Dvision Network to Start Selling LANDs In Cooperation With Binance NFT and NFTb

Dvision Network has actually revealed that it will start using LAND Lot NFTs on November 24th. It is assuring to be among the biggest tripartite cooperations with Binance NFT and NFTb on Binance Smart Chain-based LAND Sales and the biggest occasion for Dvision Network. The sale will be carried out throughout 3 platforms and will enable countless users to buy land lots on BinanceNFT, NFTb and Dvision Marketplace platforms, beginning with 11 AM UTC on 24th November.

Dvision Network, a blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform, which reduces the barriers of entry into the metaverse environment by using its own VR innovation. It permits users the distinct chance to experience among the most innovative metaverses and end up being a LAND lot owner where they can develop anything they want.

Users who own LAND will have the ability to personalize and provide their own material in the Meta-Cities utilizing the virtual meta-spaces. The distinct point about metaverse exists is no limitation to the possibilities that a user can develop on his LAND.

Dvision Meta-Cities

New York and Seoul are set up to be the very first Meta-Cities to introduce. LAND lots will be offered in each of these Meta-Cities. In overall, there is a repaired supply of 200,000 parcels in the Dvision metaverse which are spread out uniformly throughout 20 Meta-Cities.

Meta-Cities will be launched slowly over a two-year period, with 2 cities being introduced in each round. Users will have the ability to buy LAND throughout these Meta-Cities in 10 rounds. Since supply is topped at 200,000, LAND will be an exceptionally limited resource in the Dvision metaverse.

Where To Buy LAND

LAND will be readily available for purchase concurrently throughout 3 platforms; Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision’s Marketplace. Each LAND represents digital ownership of a Meta-Space in the Dvision metaverse. All Dvision’s Lands signed up as NFTs on BEP-721 on the Binance Smart Chain and represent an important possession that permits owners to develop tailored virtual property within the metaverse and turn it into a revenue allowance resource.


Binance NFT will include about 1,452 Mystery Boxes consisting of as much as 14 various LAND Lots, with a likelihood of getting a random NFT in package. Specifications for the LAND lots included in the Binance Mystery box are 1×1 to 3×3 Premium.

NFTb will provide 1,495 LAND Boxes readily available throughout INO (preliminary NFT offering) on its platform. Users can examine the Dvision LAND Boxes according to the tiers. For example, Tier 1 has access to the routine LAND Boxes, while tier 4 have access to the famous LAND Box.

LAND sales on the Dvision Marketplace will nevertheless be as simple as they come. Dvision will provide specific LAND lots in addition to their defined area on the map with no randomization functions. LAND lots on the Division Marketplace can be bought by DVI tokens, which are the native energy tokens on the Dvision Network.

Splitting Up The LAND

In a nutshell, 40% of the overall 200,000 LANDs will be taken into the sale. This allows users to have ready-to-use digital property for their material requires in the metaverse. 20% of LAND is scheduled for the Division Team for partners to share brand-specific material in the metaverse. Also, part of the group’s 20% will be utilized to present varied pieces of material into the metaverse, while another part will be scheduled for future usage cases.

The staying 40% will go towards empowering the Play to Earn functions in the metaverse. This 40% of the land is likewise referred to as the “Infected Area” and users will have the ability to get a share of the earnings by assisting clear these contaminated locations and consequently offering the cleared Arrive at the market.


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