location. But bitcoin still preserves its position as the network with the greatest hashrate at 274.73 EH/s, a 13.5% drawdown from its all-time high hashrate of 317.6 EH/s tape-recorded on January 7.

BTC, DOGE Investor Profitability

When it concerns financier success, bitcoin is likewise coming behind dogecoin. Data from IntoTheBlock reveals that an overall of 57% of all DOGE financiers are seeing revenues. Meanwhile, 53% of all BTC holders are presently in earnings. Alternatively, there are 37% of BTC financiers in loss compared to DOGE’s 35%.

Despite the variation in their success, both digital possessions continue to delight in assistance from crypto market individuals. In the last day, both dogecoin and bitcoin remain in the green from an upward rally that liquidated the weekend.

Dogecoin (DOGE) price chart from and Bitcoin

DOGE trending above $0.07 | Source: DOGEUSD on

Bitcoin is presently up 1.54% in the last 24 hr to be trending above$17,200 at the time of this composing while dogecoin saw 4.2% gains in the very same period that pressed it to a comfy position above the $0.74 rate level. 

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