Elon Musk On Fire: Tesla CEO Had An Affair With Google Co-Founder’s Wife – Report

Elon Musk, a cryptocurrency supporter, played the proverbial fire with the spouse of his friend, Sergey Brin, who co-founded Google in 1998.

The hanky-panky triggered Brin to declare divorce early this year, putting an end to the tech magnate’s prolonged relationship with Musk, according to Sunday’s short article in The Wall Street Journal, which mentioned individuals knowledgeable about the shenanigan.

It remained in the fall in 2015 that the adulterous canoodling with Nicole Shanahan began, the Journal stated.

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Tensions With Elon Musk Growing

According to the publication’s sources, stress in between the 2 billionaires and their particular groups have actually increased given that the reported tryst in December 2021.

Both Musk and Brin are amongst the leading 10 most affluent people worldwide, and both have a long history in Silicon Valley.

In 2018, throughout the financial disaster, Brin offered Musk with roughly $500,000 in extra money for Tesla, while in 2015, Musk offered Brin among Tesla’s very first all-electric SUVs as a present, the Journal reported.

At the time of the affair in December, Brin and Shanahan were separated however still cohabiting, according to sources mentioned by the Journal. Brin, who wed Shanahan in 2018, applied for divorce in January, simply weeks after the love ended up being public understanding.

“For the sake of our child, I hope that Sergey and I will move on with dignity, honesty, and peace. And we are both working towards it,” Shanahan was estimated by Vanity Fair as stating.

The Journal report was followed by a tweet by the New York Post, on Monday:

Things Were Not Working Out

Brin mentioned “irreconcilable issues” as the factor for his separation from Shanahan, according to the grapevines, which likewise revealed that the couple had joint possessions, the department of which was “to be resolved.”

In addition, Brin asked for shared custody of their child. Furthermore, he stated he’s not asking for spousal assistance from Shanahan and asked that she not get it either.

Musk’s “short affair” happened numerous months after he ended his relationship with vocalist Grimes, with whom he shares kids.

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DOGE overall market cap at $8.6 billion on the day-to-day chart | Source:

On Sperm & Creating More ‘Elon Musks’

The SpaceX huge manager has an overall of 10 offspring, consisting of one who simply made an identity modification and openly disowned the magnate.

In an associated advancement, Elon’s daddy, Erroll Musk, exposed in an interview with The Sun that he was asked by a group of individuals to contribute his sperm in order to “build more Elon Musks.”

Elon Musk On Fire Tesla CEO Had An Affair With

Erroll Musk. Image:

According to Elon’s daddy, the strategy was to “impregnate upper-class women” and produce a “new generation of Elon Musks.”

In a Rolling Stone profile from 2017, Errol Musk is stated to have a genius-level IQ and was reputedly South Africa’s youngest certified engineer.

Despite their estrangement, Elon and his daddy share much of the very same worths. That consists of “helping the underpopulation crisis.” A collapsing birth rate, Elon states, is “the biggest danger civilization faces,” Business Insider exposes.

In regards to his participation with cryptocurrency, Musk’s crypto-related tweets are consistently followed by his dedicated fans. Within hours, a single remark about a cryptocurrency like Dogecoin may have a beneficial impact on the meme coin’s rate. The billionaire is a self-proclaimed “Dogefather.”

Meanwhile, Brin supposedly advised his monetary consultants to liquidate all of his possessions in Elon Musk’s companies after understanding that his spouse Shanahan had actually cheated on him.

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